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Chloe Beale is so important

There are so many reasons why Chloe is important to the Pitch Perfect movies. Beyond being the other half of Bechloe and I feel like the films don’t acknowledge this.

Pitch Perfect 1:

  1. She gets Beca to audition for the Bellas
  2. she keeps the peace between Aubrey and Beca the whole time
  3. she’s the choreographer.
  4. Had she not texted Beca about being back in the finals they would not have won.
  5. Because she decided to remove her nodes she acquired a lower voice range that gave the Bellas something they had never had before, it was specifically mentioned at the beginning of the movie that because women can’t hit low ranges was a reason no other all-female a Capella group had ever made it to the finals. She gave them that extra factor.

Pitch Perfect 2:

  1. She is the one pushing them all to work hard, motivating the group.
  2. She made the decision to let Emily join the Bella’s. Had she not they would not have had “Flashlight” for the finale.
  3. She took them all to the retreat where Beca was finally forced to come clean about her internship and work through her fears of not being a good enough music producer.
  4. They found their sound thanks to her improved singing of Cups (“when I’m gone”).
  5. Once again she is the the person responsible for the great choreography of the sets. She brings the songs visually to life.

Her importance is not as noticeable but it is big. If you look at it closely none of this would have happened without Chloe. Beca is the face of the Bellas, “created the Bella sound”, but Chloe is the backbone. She deserves more credit than she gets, imo. 

… All except for Pullings, who had the watch, and was walking the quarterdeck with his hands behind his back, pacing in as close an imitation of Captain Aubrey as his form could manage, and remembering, every now and then, to look stern, devilish, as like a right tartar as possible, in spite of his bubbling happiness.
—  ‘Post Captain,’ Patrick O'Brian
Listen, if I loved this character anymore he’d be my own flesh and blood, oh my gosh
@drickheads replied to your post “Y'all got me all about Staubrey all of a sudden, whoever first put…”

I know Camp and Alexis had that touchy-feely moment at the MTV Movie Awards 2013. Also, the way Aubrey and Stacie were positioned in the PP poster. Other than that, I don’t remember.

Someone must have also watched the movie one too many times to figure out Staubrey, like we did with Bechloe. It’s always those ships where it just happens and no one really put that much thought into it

I wonder though, if Anna Camp ships this or something. By now we all know Alexis is into it (even though sometimes I know she’s obviously trolling, but…)


And update time! I deleted the last post on Leslie again, this time because I revised her a lil bit! I finally decided on her main build and class, since it was giving me some issues due to having stuck with the same classes and build with every character. Needed to try and branch her out differently, and differently I did!

I also did the same with her dragon, Aubrey, since she was very much the same with every Dragon my past heroes had. Now, instead of being combat orientated, she’s more support! And it works really well for my playstyle, damn! Also, this is the first time I showed off Aubrey, so woo.

So, to go more into detail, Leslie and Aubrey are a duo that focuses on survivability and defense over taking out the enemy as quick as possible. Leslie focuses on debuffing enemies and avoiding hits, while dealing some good burst damage here and there due to time passing with SoulSynch. Aubrey mainly focuses on assisting Leslie with either boosting or healing her, but she also assists with debuffing the enemies on occasion, too.

Leslie’s stats are primarily focused on helping her dodge and last longer when she can’t dodge. Her main stats, Luck and Endurance, were chosen due to luck influencing a multitude of things, such as damage, dodge, crit chance, and dragon specials activation, and Endurance for the obvious health boost. After all, more HP she has, the longer she’ll last in battle! Wisdom got the last of the 20 points, and with future level caps, it’ll get the rest of the points as well, until either the game finishes with level caps, or it reaches 200 itself; after all, the more moves Leslie can pull off, the more likely she’s to survive!

She also is synched (As I like to call it,) with two weapons; one for damage and one for its special, on hit ability. The first is the Gouda Blade, due to the fact it’s aligned to the element of Good, and Good is a very versatile element where practically nothing resists it. The second is the Blade of Awe, wielded as the “shown” weapon (doesn’t show here since soulclaws rely on element for appearances,) because the Blade of Awe has an on hit ability chance to restore 4% of HP and MP. And since Master SoulWeaver has quite a few, multi-hit attacks, it works true wonders to help Leslie last as long as possible.

Meanwhile, Aubrey is maxed in the three support trees; protection, assistance and mischief. Protection is all about recovery and helping dodge, with an ability to increase HP healing, increases parry, or heal HP, MP or both. Assistance is all about helping Leslie’s stats, with increasing her bonus to hit, endurance, wisdom, damage, or crit chances. And finally, Mischief is about debuffing the enemies to help survive or take them out easier; this involves reducing enemy damage, ability to hit or resistances, or either stunning or shrinking an enemy.

Aubrey’s element shifts a LOT to account for the enemies faced, but most often it’s either Darkness or Light. She’s always summoned as a pet, due to the abilities not having cool downs like the guests have, so while it’s more random chance, it has the potential to be far more life saving.

So, to be brief, Leslie and Aubrey are a team that focuses on survival over steamrolling. Mostly chose this approach too due to playing Hard Mode a lot, where it’s very hard to steamroll even the basic enemies unless you constantly take advantage of enemy weaknesses (Though that’s not always reliable, as not all enemies even have a weakness.)

Logically speaking, if I really wanted to go pure survival, Pyromancer is a better choice. But I like Master SoulWeaver better, so nyeh.

Bones in a nutshell

I know I’m always preasing this show basically (except for like the 1% of the times when I try to make objective observations - and that’s why I’m surprised when people get mad at me saying I complain all the time, ehm.) but the latest ep really hit me in the feels. I mean, FOX praised the ep a lot BUT I had my reservations. Not because I didn’t believe they could give me another favourite episode in s11, but because sometimes it has happened that FOX tried to oversell something just because they needed the ratings. This being said, 11x18 is legit one of my favourite episodes EVER. I’ve already said I would show this ep around to people just to make them watch the show if I could, but - really - it holds together all my favourite things and I was particularly impressed with the lines they used to make the characters reply to the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question. Because it’s truly who they are. Booth is the selfless man, so brave, so committed to his values, the man who could never hurt his family/children. Or even the strangers around him. Booth has always been SO desperate to give people something, without even thinking if he would actually get something back. He did that with the vets, with his friends, with Sweets, with Rebecca, with Parker, with Jared (!!!) and even with Brennan. He gave himself up completely to her - even if he did know that she wasn’t ready to love him back. But he really always wanted Brennan to find happiness. He really did. And that might have been a night out at the diner having a beer in the early stages or a shoulder to cry on or even someone to hug when she was scared (remember s2?). Brennan, on the other hand, only found her purpose when she became a mother and a wife. And I mean it in a completely good way. If you really think about it, it’s true. She had a shitty life in the early years, but then - as she said herself - nothing ever stopped her. And she was also helped by Mother Nature because she also had the looks, not only the brains. She was successful, she spoke a shit tons of languages, she was a writer and a scientist. She was a genius. Men would fall at her feet in a sec if she only wanted to. She could sleep with two men at the same time. But still, money or looks don’t buy you happiness. A big part of Brennan was missing until she found Booth. So now, she fully realized herself by being a mother. Because yes, you can love a man, but the love you give to your children is selfless. She could also finally give a child what she never had from her parents. A normal life. Brennan’s life has been pretty extraordinary, but she didn’t even know that what she needed the most was something normal.

“I want to be someone who never stops looking” The 3rd line I was the most impressed was Hodgins’. Because who says that you have to change who you are completely to have character development? Hodgins imo had one of the best developments on the show, but he never really changed over the 11 seasons. And that is a great thing. He learned to be less angry (and that applies both to this pre and post injury life.), but that’s not all that matters. Hodgins is a great person and a great husband and a great father but his work makes him who he is. This particular line made me appreciate the paralysis storyline even more. At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter if he walks or not. Nothing can stop him. Nothing can stop Hodgins from being a man who is supposed to keep looking in order to be happy. And now he knows. His storyline has been imo one of the best of the entire series and if you notice his beard is gone in the next episode. They found an exceptional way of closing this storyarc. The writers made the character’s justice and I’m really happy.

Aubrey is a kid and I love him so much. He had a pretty shitty life too, but that didn’t stop him from being happy and dream big. Who cares, we all need a bit of positivity in our life. Angela is just Angela. If I had to pick a character to represent the heart of the show, it would be her. Beauty is the key. Angela brings joy in a place full of gloom and darkness and she does that through art and beauty. She is beautiful. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t make mistakes, but she tries her best to always be positive and loving and selfless. She puts her family and her friends first. If you really think about it, Angela and Booth are very simiiar in the way they act around their loved ones. Every character on the show shares some traits and that’s probably they really look like a family. And then there’s Cam. So private, so committed, a great boss. Cam is basically the heart of the team when they are on the job. She’s always been. Do you remember when she was on the verge of tears when the GD was around? She was hurting her people. Yup. Her people. I don’think they would make such a great team if Cam wasn’t around. Cam is the Jeffersonian.

And then: Sweets, Zack, Vincent. They all left something to the other characters. Life lessons. No matter how happy they might be, they catch serial killers and murderers for a living. I don’t want to say they are destined to be unhappy but at the end of the day, they have to sacrifice themselves for their jobs. And they do. And this is a beatiful metaphor when it comes to the show too. Bones is apparently a show about death, but if you look at it closely, it’s more a show about life.

Chloe in PP2

Some have mentioned that Chloe was annoying in the sequel. Even some of my own friends and family thought that. To that I say it’s because she basically stepped into Aubrey’s role. Aubrey could get on my nerves pretty good at times in the first one. The times Aubrey was likable was when she let her guard down and had fun. It’s the same with Chloe in the sequel. She got a taste of what Aubrey went through in the first one. Her obsession for perfection made her crazy just like it made Aubrey crazy. That’s why the line at the Campfire scene is so good when Aubrey takes Chloe’s hand and says “Take it from someone who had her own control issues.”

Also you have to understand that A capella has been Chloe’s whole world for 7 years and when it’s suddenly stripped away she doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Favorite Quotes from our Band Instructor

• “Aubrey, why are all of the name tag stickers on your face?”
• “ ‘Haha I wonder what would happen if I put my finger in the door’ 'No Garret don’t do tha- GARRET NO’”
• “How did you get the saxophone stuck in your hair?”
• “If you touch my conductors wand one more time I’m gonna jab your eye out with it”
• “Why are the paper towels in the sink for the fifth time this month”
• “Garret I swear to fucking God if you shove your finger in one more thing I’ll break it for you”
• “Ah. Look. Another broken trumpet case. Shattered, yet again. Just like my dreams as a conductor”
• “If you pass this goddamn crescendo one more time I’m gonna crescendo your ass into the ceiling and you can see our pitch rise from there”
• “This is hell. I’m in hell. My punishments for avoiding taxes.”
• “I hate you all”


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my camera is broken so i don’t have a ton to post and can’t start my youtube channel as planned, i have 2 jobs in order to attempt to pay to fix it, fly to miami, and pay for all my competition costs, and have been taking summer classes and my fall university classes start on the 24th. 

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