“I have you, always.”

So Jesse’s first transformation wasn’t a bloody or terribly timed thing. They were super careful not to be near any towns, or in a publicly viewed place on the full moon. Hanzo stayed with him through the whole thing, which helped with Jesse being able to remember who he really was. (It also helped that McCree had valuable knowledge on werewolves from his hunting, and prepared for what to expect. Just in case Hanzo needed to pull the trigger, so it were)  It was fuzzy the first few times, but even if he wasn’t sure who this blue fella was, he felt safe with him. 

to the one that loves her next:

if she chose you, you must be special. she’s picky.

if you make her toast or a bagel, make sure the spread goes all the way to the edges. if its a bagel, put some extra cream cheese on the plate. she enjoys dipping the bagel in it.

surprise her with dunkin donuts. she LOVES iced coffee. shot of vanilla, with cream and sugar. if you get her a donut, she HATES cream-filled. get her a jelly one or a strawberry frosted (dont forget her sprinkles. she wont let you live it down)

she may not act like a “girly girl”, but randomly give her a bouquet of flowers. she loves them.

take interest in her art! she LOVES showing you her art and shes amazing at it. please, dont blow it off as if its dust.

remember that the very first thing shell do when she gets home is take off her socks. thats her equivalent of taking off her bra (which she does next).

shes ditzy. and its the cutest fucking thing.

when shes nervous or anxious, her stutter gets really bad. keep watch for that, and calm her down and prevent a possible panic attack.

calm her down by handing her cat to her. her cat is easily her favorite thing.

dont be offended, but she will seriously love her cat more than you.

she gets SUPER heated in debates. its cute and fun, but dont say shes being too emotional. she’ll leave.

she has depressive episodes, and all she will want to do is watch disney movies. watch them with her, and cuddle her.

the most important thing: she feels uncomfortable/awkward in sexual situations, and does not enjoy sex very often. DO NOT take any sexual frustration out on her. it is not her fault, because she will try her best.

if i ever hear that you’re hurting her, taking out those sexual frustrations, or not doing something right, i swear to fucking god i will make your life a living hell, if i even decide youre worthy enough to live.

she is my sun, but i am the moon, and the universe just decided we were not to be together. if i cant be with her, then i will do everything in my power to protect her.

- the guy who vowed to be her guardian angel.

Have you ever wanted Jesse Lacey from Brand New to sing you a Christmas song while watching you get undressed through your bedroom window?

That is what this song sounds like.

It speaks volumes that despite the above description?  It’s still a pretty great song that puts off that “great for listening to quietly into the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Eve” vibe.

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i think one of the things i love most about bran is how much i love how much his siblings love him.  like for each of the others i have a ~favorite~ dynamic that captures my interest more than the others, but for bran, i feel like a kid in a candy shop because i love his relationship with robb, i love his relationship with sansa, i love his relationship with arya, i love his relationship with rickon, i love his relationship with jon, i love his relationship with

rick probably never WOULD but imagine a pjo theme park 

  • a ride o’ love flume ride 
  • arena battles for entertainment, with mr. d as the presenter who sits in the chair (kinda like medieval times set up) 
  • you can get nectar in one of those cool collectible cups with the giant bendy straw and it has like a bunch of different characters to collect 
  • cabin specific merchandise 
  • a drakon roller coaster 
  • one of those theatrical rides where you sit down and get moved around and the screen plays in front of you - percy, annabeth, and tyson’s ride into the sea of monsters and getting swallowed by charybdis 
  • little greek myth facts littered throughout the parks written by Rick and put on plaques, or just like little commentary on a plaque in front of a statue of apollo: “do you see this? it’s me! that scary annabeth lady got someone to make it! ha, fantastic!" 
  • a hall of demigods "designed” by annabeth chase, that is a building filled with famous demigods and history and artifacts, like a little museum 
  • you can get ambrosia squares at a bake shop filled with demigod themed desserts 
  • the dam snack shop 
  • a hydra roller coaster 
  • a blackjack roller coaster, where before it starts, blackjack’s voice goes “ready to go, boss?” on the speaker 
  • another theatrical ride where they’re all escaping from luke and they use daedalus’ wings to fly 
  • chb merchandise 
  • idt Rick would want to hire face characters to walk around the park for any of his characters but i think it’d be more like the hp theme park where u see durmstrang students, so like maybe chb campers and cj campers 

there’s a lot more i can think about and a lot of the themes in the books are serious and not all fun and games but the age group for this series is middle schoolers and i think they’d like a theme park like this

Non mi accontento più delle cose a metà, o è tutto o è niente. Non mi bastano più i mezzi sorrisi, i mezzi abbracci, i mezzi amori, le mezze persone. Non trovo più alcuno stimolo negli accenni, nelle briciole, nei giorni di attesa, nei “ti richiamo io”, nei “ci sentiamo” e nelle ore spese a fantasticare su situazioni tanto idilliache quanto impossibili. Non cerco promesse, non cerco futuri, cerco presenti da vivere adesso. Mi fido solo della realtà…
—  Carrie Bradshaw