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"Yeah, but it hurts," Pazu complained, sticking his finger in his mouth. It didn't really hurt -that- badly and, frankly, he had experienced infinitely worse, but he was still sore at the man. This was just to be annoying. "Owww!"


❛oh bloody hell, here’s a bandage. do stop crying! you’re too old for such things!❜

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Rough touch

12. My muse slams yours against a wall hard.

“I’m through being patient, kid!”

Helga lifted the boy by the front of his shirt and slammed him into the wall of the airship, putting her weight into the action so he stayed pinned with feet off the ground.

“You tell me where the goddamn crystal is, or I’m blowing your head off!”

The uncooperative were no use to her, and the blonde’s fuse was shorter than ever in this moment.

    ( @aucielis )

“left! bear left! kiki — LEFT!”

jiji’s yowl is swallowed by a loud CRASH as the sudden gust of wind blows kiki and her broomstick straight into a rather large and unforgiving oak. before she even has a chance to brace herself, her broom smacks against the tree trunk and deposits her in its branches. but this isn’t kiki’s first crash landing ( and she doubts it’ll be her last, either ), so she manages to grab ahold of the oak’s branches, sprawling out among them a dozen feet above the ground.

ow — ” kiki manages to sit up ever so slightly, fighting to get her balance amidst the branches and wincing as she does so. that’ll definitely leave a bruise. “you okay, jiji?”

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send me ⊙ and my muse will bold all that applies to yours | @aucielis

I think you are:

| Admirable | Attractive | Absentminded | Amusing | Abrasive | Aloof | Arrogant | Brilliant | Bizarre | Bland | Caring | Charming | Clever | Confident | Courageous | Creative | Cute | Careless | Childish | Clumsy | Cowardly | Cruel | Dignified | Dramatic | Desperate | Devious | Disrespectful | Elegant | Energetic | Emotional | Excitable | Faithful | Forgiving | Friendly | Flamboyant | Foolish | Frightening | Generous | Gloomy | Greedy | Gullible | Helpful | Honest | Hateful | Intelligent | Ignorant | Impulsive | Insensitive | Irresponsible | Lovable | Lazy | Mature | Malicious | Misguided | Monstrous | Narrow-minded | Optimistic | Obnoxious | Peaceful | Persuasive | Protective | Power-hungry | Quirky | Reliable | Romantic | Ridiculous | Sexy | Sophisticated | Selfish | Trusting | Treacherous | Understanding | Unpredictable | Unstable | Vulnerable | Witty | Weak |

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"You're not being helpful."

“Ouch, that really hurts my feelings, boy(!) the demon quipped back dryly, an equally dry chuckle leaving him afterwards. It’s true, Calcifer isn’t being even remotely helpful; just a touch nosey. He wanted to see what the boy was working on, so that’s just what he intends to find out. Calcifer is not moving out of the way just yet it seems.

“What does it do anyways?”

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Skoro nie chcesz penisow Seks w aucie vs na stole😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Penisy zawsze w modzie no halo
A seks to najpierw w aucie, a potem na stole, żeby było fajniej 😂

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He inhales deeply, hoping it will ease his rattling nerves and pounding heart. "Um-- I wanted to tell you that I'm really glad you're my friend and--" His voice slips, cracking in such an awkward way that it takes all he can not to let his gaze plummet to the floor. He needed to be confident and he feared that he was failing. "Sheeta, I can't think of anybody else who makes me feel as happy as you make me!"


 The words catch her by surprise; a light, fluttering feeling shifts in her chest when she realizes there isn’t any bad news to relay. 

Smiling, she reaches down to hold his hand in hers. “I’m really glad you’re my friend, too, Pazu,” she says, eyes shining with an ever-growing abundance of emotion. 

“You’ve been there for me through the darkest hours– -It means more to me than anything I can put into words!”

“And now that you’re here with me… “ There’s a pause, a slight click in her head that brings attention to the warmth in her cheeks, as she feels it rise all the way to the tip of her ears. She has no idea why she’s suddenly so shy, but she ducks her head, anyway - voice softer than before.

  “…I can’t imagine my life without you.”

~ i niby lubiła seks… ale kiedy pojechała z nim na przejażdżkę, a on zawiózł ją do lasu, zamknął ich od środka w aucie i zaczął na nią naciskać… Wtedy zaczął przemawiać przez nią strach…

“Obiektywnie rzecz biorąc, mam rację”

Ostatnio spędziłam ponad godzinę w aucie z dziewczyną, która przez całą drogę snuła filozoficzno-dietetyczno-religijne wywody, każdy kończąc “Mam rację, co nie?” albo (moje ulubione) “obiektywnie rzecz biorąc, mam rację”. A ponieważ jestem osobą, która lubi analizować sprawy z różnej perspektywy, próbowałam koleżance uświadomić, że istnieją także inne “racje” - nie tylko te, które ona dostrzega. Bezskutecznie. Prawie się na mnie obraziła. 

Zatem “obiektywnie rzecz biorąc”, z każdej innej perspektywy niż twoja własna, jesteś w błędzie.  Dostrzegam też na tym przykładzie sporą różnicę pomiędzy posiadaniem własnego zdania, a posiadaniem racji na każdy temat. 

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"Where do you even find so many kittens?"

fluff meme (accepting) | @aucielis

 Sheeta slips off her shoes by the door, crossing the threshold with a litter of kittens stirring in the basket hanging from her arm, and shrugs her shoulder into another kitten rubbing against her neck. “They were down by the river, when I found them,” she says, unable to suppress a giggle from a tiny, wet nose bumping against her ear. “I couldn’t find the mother; they must’ve been abandoned.”

“Well, I couldn’t just leave them there…” Any further neglect could’ve allowed them to fall into the waters and drown. 

“So, I brought them here!”

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"I've never had a 'Valentine'."

“ … “

“Would you excuse me for a teensy moment?”

The red haired maiden disappeared behind a corner. There were papers rustling, birds singing, pens scribbling…when she reappeared, there was (even more) glitter on her dress and a radiant smile on her face.

“Here you go, little one,” she handed the boy a card. A handmade pink, glittery card, decorated with drawings of hearts and doves, and a thoughtful message written inside in a darker pink ink.

It was Giselle’s first year out of Andalasia, and the first time she heard of the lovely holiday that was Valentine’s Day. And, on her watch, no one, no one would go without a Valentine.

“The birds helped me decorate it,” she beamed. “Happy Valentine’s Day, from me and my feathered friends!”

(Valentine’s meme)