aubrey fay

On being a parent…

I’m snuggled in bed holding Aubrey. I’ve buried my nose in her hair while I inhale deeply trying to submit the scent of her baby hairs to memory. Someday she won’t allow me this near to her…

And she farts. She busts out laughing, then turns to me and says “OH MY GAWSH! I can’t believe I just farted on your leg!” She continues to laugh for a good five minutes before falling asleep.

I love her.



to my best friend who had her 1st trip to the E.R. since moving home. She handled it like a champ. Didn’t even flinch when she had blood taken for the 1st time! She having pain in her leg, and she’s not able to put pressure on it. X-rays and blood work all came back normal. We’ll be trying rest, medicine, and a follow up visit to see if she gets any better. She never ceases to amaze me.


Queen of over-editing. 

Still learning tricks with Affinity editor. Aubrey had the best time posing for these shots though. She’s one of the best little models. The gorgeous emerald couch was supplied by my Aunt who I’m hoping will be starting up a prop company in the Pittsburgh area soon. I’ll link her when she does!

I hope you guys are all well. I’m not in the best shape, but I’m not ready to talk about it just yet. In time. 

Last photo for tonight. We went to a little Halloween event. Aubrey walked through a haunted house, and it definitely made her nervous. She also got a good bit of candy on her first (kind of) real time trick or treating. We didn’t stay long, but we did take some time to get these photos. I made my wings from leftover cardboard, and Aubrey liked her Ariel wig made of yarn. It was a good night. Happy Halloween! ….. Now I can’t wait to set up our Christmas tree next. :p

The fastest way to get my daughter to smile is to hold her up to a mirror. Nothing makes her smile like her own reflection. She doesn’t care about how much she weighs. She doesn’t pinch at the less than toned areas of her beautiful body. She isn’t embarrassed by what she sees.

& When she looks at me … She doesn’t care how much I weigh. She doesn’t care about my stretch marks, or the way my belly bulges when I sit. What’s most important to her is that I am her Mother, and I am here.

Learning lessons about body acceptance from my 7 month old.