au: mirrorverse

mirror!bones performing surgery with needles and scalpels and greeting people in the medbay with his fingers stained red

mirror!carol modifying a phaser so it works slowly, so it burns alive rather than kills instantaneously 

mirror!uhura hacking communication signals and starting galaxy-wide wars with her words

mirror!spock erasing all emotion but rage, and using his vulcan strength to mold himself into a super soldier

mirror!kirk looking out at the stars and grinning, because this universe is his to conquer

no but imagine mirror!kirk also going through tarsus iv and when he finally gets away the light has been switched off behind his eyes and he is angry, so fucking angry; he spends the next few years working his way up in the empire’s ranks until he finally has his own ship, his own ruthless little army, until he is finally, finally strong enough to fight back

because in all those years he hasn’t forgotten the names of any of the kodos’ men, has kept the criss-cross of scars left by their whips as a personal reminder of his goal. and he won’t stop until each and every one of them has felt his knives and his fists, until every one of them knows the taste of rot as well as he does.

james kirk becomes a name whispered in the dark spaces between stars, in places where the shadows drip down filthy walls. james kirk becomes a black hole, a star collapsed in on itself into nothing. james kirk will tear you to shreds and leave your guts on display. 

kirk’s name means fear, icy cold in the pit of your stomach, gagging you, shattering you. and no one will ever forget that again.