dndstuck based off this also because this is the dorkiest au and i love it

So many of you liked Pidge as Peridot and I do too so here they are/she is(??)!!!! They’re basically a model for how the team’s suits look like (thus a drawing from both the front and back) and I have to say I like it quite much. It’s just their regular space suits minus the collar and and jet pack and very simplified. And UGH i love them. I’m probably gonna do the others later tomorrow. ✨

Beautiful AU

‘So, here’s the deal: I actually joined this gang as a spy from another gang, but I kind of fell really hard for you along the way even though you’re loyal as fuck to this shitty gang that I happen to try to bring down, so now I really don’t– wait, you’re a spy too? From a third gang? Why didn’t you tell me that before you asshole, i’ve been struggling with this deadass dilemma for months!’ au

Person A has been chatting and emailing with someone they’ve met on the internet. And though it may sound weird, they have not exchanged photos or Skyped, so person A has no idea what this person looks like, and likewise the other way around.

Person A has fallen in love with this person and is excited when the person asks for a date. Photos have still not been exchanged. A has gotten a (vague) description. Tall, handsome, pretty, etc. But the person will have something recognizable, like holding a flower or wearing some sort of hat.

The meeting is at a bar and A waits there. Various people come and go. Until person B comes in who fits the vague description and happens to have the flower/hat/whatever. A gets excited and immediately drags B into a date.

But what A doesn’t know, is that B is not the person behind the emails. It’s coincidence they match the description. But B doesn’t mind suddenly being flirted with by A, who looks very cute.
How will they find out this is all a big misunderstanding?

Bonus: Person C is the one behind the emails, who’s good friends with A and got a crush on them. Afraid to ruin the friendship, they started with the emails, but then finally wanted to tell the truth.

Homeless!Adrien AU

(submitted by @eliasraine)

  • Adrien still tries to go to school; he still helps out Master Fu; he still gets caught by Nathalie and the Gorilla.
  • But this time he decides that enough is enough and scarpers once he gets the ring, in the naïve assumption that freedom is going to be more satisfying than say, regular meals, a comfy bed, not freezing to death thanks to central heating, et cetera.
  • So the moment he gets a chance he nicks a few hundred euros, a few changes of clothing, an old sleeping bag and a few coats, and books it.
  • As a result, Marinette never meets Adrien in school; Nino and Alya are first besties, with Marinette their mutual bestie.
  • Dunno if making Marinette feel like a perpetual third wheel is a bit too angsty.
  • Adrien finds his way onto the alleyways and eventually down into one of the shelters.
  • He is regretting his choice, but decides with typical teenaged stubbornness to stick it out (note to self: how does he keep Plagg fed, even if Plagg only goes with Camembert by preference and in fact will accept any cheese?)
  • Hence we get Ladybug, semi-lonely teenaged superhero, Chat Noir, homeless teenaged superhero, their nemesis Papillon, desperate father trying to retrieve the Ladybug and Chat Noir Miraculouses in order to a. bring his wife back and b. use his newfound omnipotence to retrieve his son, should conventional means fail.
  • Gabe (with Chloe and the Mayor’s help) of course brings every conventional means he has to bear: private investigators (note to self: are those a thing in Europe?) the police, Interpol, so on and so forth.
  • Unfortunately for Gabe, none of those pan out, ‘cause Adrien is very, very observant and thinks quick on his feet, and also he has a magical ring that lets him hop over rooftops at a second’s notice.
  • Nothing much changes in terms of the actual battles?  Except that Chat Noir doesn’t hit as hard due to being weak from hunger and also he smells funny in spite of dunking himself in the Seine regularly.
  • Until he actually passes out during a fight.
  • Like, literally just working on fumes after maybe four or five days without eating, and then during a critical moment just straight-up blacks out from overexertion.
  • Ladybug of course wants to help him but doesn’t know how: still has her hang-ups about him not actually being as enamored with “Marinette” as he is with “Ladybug”, so isn’t willing to drag him to the bakery and let him stay there, doesn’t want to bring him to a hospital and accidentally reveal his identity.
  • Settles for letting him wake up and bringing him food regularly on patrol.
  • As she gets closer to Chat and starts to fall for him, she starts playing up the “if you’re homeless I know someone who you can stay with” angle.
  • Chat, being a bloody idiot who doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone, always refuses and pretends as though everything is fine (the twat).
  • This works up until winter(real winter, not the pansy-ass kind of winter y’all get in Socal, as in the kind of winter that tends to leave frozen corpses behind for people to find in the spring thaw) hits.
  • Deus ex Machina! a half-frozen, barely-coherent Adrien is found by Nino, who, when Adrien continually protests being brought to the authorities, brings him home.
  • And then Nino and his parents just assume that he’s escaping an abusive household or something, hence why he’s so adamant about avoiding the fuzz.
  • Which is a bit of a dick move, come to think of it.
  • Okay, retroactive correction for why he ditches: he goes up to confront his dad personally when Gabe denies him even with Nathalie on his side, overhears him arguing with Master Fu or Nuuru or something and/or actually fighting Master Fu (let’s just say that he went up to confront Gabe and to ask him nicely one last time to return the stuff he nicked, the bastard) and fearing retribution from pops, runs for it.
  • In between, we get character development from the trio!
  • Marinette still gets the confidence boost from Chat’s constant support and encouragement and from being Ladybug all the time, so she’s still as “give-no-shits” and “take-no-prisoners” as ever.
  • And she still gets the adoration of her peers, same as before.
  • But in the absence of Adrien she falls for Chat’s genuine good nature and his dorky charm.
  • Conversely, when Evillustrator happens, she spends a lot of the time trying to impress him (and boy howdy does she succeed) while he’s a lot more businesslike, since there’s no bad first impressions sort of thing that he’s trying to correct for.as in canon.
  • And poor Adrien is left stuck in between his genuine adoration of and love for Ladybug’s courage and inventiveness and sheer cocky confidence and Marinette’s own courage and yadda yadda, with the additional complication that Marinette’s own home life draws him in too, due to the homesickness issue.
  • Cue Marichat.
  • When Alya and Nino find out that their bestie is in love with Chat Noir, they obviously concoct damsel-in-distress scenarios.
  • To be continued.

Imagine person A of your otp is from a different universe where they have soulmate a but for some reason, they are sent to person B’s universe, where there is no such thing as a soulmate, B is A’s soulmate and while A knows B is their soulmate, B thinks the idea is absurd and thinks A is crazy
Imagine their adventures
Imagine A constantly trying to convince B that they were meant to be together and that A is from a different universe but B thinking they’re being stalked but a crazy person or that someone is playing a sick joke on them
Imagine person B just casually going grocery shopping and seeing A and B just rolls their eyes and tries to get rid of A again
Imagine they are supposed to save the world together but as long as B does not believe in A, A can’t do anything about the world falling apart
Imagine A’s pain as they try again and again to make the love of their life try to see that they were meant to be together only to be rejected once more


Author: stilinskisparkles

Info: 8k | Mature | Childhood Friends, Penpals

Summary: September, 2009

Hi Stiles, it’s Derek. Derek Hale, from space camp. I’m writing this in English because my teacher Ms Grady said I had to write about my summer, but I spent my summer with you, so I decided to write to you, instead.

Please write back. Love from Derek.

Notes: This is just a cuteness overload. Dumb boys in love give me life. -C

Sneak Peek:

“Oh, fuck you!”

Stiles socks him on the arm, turns to hoist his bag up onto his shoulder. “You aregonna miss me, whatever you say.”

“I won’t miss your snoring.”

“Well, I’m not exactly gonna miss you talking in your sleep,” Stiles flutters his eyes, mimics Derek’s sleepy mumblings before Derek launches forward and punches his arm, making his bag slip.

“Ouch! Fucker.”

Beautiful AU

‘Okay buddy, this is it. You can’t be here. You know your gang isn’t allowed in this part of town, that’s not how this shit works, and I know you know that because I’ve been telling you so for every single time you wander into my street, one day my boss is gonna make me shoot you and I’d hate to ruin that pretty face’ au

A soulmate/(band it’s fun to do) au where whenever your soulmate sings you hear it in your head. 

Which member will find the Most Annoying Song Possible and sing it on repeat whenever away from the members?

Which member knows none of the songs they normally sing and tries to hum along?

Who sings in the shower and who bursts the door open to join in?

Which member organises full melodies that the members all join in on?

Which member always seems to be humming something and forgets the others can hear them?

Which member uses it as an opportunity to belt memes at the top of their lungs despite the fact they can all hear?

How badly/well do they master an acapella Bohemian Rhapsody?