aubergine hair

question tag!!

Tagged by @xbaepsae! thanks for the tag ^^ <3 this is a great break from writing LMFAO

how tall are you? 5′3, ignis was making fun of my height yesterday im gonna fLIP

what color and style is your hair? my hair’s aubergine!! and it’s an a-line :)

what color are your eyes? brown!!

do you wear glasses or contacts? glasses! i only wear my glasses when i’m trying to focus though, strange… haha

what’s your fashion style? it varies, hmm. sometimes i wear rompers and dresses with berets and bows on my head w my fav sandals, and other days i kick it back to my style from when i used to skate LMAO where i go w my baggy tees and hoodies. dunno, they’re just easier to move in and perf for lazy days

when were you born? aug 8′99!

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