‘What is Catalan?’

'Why, the language of Catalonia – of the islands, of the whole of the Mediterranean coast down to Alicante and beyond. Of Barcelona. Of Lerida. All the richest part of the peninsula.’

'You astonish me. I had no notion of it. Another language, sir? But I dare say it is much the same thing – a putain, as they say in French.’

'Oh no, nothing of the kind – not like at all. A far finer language. More learned, more literary. Much nearer the Latin. And by the by, I believe the word is patois, sir, if you will allow me.’

'Patois – just so. Yet I swear the other is a word: I learnt it somewhere,’ said Jack.


Master and Commander - Patrick O'Brian

((OOC: Just in case you didn’t get it, putain = whore: patois = dialect))

‘Yet I don’t know how it is…’ He paused for quite a while and then in the tone of one quoting an aphorism he went on, 'The heart has its reasons that the…that the…’
  'Kidneys?’ suggested Stephen.
  'That the kidneys know not.’ Jack frowned. 'No, hell and death, that’s not it. But anyhow the heart has its reasons, you understand.’
—  The Yellow Admiral, Patrick O’Brian