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robindaspoopy  asked:

Can I change that party one and ask: what about Red and his S/O at a wedding anniversary where S/O doesn't know half the people and it's outside so they're kind of freaking out because of all the mosquitoes and all the people and the heat, but they look pretty cute for the occasion so that's nice but all the strangers (aka young people their age) are staring and they're really uncomfortable to the point of just clinging to him at all times?


* This guy may be gruff, but if he knows you’re not being to have a good time somewhere, he’s going with you. He loves you too much not to at least try to help you out. So he regrettably dresses up, going out to the anniversary with you.

* He’s a sweating mess, but he’s got his guard up so that’s the only tell he’s nervous. He’s got his arm locked around your waist protectively, determined not to lose you in the crowd as he goes to the least crowded areas.

* He likes your dress, complimenting you on it whenever he can. He’ll have a few /words/ for the guys oogling you. He won’t make a scene, just convince them to make themselves scarce, for the rest of the party.

* He’ll basically be glued to your side, getting you whatever you need, complimenting you, and scaring of creeps when needed. When you leave he’ll be more than happy than to give you your space if you need it, or stick to your side to comfort you if that’s what you want.