Brave Frontier: Rize’s Batch Rates

Pretty close to 1-2% again… why isn’t Gumi doing increased rates?  Maybe it’s because we pull anyways.

I think I am going f2p from here on out.

300 Gems total on this batch and two units from it… so lame.  I’m sorry Gumi but a single unit is not worth 75 bucks to me.  It’s just insane, at the current rates ONE SINGLE UNIT on Brave Frontier costs MORE than an entire console game.  I finally got smart and forced myself to split my monthly game self-allowance and spend half of it on a game that I KNOW I can get my moneys worth on.  Now, when Ruby comes out I just have to force myself to spend all of it before I get tempted to pull.  lol.

It’s just not worth it for veteran players to spend money on this game.

How was everyone elses luck?


oops kingdom au drawing spree..might end up finishing one or two of these //shrugs// Vincent is too fun to draw hehe~ crazy-purple-killer