au: tiger and cub

*drops out from the void and cheers*


Tiger Cub AU! Because I am total trash and I am complete dork for everything small and cute.

Basically, it’s a “what if Atsushi was tiny a half tiger cub half human chibi and Dazai brought him back into the agency and the whole agency adopts him” AU.

I’ll be accepting requests, headcannons, asks, etc. for this AU.

TIGER CUB AU COMIC COMING SOON TO YOU!!! *jumps back into the void*

@junebuggie360 and I have been talking about AUs again and she loves birbs so we have bird keeper Jean who also has a pink undercut like his cockatoo. uvu That’s Peaches, his pretty baby. He owns all kinds of birbs and loves them all so much.

This took me like 3 hours, I’m getting rusty ohno.