Remember ...

That time Louis …

1. Donated a MAC to A Siblings Wish.

2. Hosted a tea party.

3. Visited Eden at her home.

4. Donated signed merch for a charity auction his Grandpa attended.

5. Hosted a Cinderella ball.

6. Paid £6000 for his OWN suspenders.

7. Paid £10,000 to get Liam’s face painted.

8. Became a patron of Bluebell Wood Children’s hospice.

9. Had been visiting sickly children in hospital & we never, ever heard about it.

10. Played in charity soccer matches.

11. Signed up for Soccer Aid.

12. Said one of the best things about being a celebrity was the incredible platform he has that enables him to GIVE BACK & HELP soo many sickly children.

13. Encouraged his fans & followers to come together & support his friend Georgie, who was very poorly.

14. Donated £2M of his own money to the Believe In Magic foundation.

15. Treated very sick children, living with life-threatening illnesses, to a night where they could be actual Princes & Princesses. With gorgeous tuxedos and pretty dresses & all the trimmings.

16. Said “Let’s make someone happy today, Mum” & we found out he does this when he’s had a bad press day.

17. Donated a meet & greet, giving fans a chance (via an online auction) to meet 1D in exchange for donations to the Eden Dora Trust.

18. Was part of Action 1D.

19. Designed a tote bag to help Bluebell Wood Children’s hospice raise money.

20. Became a celebrity patron for the Stacey Mowle appeal.

21. Was soo incredibly kind and generous to the Hext family.

22. Made the last few months of Harvey’s life super special & left the Hext family with cherished memories.

23. Had been an ambassador for Yorkshire Children since 2014 and we never knew.

24. Dyed his hair red in honour of Red Nose Day.

Remember ALSO when (sorry @got-stars-in-your-eyez) Louis …

25. Was soo amazing with his hearing impaired Soccer Aid usher. How her Mum shared with us how happy her daughter was.

26. Didn’t leave his dedication & generosity at the BIM ball once it was finished & he continued to support & encourage the precious souls he’d met … Tweeting his millions of followers to please support his friend Oliver Hellowell, a young man with down syndrome aspiring to become a photographer or reaching out once again to his fans to support Rocco’s family.

27. Invited the children he’d met through Believe In Magic to a 1D concert.

28. Invited Niamh, her sister Hannah & best friend Bronte to be his special guests at one of their shows in Birmingham.

29. Donated the prize he’d won in the Doncaster Rovers competition BACK to the organisers so someone else could have the chance to have an amazing holiday.

Also that time (that’s ALL the time) where Louis gives soo selflessly & cares & encourages his fans to do the same. How passionate he is about his charitable work. How dedicated he is to making a difference.

Remember all the times Louis showed us what a decent, kind & compassionate human being is.

I don’t need to remember because its difficult to forget just how many lives he’s touched.

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Dagur The Deranged Is Alive

Note: episode 11, shows what appears to be his death while going all out with his new pal shattermaster

But the next episode after, When Fishlegs is asking himself what to do next if Astrid and Heather are not there to save him, around 14:00 mark after the twins run ahead. Now only Fishlegs is left behind and then you hear a male voice yelling/softly  “You Hide!” (Dagur Voice)

This could be Tuffnut but he is no where in the scene and even before the voice(Dagur?!) told fishlegs to hide. You can hear the twins footsteps running further and further ahead. and shows later Fishlegs is still alone coming out of a empty cage, a chat with dagur?  Just then the twins are being pushed by. But fishlegs seems focused on something else then the twins.

The moment the voice appears we see Fishlegs expression change to confused/searching for the voice? Before it cuts off to a other scene.

I think this might hint to later episode where it reveals that fishlegs is the first to know that dagur is alive. 

why dagur was at the auction, simply to ensure his sister safety and to help them.

Dagur last words where “Tell viggo! Dagur sends his regards!” (possible foreshadowing dagur will be the one to kill him and not hiccup)

so no, this is not the last we saw of Dagur.

The 10 Most Expensive Items Sold at NIGO’s Sothebys Auction.
5. Jean Prouvé Marcoule Bench with Astro Boy Sculpture
Estimated sale price: $10,315 – $15,473
Final sale price: $167,622

  • Artist: Scott Kirschner
  • Card Name: Illicit Auction
  • Card Number: no 190
  • Card Text: Each player may bid life for control of target creature. You start the bidding with a bid of 0. In turn order, each player may top the high bid. The bidding ends if the high bid stands. The high bidder loses life equal to the high bid and gains control of the creature.(This effect lasts indefinitely.)
  • Community Rating: 3 to 3.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 5
  • Expansion: Classic Sixth Edition
  • Mana Cost: [3][Red][Red]
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Types: Sorcery