LA summertime. Sketchbook doodles that i colored for fun plus a background photo i took at some point.

This is the girl from my next book, which I’m still working on, but I’m quiet on it because it’s taking me forever and it’s embarrassing to talk about. Anyway the first pic is more in character and the second pic is just like a fashion type drawing. Also, her head in the second pic was scribbled on a post-it with a different pen because i messed it up originally. But you don’t really notice the sketchiness when there’s color on it. pro tip

anonymous asked:

I really like your ocs, do you mind posting little bios for them, if you have time?

i’m glad u like them!! i still dont;; have proper bios for any of them so for now here’s just some shit about them

  • alyx collects terrible tshirts and she’ll buy them for kole too :3c
  • no one ever knows what matt’s doing or where he is. he just shows up out of nowhere and at first it scared everyone but now they’re all just like “oh hey matt”
  • kole is v sleepy all the time. he hoards soft things and u can always find him curled up on a couch somewhere
    • hes also just. depressed rip
  • kole is also a pining disaster someone help him;;
  • ru and aubrey got together bc aubrey worked at the library and ru had to go checkout a book for school. ru hated the library but kept finding excuses to come back just to see aubrey before eventually working up the nerve 2 ask her out lol
  • as soon as ru and alyx are around eachother they just start quoting simpsons episodes. neither of them even like the simpsons they just do it bc it makes kole and aubrey tired lol