Statement of communist, left and anarchist forces of Russia on events in Ukraine

The longstanding policy of the bourgeois government of Ukraine, as well as the global economic crisis, have created intolerable living conditions for the majority of its citizens.

During the last half of the Yanukovych regime, a significant part of the solution to the economic problems was promised through European integration. The sudden abandonment of the announced plans provoked widespread discontent and actions. The process was classless and largely spontaneous. A nationalist movement was used by the liberal opposition as the street strike force, and thereafter the nature of the protest acquired anti-communist or even fascist traits.

The new government resorts to the power of force exactly as did the Yanukovych bureaucracy, unable to meet the needs of people and solve their urgent problems. Western and Russian imperialism do not feel any real sympathy for the people of Ukraine, and only take advantage of the situation in their favor. That is, attempt to gain financial benefit , and – in the case of the West – to create chaos on the borders of Russia. All these forces are interested in living off the people and will do it secretly or openly.

Anti-communist and anti-Russian hysteria, the abuse of our common Soviet past, are the main features of the emerging nationalist state now. Information concerning the pogroms on the headquarters of the Communist and leftist parties , the beatings of ordinary communists and labor activists , and the demolition of monuments to Lenin clearly show that the fascist backlash that we previously observed in the Baltic States and Europe, have already overwhelmed brotherly Ukraine. 

We, the undersigned leftists, communists, and anarchists of Russia, declare our protest and demand an end to the persecution of our comrades! We invite all citizens of Ukraine, using any available resources, to immediately express their distrust of the deputies of the Ukrainian Parliament, organize the community and the workforce to create self-defense groups, local governments and reliable mechanisms of popular will. We call upon the citizens of Russia to be ready to take a direct part in helping the Ukrainian people, to contact the Anti-Fascist headquarters in assistance to Ukraine.

We urge the communist and leftist parties and anti-fascist organizations around the world to put pressure on their governments to prevent the establishment of a fascist regime in Ukraine.

Workers of all countries, unite!

Statement Signed By:
Interregional Association of Communists
Moscow City Communist union
Russian Communist Workers’ Party , the Communist Party ( CPSU - EIF )
Working Foundation Academy 
Revolutionary Workers Party
Movement Communards
The New Left
Communist Youth Union
Left Front
Revolutionary Communist Youth League
The Other Russia
Individual Action (social revolutionary )
Institute of Globalization and Social Movements
The initiative group for the referendum “for the responsibility of government ” (IGPR CALL )
Vanguard of Red Youth - Labor Russia
( AKM -TR ) ( partial support)
Institute of Innovation Development
Fund “ The new political system ”
“Kolomna bush”
All-Russian Communist Party ( Bolshevik ) ( VKP (b) )
Red TV

Thanks to Andy Taylor


Krasnoyarsk, Russia: Supporters of the All Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) join the Revolutionary Communists column of the march commemorating the 95th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, November 7, 2012.

Demonstrators challenged police and seized the street part-way through the march, chanting, “Glory to the Soviet police, shame on the bourgeois police.” Cops tried to seize VN Komarova, one of the march organizers, but were stopped by protesters.

Photos: AUCPB
All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks statement on Ukraine


We, the fighters of the All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks (VMGB) acting on the territory of Russia, send you, dear comrades, workers and youth of Ukraine, heartfelt greetings and solidarity in the struggle. 

Bravely resist the neo fascists, do not let them command over you. Protect monuments, cultural sites from destruction. Do not give up factories, mines, schools. Do not settle for helping the neo fascists and working for them. 

In the struggle against the common enemy - fascism, now disguised as Bandera gangs, although under the slogan “European integration”, we - Ukrainians, Russians, and all the other peoples of the USSR are united. This is our common enemy, our common struggle, in which you have taken the brunt of yourselves. 

We, together with you, admire all those citizens resisting the advance of fascism, all those who did not bow their heads, not knelt before the new plague infecting the West and Centre of Ukraine. Together we mourn the dead and are angry at the crimes of the barbarians. 

Today you are at the forefront. Allow the heat of our hearts to warm you in the difficult struggle. 

Comrades, workers and young people of Ukraine! Actively lead the fight for a socialist Motherland! 

Do not forget the exploits of the Red Army soldiers of the First, Second and Third Ukrainian fronts advancing to Berlin and the defeat of the Nazi scum! 

Only by becoming a socialist, will Ukraine be able to regain its independence as a nation and gain true independence from foreign capital. Today not everyone is ready to realize this truth. But tomorrow it will become property of millions. 

Hold on, comrades! 

Fascism will not pass! 

Long live the coming proletarian revolution! 

March 8, 2014