February Phandom Birthdays

[The birthday calendar current as of now. Please let me know if there are changes that need to be made to this post]

4- @cupcakecreeper

10- @kiinotasha // @surelysilly

13- @kaydendrawsthings

14- @true14216

16- @soysaucevictim

18- @kiomori

28- @quadryou // @cedphzon

I was tagged by @damnitfili thank you, bro :)

1. Whats your real name?  full one is Angela but I prefer Lina

2. Gender?  female

3. Were do you came from?  born and bred in Vienna

4. Whats your job?  blogging 24/7

5. Your favorite colour?  blue and green

6. Your favorite character from the hobbit?  Fili, which is no surprise with my url

7. Spoken languages?  German, English (hopefully good enough so Liddie will understand me), some very bad and half forgotten French

8. Favorite food?  my love for pizza is strong

9. How old are you?  29 (for another month)

10. Why are you here on tumblr?  because fandom life is fun (most of the time)

I tag @loyalty-honour-a-willing-heart  @rillils  @littleravenkili  @nelioe