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fun fact for neurotypicals: a suicidal person can laugh and make jokes and do things that they enjoy and live and work and function all while still being suicidal. stop erasing our mental illnesses just because we don’t constantly act like we’re mentally ill.

This Is Gospel (split audio)
Panic! At The Disco (left) & GnuS Cello (right)

Nothing study-related, I’m afraid, but I played around with GnuS wonderful new cover of “This is Gospel” and the original in audacity and thought the result was pretty cool. 

Listen with headphones! 

Left headphone: Panic! At The Disco (Piano Version)
Right headphone: GnuS Cello Cover 
Charlie Eats Dice for Power
Justin, Travis, Clint and Griffin McElroy
Charlie Eats Dice for Power

so funny how gay and bisexual men on here scream at bi women and lesbians and say “don’t use my romance/sexuality as a self-discovery journey” when gay and bi men habitually associate themselves with women and implicate themselves in women’s spaces and areas to get more acquainted and comfortable with their own sexuality and the way their gender ties in with their sexuality. i guess it’s okay for you all to use women, to comment on their bodies and their fashion and their habits and mannerisms, and to adopt some of those mannerisms to understand yourselves, but god forbid a lesbian or a bi woman approaches her sexuality/understanding her sexuality through mlm media. 

take a look at how gay/bi men refuse to accept that trans women (black and latina trans women) have always played a big role in drag culture. gay/bi men will wear fashion and clothing traditionally associated with women and be lauded for “subverting gender roles” and what not but a butch lesbian wearing men’s fashion or using he/him pronouns is seen as “replicating toxic masculinity”. trans women have to perform femininity to survive, whereas gay/bi men may use femininity as a means of approaching their sexuality and reconfiguring it for other gay/bi men only. bi women constantly talk about invisibility and erasure and try to formulate ways around it only for bi men to blame them for their own problems. 

art forms, roles, spaces, and ideas all traditionally associated with women may be used by gay/bi men as a method of self-discovery. that’s seen as radical. but lesbians and bi women can’t consume m/m media without it being seen as robbery or fetishization, lol. you men have some audacity thinking that you can get away with insulting women, using misogynistic slurs, touching their bodies and commenting on their bodies in “cool” or “humorous” ways, using women’s art or spaces or movements to understand yourselves, and then simultaneously scream at lesbians and bi women for trying to find refuge in gay/bi male spaces or media. 

the disparity between what is available for wlw and trans women and what is acceptable for mlm and trans men is humiliating and degrading. 


Twelve years ago,

a Nine-Tail Fox suddenly appeared…

If you believe it!



Believe it!

Beeeeliiiiiiieve it!

Here I am with my Ninja Clan!

Ninja Clan

Here we stand!


I’m on my way


I feel okay!

Getting ready to fight on set!

Come on best friends by my side!

Sarada’s dad, is really cool!

Sarada’s mom, the beautiful!

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