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I work in retail in California. Also in one of the greenest cities in the state. So yeah we charge for bags. been like this for five years. They. Still. Bitch. Like one person had the audacity to ask me why??? Uh so we cut costs??? To keep our ocean clean? So our landfills are not fucking up our eco system? Do you know how much oil it takes to make bags? Do you know how much the coast guard is paid to clean the ocean? Like you're bitching about my store but Costco does it and it's fine!? Shut up


If any of you in the DL fandom dismiss or belittle people for their interest in Diabolik Lovers based on their gender, age, race, etc. then do me a big favor and UNFOLLOW ME.

I’m dead serious, I don’t need your support if you behave like this. I cannot believe the audacity that some DL fans have. Messaging and harassing other users anonymously because they’re cowards to even show their own face in fear of being called out. Smh. Sure DL was targeted for a female audience originally, but it’s not like it would hurt Rejet’s sales if males were interested and supported the series too. The amount of profit they make with DL will help them in the future. After all, they are a business, and they have rules to play by in order to remain in business.

To sum up, please remain open minded and friendly to other fans for this series. This is already a problematic fandom, so for once, let’s all enjoy this series peacefully and not start stupid drama. Grow up. Show some intelligence and maturity. I won’t tolerate any of this.

-Admin Yuuzuki

Not to add more fuel to the fire, and I tried my best not to get involved with this, but admitting that you don’t check out other ship’s videos or moments and yet having the audacity to claim that you see Ji/Kook moments as more platonic compared to your ship?!

Are you serious?! There are enough videos out there to create a legit Ji/Kook video encyclopedia to prove you otherwise. So it’s either you really have not seen them at all or you have and you’re ridiculously in denial.

Some fans are just too unbearably annoying and stupid sometimes. -_-

me: haha roman is so weird like?? can u not. i can’t handle the cringe why is he like that 
people in the hg tag: he’s the worst character how can you like him he’s a bad person and has no good qualities

f.tom: how long have you been sleeping with your past self?
f.edd: what?
f.edd: i dont even get…why would…i…
f.edd: ive never had sex with anyone anywhere.
f.edd: its none of your…
f.edd: you have the nerve, the audacity….
f.edd: and how…how do i know, frankly,
f.edd: that you’re not sleeping with him?
f.edd: maybe you are. maybe you’re trying to throw me off.


Someone stole my content again and didn’t even credit me, yet they pretend to have made the research. GUYS. THESE PPL TOOK MY INITIAL POST AND REPHRASED EVERYTHING. PLS GO REPORT THIS ACCOUNT. I CLEARLY SAID NO REPOSTING, YET THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO TAKE MY STUFF AND THEY DON’T EVEN CREDIT ME FOR IT. I’m fucking done with all of this….

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1. Lauren never insulted anyone. She stated that the constant aggression of the CS was invasive and disrespectful, which is valid, because it IS. It's her life, and people are warping it into some fictional story for their own purposes, and then have the audacity to be put off when she doesn't fit the expectations they've concocted. She has every cause to be upset. Sure, not every CS has been problematic, but if someone wasn't part of the aggression, then she clearly wasn't talking about them.

2. She HAS tried being polite about it. Yeah, she played along in the beginning when it was innocent enough, but it’s gotten progressively out of hand. She’s said various times, on social media and in interviews, that it’s not a thing and that it makes her uncomfortable. But folks just ignored her and did whatever they wanted. It’s been five years. She’s tried being nice- it didn’t work. I don’t know how else folks need her to say it for it to get through. CS honestly brought it on themselves.


Yes. A person is bound to snap eventually.

But, I also get what others were trying to say. Camila has stayed mum about it, Lauren should follow suit. If they were never real, then Lauren should just ignore it, as what Camila has been doing. What the others are saying is, the more Lauren lashes out on people, the more she stokes the fire. There are too many trolls in social media, they feed on reactions. The more you react, the more they get revitalized.

Btw, I’m not siding with anybody, I’m just sharing what the other anons meant. And I agree with what you say as well. Both have good points (except the delusional CS lol)

And if you scroll below, I’ve tried to address all points of view.

That submission this morning gave me the greatest epiphany of my life.

Recently, I’ve been regretting writing Asleep in a Blizzard to be a fanfic instead of a novel because I felt the themes and emotions were wasted on a show that imo didn’t care about its characters or story lines as the seasons went on–and not to mention some or most of the audience wouldn’t understand the point of the love vs trauma thematics and instead would rather just label Evelyn a Mary Sue for having the audacity to be involved with a main character (cause let’s be real, guys, she and Benson really ruined each other’s lives there by the end).

But it hit me today that even though I wish I had just written it as a novel like I initially planned, if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful friends I have now. 

And going deeper, I wouldn’t have met @prismasandpie who in turn wouldn’t have introduced me to Penn Zero, which would then lead me to cross paths with @samakaphyllis who would inspire my big move to California to follow the path of my dream career….

So yeah, what I feel was my biggest writing mistake was actually a catalyst that threw me in the direction of an end goal and future career I’ve wanted since childhood.

Mind. Blown.

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Hey Kat! A Couple friends and i were planning on doing an actual play podcast focused on more story aspects, and i was wondering if you had any tips or advice you could give me and the rest of the players, or our GM. I'm also planning on editing the podcast and was wondering what your process for editing is. Thanks!

Err. I guess, if everyone’s into this, try to ground your humor in the characters and the world instead of non sequiturs. that’ll add depth, and help keep you on the right track in a number of ways. 

As for editing. I open audacity, use sound removal for the background silence once, then compress once, then go at it and pray for death. Keep a picture of Marcia Lucas open on your desktop for a boost die to your editing check. 

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Yeah, but when they start acting cocky as shit as if they're better than you even though you're not equal footing, and then have the AUDACITY to run away from you in a fight to heal? That merits a taunt after kill in my books. It's already hard enough for the white GS player to beat a gold GS player as is. Let alone ACTUALLY get them below half health.

If you can kill a 108 with vanilla gear then you deserve to taunt for the rest of your life

China Cup: A Summary
  • Phichit: I fucking love this movie IT'S MY MOVIE
  • Guang-Hong: What a beautiful, delicate flower am I
  • Leo: I want everyone to be happy and I'm actual sunshine
  • Christophe: We're all having sex on this ice all of us
  • Yuuri: Victor is mine bitches lemme drink those tears u cry