The Awful Truth||Adrian & Aubrey||Closed

In the quiet of his room, Adrian lay wide awake battling the overwhelming feeling of doubt. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Involuntarily, his tail began to flick underneath the covers in his frustration. Had he imagined it? In his escape from Yun, he was in a panicked state. So could he have mixed smells? Carefully, Adrian leaned over and inhaled deeply. Aubrey’s scent was distinct and familiar, he knew it even when she wasn’t around. His gut clenched when he thought of how different she had smelled the day she had found him wounded and how he hissed at her when the cat didn’t recognize it in his state. The way she had smelled was…new to him. Was it someone else’s? He sighed heavily and turned his gaze towards the ceiling. Though Bethlem was silent, he could still make out the small repetitive sounds of Aubrey and Nora’s breathing as well as the normal night noises of the halls. His mind raced with haunting thoughts. Aubrey was distancing herself from him. It had been subtle, but he had noticed the change. They spent lees and less time together, and when they did, she only asked how he felt and if he needed anything. It was almost as if he had become her patient. He shudders and turns his body to face her and frowns. Could she be having an affair? No. Aubrey loved him. They had just hit a rough patch…right? What do you think is the truth? The cat growled. You have the answer and all the clues laid out for you… You know her past. She’s a cheater. And cheaters live up to their name. She cuts people off when she’s done with them…and what is she doing to you? Panic struck him and his tail began to whip about maddeningly. She’s only human. Humans can’t love cats the way they love their own kind. But you aren’t really either, are you? No one loves a freak. Breathing heavily, he sat up and leaned over Aubrey who had begun to stir. He would show her he could still be normal. It wasn’t too late. She’s your mate. Assure your place with her. Mark your territory. Make her smell like you…only you. Adrian kisses her mouth desperately, pressing his weight against hers.