Had a male French professor try to explain to me today that most female warriors in history are myths that were made up later. I have never been so grateful for @rejectedprincesses and promptly pointed him in the direction of Jean d’Aubigny and other entries. Don’t know if I changed his mind about much, but it was nice to be able to say “Excuse me, sir, but have you heard of this historically real and very awesome woman? How about this one? That one?”

                                                    sheets  are  swaying  from  an  old  clothesline  ,  
                                            like  a  row  of  captured  
ghosts  over  old  dead  grass.
                                                                     CONNECTED  BLOGS :  
                                        julie  d’aubigny,  aspen  douglas,  frances - eleanor  laurens,
                                                              maria  cosway,  ned  the  piemaker.
                                                                   * &  more  to  be  added  !!