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LDS Cousin Trio

*This is not my story.

Last week I had some family stay our house when they came up for a reunion. My cousin (19 years old) and her mom stayed in the room next to ours and my other cousin (20 years old) stayed upstairs with Grandma.

During dinner one night, I was going crazy because both cousins were wearing pretty provocative clothing. Aubrie (the 19-year-old) was wearing a very loose top that came down to her hips and leggings that were very form-fitting. She is actually waiting for her fiance who is a missionary. Her slim body is one any guy would love to grab a hold of.

Helen (The 20-year-old) was wearing a short denim skirt which only came half-way down her toned-thighs. She was a dancer in high school and loves to play volleyball. Her legs are long and toned, which drives me crazy every time we are together. Helen’s top was barely long enough to reach the top of her skirt and revealed quite a bit of her nice tummy when she reached for things. It had a white flower border on the bottom which opened up just enough to tempt a guy to look up her shirt. Her breast are so supple despite her thin frame.

Helen and I have always had interesting moments of prolonged eye-contact and I have always imagined that she is trying to lure me in with her seductive gaze. Dinner was no different and I felt like she was looking at me more than usual. When we retired to the living room for FHE (The best one we have ever had), she sat on the floor across from me and I swear she was trying to get me to look up her skirt. She kept moving like a dancer, accentuating her legs and her butt.

I went to bed around the same time as everyone else. My family falls asleep fast and so I was trying to be quiet when I get up around 12:30 for some snacks. As I closed the fridge, I heard a voice behind me.

“Hey.” Aubrie was standing there in a long night shirt that came down just past her thighs. “You and Helen were exchanging some pretty serious looks tonight.”

“Oh, you noticed? I didn’t think we were being very subtle. What are you doing up still?”

“I was just thinking about my Fiance on his mission and…well, I was feeling a little lonely…hold on.”

She ran upstairs. After a minute or so, I decided to sit on the couch to wait for her. When she came back, she wasn’t alone.

“Helen, I want you to help me, too. We were just talking about about how lonely it is being engaged without having your fiance around.”

Helen was wearing green booty shorts and a black tank top with no bra. “I’m sorry, Aubrie. Let’s sit down for a minute.” They sat down with Aubrie in between me and Helen. They sat relatively close together and close to me.

“Thanks, Helen. You have always been one of my best friends and I know you understand how I have been feeling these past few months. You know what I need. I just wanted you to help us as we sort it out.”

“Aubrie, You know I’m here for you. What do you miss most about John?”

Aubrie was slient for a moment before replying. “To be honest…I really miss physical intimacy. John is a great kisser. I just want to be held and experience was it’s like to be close to a man again.”

My boner from seeing them dressed as they were got harder. “That’s hard. I know it’s hard to be away from your man.” Then I became bold. “Did you guys do more than just kiss?”

“We made out…it felt sooo good.” 

Helen gave me one of those lingering looks. “There are a few things that feel really good. Sometimes a girl kisses better than a man.” She said this as she began to caress Aubrie’s legs and stomach. As Aubrie started to look at her slightly confused, I saw the most ambitious move in to kiss her that made my night. It was no-regrets, ‘I-have-wanted-to-do-this-for-so-long’, passionate kiss that Aubrie was obviously longing for. After a long, sensual kiss, Helen asked, “How do you feel?”

“I…really liked that. I was hoping to kiss a man to feel good,” (looking at me) “But that was great.” 

Helen continued, “Well, there are a few things that feel even better. Josh, why don’t you take out that boner you have in your pants?” With my shorts on, it wasn’t hard to see that my cock sticking up like a flagpole and pulsing. Helen stood up, stepped sexily over Aubrie’s legs and knelt at my feet. She pulled down my shorts and my garments, which caused my cock to bounce up. Aubrie was obviously stunned. “Have you ever tasted cock, Aubrie?”

She shook her head, but didn’t take her eyes off my cock. Helen had already starting inching in and licked the tip. I was almost ready to explode already. “Don’t even think about cumming yet. You are going to fuck us both.” With the straight face she had, I didn’t dare cum. 

She went down on my so hard and then invited Aubrie to join in. Aubrie was sitting across my lap and would sometimes raise her head to kiss me and we would make out while Helen deep throated my cock. After they sucked me for awhile, Helen spoke again, “Do you want to know what it feels like in your pussy? That’s the best feeling of all…”

Without any hesitation Aubrie raised her nightshirt and raised her leg over my lap to straddle me. She rubbed her wet pussy against my cock a couple of times before letting just the head slip in. As it did, I could only resist for a couple of seconds before I thrusted firmly until I was completely filling her pussy and her face showed a silent moan. It was possibly the most fulfilling sight of my life. Helen had in the meantime taken off her tank and her booty shorts before climbing next to me on the couch. “Remember, we have to be quiet so no one upstairs realizes we are still up.” She then started making out with me while my hand found her pussy. I let my fingers slip inside and finger her until she was sighing with pleasure. You could tell she was really into it. 

Aubrie started to worry a little. “Do you think my fiance will still love me after I have been fucked so hard by another man?” She almost couldn’t get the words out because of the orgasm she was on the point of having. “I have never felt this good and I don’t know if he will make me feel the same way. You’re so BIG!” 

“Don’t you dare cum in her. I still need something.” Helen was really in charge and knew what she wanted. She waiting until Aubrie had finished her first orgasm and then gently lifted her off my cock by kissing her and grabbing her hips. After she was standing, Helen lifted her shirt to reveal her petite frame which she shyly covered for a minute before sitting on the couch next to me. Helen then sat on my cock and let it all slide in at once. 

We fucked like animals for a couple of hours and then decided it was time to go bed. I have never had such an arousing experience. 

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Why is yo eyes so close to ur nose u look like a rhino - Aubrie

Look I don’t know who you are or what you stand to gain from coming after me but just so you know hunneh being a petty bitch is not cute. Take your lil immature ass back to school and invest all that time you spend watching my life into your education. Here’s a new GOAL for you, Get a degree cuz bubu I’m not some dumb blonde. I got my coin and my merits now bounce 💅

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i stopped following r/bigbrother a while ago because i was so sick of them jacking off over cody early season and constantly working themselves into a lather over who was playing the most sTrAtEgIc and i KNEW that the reaction to josh winning and paul losing AGAIN (they were very pro-paul during bb18) would be utterly fucking wild and i was not disappointed lmao.

r/survivor and survivor fans in general have learned to accept bitter juries (look at kaoh rong), when is big brother gonna catch up? paul has failed at securing enough jury votes to win not once but TWICE. and this time it was even better because i think josh knew that paul would lose and took him in a totally shocking move because he was less certain he’d beat christmas, and it paid off to the tune of half a million goddamn dollars.

i truly believe that if you can’t get a majority of jurors to vote for you to win, you’re not that good of a player. look at aubry. i LOVED aubry, i wanted her to win the whole season, and of course i was disappointed when she lost but i quickly accepted that michele had done a better job of forming bonds with the jury and earning their respect, compared to aubry who played cutthroat and largely from the shadows. every jury, every juror, is different in terms of what they respect and what criteria they use when voting and it’s on the finalist to figure that out and make moves with that in mind. paul did the exact opposite of that especially with how he dealt with mark and elena.

so paul stans, #bigmoves dweebs, etc can go ahead and join the “russell hantz was robbed” fan club if they want, i’m gonna be over here totally at peace with my overemotional cuban uncle being the RIGHTFUL winner of bb19


Miss Aubri McKenna, Autumn looks good on you…New Sim

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