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What are you currently reading or what's the best book you've read recently?

Hello! I’m currently reading (though very slowly) Marxism and the Party by John Molyneux. I’m feeling a tad under-motivated from depression to read (or do anything much really), also I’m just not in the mood to read about things I already mostly know about. I’m waiting for a copy of Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin to come in the mail (I haven’t checked the mail today, so it may actually have arrived), and I plan to start reading that right away. And the best book I’ve read recently… The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman was rather lovely. Thank you for the fantastic questions! What have you been reading lately?


Giovanni’s Room did not come in the mail today….

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Hey there. I was just searching through the anarchafeminism tag and a few blog posts by you can up and I wanted to follow you. Saw you'd like messages sent when new people follow, so here I am saying hi. If you'd prefer I don't follow, just let me know and I will unfollow you. My name is Aubrey, I'm a white, cis, straight woman. I mostly just reblog stuff on tumblr, I don't really write much or post personal stuff. I just follow blogs by/about feminism or reading/books. Hope you're doing well!

yeah its fine just remember that when cis women are dogging us you need to step up and collect them

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ps- I'm sorry you're dealing with depression. If you ever want to talk to someone, you can message me. I deal with depression and anxiety issues too, so I may not always be the quickest to respond, but I'll do my best. Take care of yourself.

Thank you for your lovely words. I’m afraid my anxiety is far too insurmountable for me to ever reach out to others… the best I can do I guess is make posts asking people to interact with me (which sounds like a dreadfully selfish thing for me to do). Likewise, though I assume you have better people to talk to, you can always message me whenever you want to talk about anything, be it depression and anxiety or books and bicycles! Anyway, I’ll try my hardest to take care of myself, please do the same for yourself.

Oh, and I’ll add Undoing Border Imperialism by Harsha Walia to my massive list of books to eventually read. Thank you!

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The Graveyard Book is so great! I finished Rocannon’s World by Ursula Le Guin earlier today which I loved. I read The Dispossessed by Le Guin last year and am now trying to read as much of her work as I can. Just started Conquest by Andrea Smith.

I really need to read some of Ursula K. Le Guin‘s work! I have a copy of The Dispossessed, and I’ve thought multiple times of getting a copy of her The Left Hand of Darkness when I see it in the bookstore. She and her books sound amazing! Maybe after I read Giovanni’s Room I’ll finally start The Dispossessed. As for Conquest by Andrea Smith, I’ve heard of her and this book, but I don’t think I’ve read anything more than quotes from her. I’m glad you’re reading about such important subjects; I feel a lot of radicals in colonialist states don’t put nearly enough emphasis on the struggles of Aboriginal people.