aubrey lewis

Lindsey. Cat. WTF. Lindsey kidnapping Diana and Cat impersonating Mr. Scratch AND threatening to kill Diana. Penelope hands in her letter of resignation. Emily, god bless her soul, pulls a a rather smart that I know I never would have thought and she boy did she snap at that counselor and the team. Spencer gets to go home but he comes face-to-face with Cat (brace yourselves for next episode). Saw the preview for next week’s episode and I swear on my life that if Emily get hits by that semi-truck if that’s what the preview is showing than I might just be done for good. She’s already been hit by one once, don’t let it happen again. Shemar is coming back and I am ever so excited for that because I miss seeing Mister Good-Looking-And-I-Do-1000-Sit-Ups-Every-Morning and I hope he convinces Penelope to stay. I need her sunshine on that show because she’s beautiful and amazing and she always knows how to make the team smile somehow. Oh and one last thing, SAVE DIANA! SPENCE HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH!

And that is the end of my thoughts on tonight’s episode.

  • Maureen: Hey! This is my boyfriend Simon, and this is Simon's boyfriend Raphael.
  • Simon: Hi.
  • Isabelle: Hey! Oh. Wait, sorry. What's the situation?
  • Maureen: What do you mean?
  • Isabelle: How does this work?
  • Maureen: Simon is gay but he's straight for me and he's gay for Raphael and Raphael's really gay for Simon. And I hate Raphael.
  • Simon: It's not that complicated.


What started as a wee 8-issue series has grown into 2 years of mysteries, three-eyed critters, dimension-hopping, shape-shifting antics, and so much friendship to the max that our hearts can hardly take it!

It’s been an awesome 2 years, and we look forward to an awesome 200 more. Thanks for being the best. ❤