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Time to post drawings I did for Star Trek: Mirror (aka that one time I’ve accidentally wrote a screenplay for a movie and couldn’t think of a good name for it). What can I say, I love mirrorverse…

Basically it’s a fic in a screenplay format - imagine if the next AOS movie was a reboot of “Mirror, Mirror”

Let’s start with not-really-illustrations - I drew the first one just for the sake of designing the uniforms; the second one is actually the very first drawing I did for this fic, as you can see, originally the grand reveal of the Tantalus Field was done with Spock and Marlena present and explaining its functions

I’m going to post more drawings later, I have like a hundred…

shatters radio silence with the apparent tranquilliser gun used to shoot john

@221bloodnun showed us the original image vs the one showed to use last night here

Top one is, second one is the initial promo. The first one, the smiley is smiling, almost making a :3 face (the lines are also thicker, seems to be runnier too)  whereas the second one, the smiley is… uh, winking??

so anyway, when you crank the contrast up on that cursed image gave us last night, you don’t find anything fucky

except… maybe you do. the mirror is reflected in the water, which is odd enough, since I’m p sure physics doesn’t work that way (like shouldn’t it be reflecting directly UNDER the mirror rather than over by Sherlock’s violin???), and the smiley itself is reflected on the RIGHT instead of the LEFT

it also seems to be??? frowning? shocked? idk, definitely not smiling. 

@ti-ori-se and I sort of hashed out a theory in which this is representing mirrorverse, or more importantly, the entire series is a mirrored version of true events? In TFP, 221B explodes whereas in this promo, it’s literally drowning in a pool of unresolved gay sexual tension water. We know water is a running theme (pun intended) because it’s referenced throughout all of T6T and even in TFP. TLD even has shots of the river Thames and a lingering look at the aquarium after a transition of the smoking gun. 

I’m not sure if any of this means anything, but it definitely seemed like something that needed mentioning

ANOTHER THING: we have been searching HIGH AND LOW for an image in similar resolution all to no avail. if ANYONE knows of an image at the same size/quality as the one on please let us know…

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here but seeing as we can’t find anything even approaching the same level of quality, this almost seems as if they’re saying stOP SAYING WE’RE FAKE WE HAVE LEGIT PROMO SHOTS HERE FUCKIN TAKE US SERIOUSLY

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idk who else to tag omfg

i’ve heard a lot of pre-reform/mirrorverse headcanons that make Amanda some sort of slave/prostitute/servant who comes into sarek’s household as a damsel like HOLD UP

if anything, AMANDA is the one who swoops in on all them unsuspecting vulcans and gets the catch of the day. trophy husband in hand, Amanda continues hecking up whatever she wants with baby spock in a sling, teaching him the ways of a warrior

sarek, bless him, has not been able to turn the heart eyes off since they met

leonardmcdancingqueen  asked:

I've read terrifying, soul-crushing fics in which Bones gets stuck in the mirrorverse as the captive of mirror!Kirk. But imagine: Kirk as the captive of mirror!Bones.

Imagine Mirror!Bones coming on to the bridge one day and smirking as he notices Jim tense up. The entire bridge falls dead silent, and the only sounds are the screams coming from the Agony Booth halfway across the ship. 

Bones stalks up to Jim’s chair and asks to see the orders for the day. Jim hands over his PADD without making ANY eye contact. Bones deletes some orders, adds new ones, and hands back the PADD without a sound. The captain doesn’t argue, and doesn’t dare breathe until Bones saunters back to Medbay. 

Jim may have the rank, but everyone knows who is in charge. 

flamingbluepanda  asked:

Okay so I NEVER STOP THINKING ABOUT MIRRORVERSE SPIRK NASA AU OH MY GOD I just- SPOCK IN A SWEATERVEST okay so while mirror NASA spock is still a badass nerd he's a NERD and he's constantly just like "FITE ME" and Jim is standing there like "you touch my nerd imma kill you" and I'm just- I LOVE THEM AH also I will eventually write the NASA au for you because I am obsessed (it may end up being mirror NASA au but yeah it'll happen)

Ya messed with the wrong neighborhood

I’ve been meaning to draw these two for a while but just didn’t know what to do (/w\) I am very glad you like them!

mirrorverse idea: mirror!kirk and spock meet normal jim and spock, and mirrorkirk gets really close and traces his hand down spocks jaw really suggestively and murmurs “hmm where’s your beard” and spock is frozen because the only way that mirror!kirk would be comfortable enough to do that is if he was in a relationship with mirror!spock…… but that wouldnt be logical…….. would it?? and meanwhile jim is losing his goddamn mind with what he thinks is nervousness but is really jealousy

Wanted Man: A Mirrorverse Star Trek mix 

  1. Greeting The Menace - Zack Hemsey
  2. Monster - Mikky Ekko
  3. The Devil Takes Care Of His Own - Band of Skulls
  4. Bad Blood - Welshly Arms
  5. Highway - Bleeker
  6. Burning Pile - Mother Mother
  7. A Shot In The Dark - Henry Mancini
  8. Boss - Tinashe
  9. One Way Or Another - Until The Ribbon Breaks
  10. Stockholm Syndrome - Muse
  11. I’m A Wanted Man - Royal Deluxe
  12. Forever Can Be - Ashes Divide