it’s laughable when some klainers actually think that people ship kurt with other characters that aren’t blaine only because they aren’t blaine

i ship kurtbastian because the chemistry between chris and grant is amazing. i ship kurtbastian because they’re a perfect representation of how you could go from mutual dislike to friendship and love

i ship kadam because they could be a mature adult relationship and i liked how nice adam was to kurt

i ship puckurt because i love the possibility of them becoming friends and puck realizing that even though he never considered dating guys he somehow fell for kurt

i ship kurtofsky because in the hands of amazing writers the two of them could truly be a groundbreaking relationship so many young gay men could relate to. they would go from bully and his victim to slowly becoming friends if the writers actually let kurt to help david and let them become friends

so don’t tell me i ship kurt with other men because i hate blaine. i don’t like blaine. i don’t like his relationship with kurt but me liking other kurt ships has nothing to do with blaine

it has everything to do with kurt. kurt and the chemistry and possibility between him and other characters


Sebastian doesn’t quite manage to make his childhood best friend Kurt stop writing about the “Streak”. Which sucks when the heroic figure saving the city is actually him and Kurt revealing his name on his blog risks to put his life in danger. It sucks even more that Sebastian has been in love with him since forever and has a hard time figuring out how to deal with his feelings. [*][*]


Don’t need you to save me…

Painting for edyferrone :) Thank you for being so nice to me :) I hope you like it:) 

I’m kinda tired and I’ve a totally forgotten to do painting for actual paid work… ehm…well, anyway. might work on this one more later! 

ehm…did I swear on my future children that I won’t be drawing fanart? oh, well…I guess no babies for me. 

I hope I won’t go to DCcomics hell for this. 

Jealousy, a Kurtbastian fic 3,500+ words

This is my first time posting a fic and or writing something like this so beware. Also, this prompt was for my girl Cece. Jealous!seb is a weakness. 


“Rachel, I really don’t think this is a good idea,” Kurt said quietly as he watched Rachel set their makeshift bar in their apartment.

Rachel giggled as she arranged shot glasses, and watched as the red solo cups formed higher mountains on the table. The bottles of rum and vodka were all arranged delicately surrounding a huge punch bowl, and Kurt’s eyes widened as she began to pour random combinations of the two foul smelling liquids inside.

“Rachel!,” Kurt exclaimed, snatching one of the bottles out of her hand. “Are you trying to have a house warming party or send everyone to the hospital?”.

“Just trying to throw the party of the year, babe!” Rachel said she grabbed the gallon of fruit punch on the table. “Maybe you’ll actually loosen up tonight and finally muster up the courage to tell Sebastian how much you LOOOVE him,” she said mockingly as she danced around her best friend.

Kurt rolled his eyes and groaned. “Like that’s going to happen. He just sees me as our friend, we’ve been over this how many times, Rachel?” Kurt said brokenly, taking a seat on the couch. The brunette followed him, somehow already having a glass of her demon-punch concoction in her hand.

“I mean, come on. He’s like, insanely gorgeous, plays lacrosse.. what do I do? Sing showtunes and change up my afternoon smoothie occasionally? I’m so in over my head,” Kurt said, putting his face in his hands.

Kurt felt like he had the same thoughts swirling in his head for weeks now. Sebastian had recently just became close with him and Rachel when they somehow ended up sitting next to him in one of the worst classes ever. With a few late night homework sessions and lunch dates, Sebastian had immersed himself into Rachel and Kurt’s quiet lives.

Kurt really only had Rachel to lean on before Sebastian came along, and well, that came with its price, and now it felt like he was trapped inside some twisted love story. Sebastian was gorgeous. And gay. And available. And perhaps the greatest, most sarcastic, asshole slut he had ever met.

But that smirk…

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I keep seeing that Kurtbastian au gifset where Kurt meets Sebastian instead of Blaine on the stairs and I keep thinking they wouldn’t be so nice to each other in the beginning?

Like, Kurt would be putting his sunglasses in his pocket when Sebastian would nearly run into his back and they’d have to grab each other to keep from toppling down the stairs. 

Kurt would lose his sunglasses and they’d get trampled by the other students and just- 

“Were you raised in a barn? Do you know how much those cost?”

“Your knock-off designer sunglasses?” The guy smirked when Kurt looked up at him in outrage. “You can practically smell the public school on you." 

He reached out to touch Kurt’s chin. "Close your mouth- were you raised in a barn?”

Kurt slapped the hand away from him, setting his shoulders. “Public school and my hair still looks better than yours.”

“Can’t say the same for your shorts.Nice legs though.” The guy held out his hand, like they were being friendly. “Sebastian Smythe.”

Kurt wanted to leave him hanging but fought back the urge. “Kurt. Which is all you’re getting from me.”

Sebastian would probably hold his hand too long, pull him in to tell him that that’ll change or that he’d love to stay and trade insults but he has a performance to attend. 

And Kurt never sees the Warblers perform. All he ends up with is a broken pair of sunglasses and a buzzing, burning awareness under his skin from where Sebastian touched him.