anonymous asked:

I just need some reassurance that every thing is gonna be okay. -Aubrea

Hello Aubrea. 

I can tell that you are struggling right now and that things aren’t okay at the moment for you but listen to me when I say this that thing will be okay. They won’t be bad forever and you can get through this. Is there anyone you can turn to for some support? Such as your family or friends. Someone who you can just talk to and have them to reassure you too. Having someone there for us who we can unload to sometimes is really helpful and these people can help you in a lot of ways. You can also call a helpline or try web counselling if you need some support or just need to vent. They are there to help you during these tough times. And as always I am always here for you. Please don’t suffer alone, come and talk to someone. But like I said things will turn out okay in the end for you, things won’t be this bad or tough forever.