“How could I have missed all the signs?”

“Of course I thought you were making things up. Who would believe that?”

“I’m humanoid, but that’s about where the resemblance ends.”

“I can’t keep excusing the mistakes you make. You never even seem sorry about them.”

“Can I conclude this mystery as solved?”

“Where oh where has my muse gone?”


Lose Yourself - SLFL Auburn Hills (7/27/16)


Dan and Phil bottled keychains are finally up now on my store! 

They are .5 inches bigger than the last batch, and comes with a keyring and nice pastel backing to make it all fancy and professional looking ~ oo~ which..explains why the price is a bit more expensive /sob

also for the shipping its going to be mailed as a package which is why its incredibly expensive. worldwide shipping especially

I have 48 pairs of them available, and afterwards I think I’d be doing some new designs! If there are enough requests for this design after the stock is finished I might consider making more but for now, here are the last batch! 

For next designs I will definitely be doing some forms where you can preorder 

Thanks so much for the patience and the incredible support!