aubrey jade

So I haven't updated in a while..

We had a rough patch while getting adjusted with Aubrey and Ollie. It was hard for me because Aubrey was acting very angry towards me. Hitting, bitting, kicking etc. So there was a lot of me getting frustrated and a lot of us crying together. Now we are doing so much better. We are still dealing with her becoming frustrated and hurting us but now I know how to deal with it and am not so emotional/angry with her frustration so it’s been so so much better.

Ollie will be 6 weeks on Monday :) breastfeeding has been perfect, we’ve all been sleeping pretty great, and he is just perfect in every way. He loves to cuddle and be worn. He sleeps during my entire walk everyday in the wrap (about an hour and a half) so it’s really just been great :)

Aubrey 2nd birthday was the 19th and it was both good and extremely frustrating. Joey’s parents came to visit and that was ugh… We took her to the zoo for winter wonderland and she had a lot of fun. I also made her a vegan chocolate chip cookie cake which was amazing!

I’ve been a vegan for 8 weeks now and I’m so happy we’ve finally made the switch from vegetarianism to veganism! I’ve started exercising again too. I’ve gone from 220ish to 180! I’m doing about 8 miles of walking and a bunch of other things. Squats, jumping Jacks, crunches, etc etc and it makes me happy. I love exercising and I love how good I’ve been feeling lately.

Joey and I are good. We’ve kind of been through a funk lately too but I think it’s only going to get better from here. I’ve really been trying to work on me because I know I’ve been not really putting anything into us because I’ve been so focused on the babies and we all know that’s awful…

Im excited for how my new year is starting off. I’m on a roll with being healthy, exercise patterns are set, my path to veganism is on point, my marriage is good and only getting better, and I have so much planned for aubrey and her first year of “unschooling!”