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He wanted to dance to MOVE a little but then his mortal enemies started attacking him lol  ~ Rooftop Live ~ V Live 171021


Koharu talks about choreographing “MOVE” by Taemin (SHINee) Oct. 20 2017

Rough translation: (sorry about my poor English^^;)

This is the third time I choreographed for Taemin. There are three versions and one of them is our duo version. Every time we didn’t have enough time to prepare. But I wanted to achieve the maximum. In the last two songs we showed Taemin dancing with full of energy. So I want to show something different this time: gender-neutral sexiness, something feminine even though he is a man, mysterious and neutral while he is making cool movements. It doesn’t matter whether man or woman, with the cool song, when Taemin does it, I could create movements with maturity and gender-neutral sexiness. For the last choreos, I followed each word in lyrics and made detailed choreographies. But this time since it was in Korean I didn’t understand a phrase. So I just thought about the melody and how Taemin should look wanting to show something new to his fans. The energy that emits from your body is something I always like to show and also something Taemin is good at showing. I wanted the choreography to be about dancing with the body lines and not dynamic movements like the past ones. I thought it’d be interesting if he added such aspect to his dance. We filmed in Korea but he was so busy that we had very little time to dance together and transfer the choreography, maybe only twice. But Taemin worked hard and practiced a lot in Korea. Taemin said this was very difficult because he didn’t know how to use his strength to show body lines and he’d never tried something like this before. But then of course I realized he could do it.


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