Will Roland auctioning off Ben’s cast to raise money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS at the April 16th 3:00 performance of Dear Evan Hansen! Recorded by me, @neglectedrainbow

Talalay swag charity/activism/donation auction on ebay

The auction is now up on ebay. I have coded everything Talalay9  for easy search. (Talalay gets you loads of mattresses from my grandfathers work). 

Please share liberally. Items are priced for charitable donations. 

if there is something specific you would like me to put up, please let me know. I have archival paperwork/scripts/storyboards/etc from most shows i have worked on. 

I have decided to put some of my personal and crew-gift swag up for charity/donation/activism auctions through ebay. I have labelled each item with ‘Talalay’ for easy search. The items will benefit the ACLU, which has been active in supporting equality for women directors, Planned Parenthood, which I hope I don’t have to explain to you, and the Southern Poverty Law Clinic which is a watchdog against hate groups. Also Emily’s List. And the Full Flood Endowment Fund (which is related to the On The Farm and missing women’s families.  I have supported all these organizations most of my charity-giving days. If you have any questions, please let me know.

The auctions give 85% to the charitiy, allowing for me to have some help with the packing, mailing, posting, and paypal costs of the auctions. If the organization is not ebay-linked, I will do the donations separately. 

This is all linked to my twitter @rtalalay - which is verified, if you have any doubts about authenticity. In addition, I set up a new ebay account for this, so it shows (0) rating. It’s still legit. 

Any item can be custom autographed at your request. 

Items include custom Doctor Who crew shirts, jackets, hats, fidget spinners, Cry Baby Crew Jacket, Wind in the WIllow autographed photo, and more. Some examples below. They are priced for charity donation, not value. 

The custom photograph book I created for Peter Capaldi’s birthday – all personal photos from my series of Who. Only 6 of these exist - Peter, Michael Pickwoad, Steven Moffat, Peter Bennett, me and this one I am offering. 

A shirt Sonny Bono wore in the original Hairspray. 

Ricki Lake skirt from Hairspray.

A Steve Dillon Preacher comic book original board (I owned the first option on Preacher in 1998 - ahead of my time, again). 

A one-of-a-kind custom slide from the animation panels in Tank Girl. 

and much more…. Please feel free to ask questions. Please share liberally.