Some very tired dancing! But I enjoyed every second up there for my last time on the Oireachtas stage✨👋 #bittersweet #nero (at New England Oireachtas)

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Murphy’s Cafe had been a part of our small town for longer than I had been alive. It was where my parents went on their first date, where my mom would take me as a baby when I was being fussy and wouldn’t sleep and she needed an extra dose of caffeine to get her through. It was where I spent countless hours with my school books sprawled across a corner table while I crammed for exams.

Bittersweet: Chapter One - This is How it Starts
Coming Sunday, January 15
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The bittersweet irony of an ocean engulfed in flames. To try and drown out ones soul only to have it be reignited. Drop after drop trying to numb the pain, but with just a little time, life going up in flames.