aud lew


Check out photos and a review by Aud Lew of The Lucky Street Tour featuring Go Radio, This Providence, and Tyler Carter.

“The Lucky Street Tour was a show I was looking forward to all month. After a few lineup changes, the final lineup was solid. With Go Radio headlining, This Providence as a supporting act and Tyler Carter as the opener, you can’t go wrong. I was lucky enough to attend and shoot the tour when they passed through New York City on March 30th.

With there being only three bands on the tour, Lawrence Trailer was added to the ballot at the New York City date. I managed to catch the tail end of his set when I arrived and my ears were quite pleased with the acoustics of his music. Next up was Tyler Carter. Although I didn’t hear any of his work prior to this show, I did know that he used to be in the band Woe, Is Me. I thought, “Well, he’s an odd artist to add to this tour..” But sure enough, he proved me wrong. Tyler’s music has taken a turn from the hardcore rock sounds to a more melodic, R&B/Pop style. His new sound resembles that of Justin Timberlake but with a slight rock twist. It was definitely a nice surprise, I even found myself bobbing my head during his set. Tyler’s new style really personifies his vocal strengths and capabilities. Alongside with his harmonious vocal riffs, his charismatic stage presence really had the crowd engaged. All the fans in the front row went crazy for him! I regret not picking up some of his tracks at the show because they are just so damn catchy!

It was a real treat to see This Providence again. After a 2-year hiatus, I was completely stoked to not only get to talk to them but to see them play again. I got a chance to chat with David Blaise before their set and got a sense of what to expect. He told me they would be playing four new songs and a few old ones. They opened with one of my favorites, “Letdown”. In addition to “Letdown”, they also played “Waste Myself”, “My Beautiful Rescue”, “That Girl’s A Trick” and “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”. Alongside their oldies were their new tunes. Even before hearing the new songs, I immediately pre-ordered their EP. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Their new songs are flawless. Among all of them one of my favorites is “You’re Mine”. There is just something about Dan Young’s voice and the sounds of an acoustic guitar. Their entire performance as a whole was just remarkable. It’s just that simple. Dan’s voice in combination with Gavin’s guitar riffs, Andy’s insane drumming and David crazy bass strumming make for an incredible set. Definitely pre-order their EP when the Lucky Street Tour comes through your area. You will NOT be disappointed.

Last but certainly not least was Go Radio. Where to even begin with them? I haven’t seen them in quite a few years as a full band, I’ve only had the chance to see a few acoustic performances but that’s about it. I was definitely thrilled to be able to see them again. Let me just say that, the guys of Go Radio brought it. They completely killed it. They opened with “Lucky Street” which was a great decision. It really set the stage for the rest of the show. In addition to “Lucky Street”, they also played quite a number of crowd favorites including “Any Other Heart”, “Letters and Love Notes”, and “Goodnight Moon”. They also played a cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”, which was absolutely perfect. Every aspect of their set was flawless, just about every person in the crowd was belting out the lyrics to every Go Radio song. Their excitement and enthusiasm wasn’t just shown through them singing along but it was also reflected by Go Radio’s performance. After their set, I asked a fan of Go Radio’s what she thought of tonight’s show and she said, “I honestly think they went insane because we showed them love! I’ve seen videos of them before, and when I saw them last they were pretty incredible stage presence wise, but go radio kicked it up so many notches!” I could not agree more with her.

The Lucky Street Tour is definitely a tour worth going to. It encompasses such diverse and talented artists that will definitely knock your socks off. If you haven’t already bought your tickets to this tour, do that now or else you’ll be missing out on a great time!”

You can view the rest of the set here!