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My Phidippus Audax male tends to look at me and do the wave with his arms, and sometimes he starts wiggling and waving his arms even when I am not there. He is getting over being shy, but I do want to ask, is this aggressive behavior or is he trying to warn me away from him? Because his fear is starting to diminish, and he does not seem to be acting scared.

I’m not sure because the bold jumper i kept never did this (she was a female, but i don’t know if that makes a difference) but if he’s doing it even when you’re not there, perhaps it’s because he sees his reflection and thinks it’s a rival?


Third word of Chinese weightlifting philosophy is"low". If an athlete can position their body lower then they do not have to pull the bar as high which saves energy and maximizes the amount of weight they can catch. Here we see long time Ma Strength friend Zhang Jie (62kg) get very low to stabilize his 145kg snatch during China nationals. 

One way this can be trained by holding a low position during your technical and strength work. This will help the athlete avoid riding down their catch and instead stick their landing without hesitation. So if your power snatch is heavier than your full snatch, work on the concept of low to maximize your lifting. If you want to learn how to incorporate the five words into your lifting join for our November seminars in Vancouver @ampfit, Florence, Italy at Box Audax; and Perugia, Italy @crossFit_perugia. Additionally you can join us in December in Bradenton, FL @suncoaststrength or for our 2 week #mastrengthcamp in China #mastrength #mastrengthweightlifting #mastrengthyourstrength  #chineseweightlifting #snatches #snatch #pulls #pesistica #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting

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‘The Eyes’

TribeTwelve fanart. I used the original pic of Rikki Audax, that’s why he’s not wearing his signature glasses. Personally I think he’s even more frightening without them. I hope Rikki doesn’t mind me messing around with his pretty face. (If you’re seeing this and you do, feel free to kick my ass.)

If you’ve known me for two seconds, you know I love, L O V E jumping spiders.  They’re the cutest little things and so attentive.  I love to watch them watching me, you can see them actively trying to figure things out.  This little dude is a Phidippus audax, or Bold Jumping Spider.  I’ve named it Sprite :D. 

I’ve already enjoyed the heck out of watching it get around.  Seriously, if you get a chance to watch a jumping spider, give it a shot, they’re entertaining little buggers.  In this photo, it was leaning down to watch my fingers as they stabilized my camera on the countertop :).

In reference to the person who asked yesterday, another huge difference between P. audax and P. regius is size.  P. regius easily dwarfs P. audax, with P. regius being the largest species of jumper in the Eastern US.  It can still be difficult to tell them apart when they’re still tiny little slings, though.  As the name implies, what these guys lack in size, they make up for in personality.

James wrangled this little one, possibly male, off the wall a few days ago! His name is Mars. I outfitted him with the new cage I happened to pick up and he quickly made his pocket up behind a peg in the lid.

I was super proud of him for actually hunting the fruit fly I dropped around him (and when he failed he simply returned to the pouch), like that would have been enough for an A+ feeding experience, but when he scored this guy on round two with a great jump he kept trying to go in his pouch, but he messed up the web and kept shoving his face in it and then turning and looking at me with the white clumped strand haphazardly down the middle of his face and I lost my mind. I ran and grabbed the camera but he stopped being an adorable mess. Still, got a cutie shot, I cannot complain.



Me n’ my bud! His name is Harry, I’ve had him going on nine years and he’s most likely a girl but oh well, he came with the name.

And I’ve also been doing some late night spider and bug hunting and IDs just for fun :3 Left to right: Araneus sp. - terrible picture of an orb weaver, Tegenaria domestica - Barn funnel weaver, and Phidippus audax - “Bold” “Daring” or “Feisty” jumping spider depending on your resource :P