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I normally project onto Enjolras but I just started to think about Trans!Montparnasse…

  • he’s really into men’s fashion. he was even before he realized he was trans, but at that time he thought he just appreciated fashion as a whole
  • when he was first transitioning, he considered growing a beard. grantaire walked up to him, itching his face and said “don’t”
  • he has cheekbones that were sculpted by god himself and when he started T, his chin became more defined. 
  • no one dared to call him out on shopping in the mens section before he looked masculine, he’s always had a death stare that can kill anyone
  • enjolras only accepted him as jehan’s boyfriend after montparnasse defended him from a random asshole. the stranger was treating enj like shit for being trans and montparnasse was the one who stood up for him
  • enjolras still think jehan shouldn’t be dating parnasse but he’s less salty about it now
  • montparnasse starts modeling and feels right at home with the male models, and they make sure he feels at home
  • is a big activist when it comes to men wearing make up/traditionally feminine clothes
  • gets the patron minette to fuck up transphobes houses
  • threatened a transphobe by saying he will claw out their eyes with his matte black nails

just…. trans!parnasse

I am so in love with the concept of Modern AU Montparnasse who is just completely smitten with the two littlest Thenardiers. Like, “Yes, I KNOW I don’t like humans generally, but these are my BOYS!” His face lights up whenever one of them comes in the room, and they’re the only ones besides Jehan who is allowed to hug him. (Gavroche used to hug him too, but then he decided he was “too old for that”.) Just… ‘Parnasse doting on these tiny boys.

He suddenly seemed sobered up. He sat down, leaned on a table near the window, looked up at Enjolras with ineffable sweetness and said to him: “You know I believe in you.”
—  Grantaire in the aptly named “Preliminary Gaieties” chapter of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

Les Mis Minitures.

A few of years ago when i had time i started creating les mis miniatures dolls, I wanted to create an entire barricade scene and other assorted characters. Unfortunately due to lack of time and money I only ever made three, Combeferre, Cossette in her wedding dress and Young Cossette. The clothes were as historically accurate as I could make them, but they are also how I imagine the characters would look.

They have been collecting dust for years and now I finally feel I have time to try and make more.

Any suggestions of who I should try to create next would be greatly appreciate!

Grantaire as a disruptive class clown all throughout school

Grantaire always deflecting inquiries about his family situation, mental health, and sexuality with a joke and a sly quip

Teachers hate him, can’t understand how such a smart boy seems to only use that intellect to undermine them

His classmates love having him in class, but never invite him to things, only saw him as the guy who can make any teachers head spin in under 15 minutes with no other skills or worth

Grantaire seeing his self-worth in how quickly a figure of authority will yell, how many people will laugh, how long he’ll hear the story swirling around the halls

Grantaire automatically doing this when he starts attending Amis meetings, snarking and teasing, waiting to he disciplined or thrown out because come on Granatire you’re not in school anymore

Genuinely surprised when he is invited back with open arms, with Combeferre one of the leaders, complementing it’s immature but it makes us think outside the box- it’s helpful

Grantaire finding that his obnoxious abilities are welcomed, greeted with a similar sly joke or jab- but that isn’t all he’s valued for that his art and kindness and quirkiness are also celebrated is this crazy new family he had stumbled upon

fallen angel

It started the moment that they met.

Grantaire sauntered up to the blond who had looked so pretty when he was spouting utter bullshit earlier, liquid courage coursing through Grantaire’s veins. “Did it hurt?” he practically purred, figuring he better enjoy himself before he got turned away.

“What?” the blond stammered, eyes wide.

“When you fell from heaven.”

The guy just looked confused. “I’m sorry?”

Grantaire couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of him. “I mean you must be a fallen angel. You’ve got it all, the ethereal beauty, the avenging fury, the glare that can strike fear into the hearts of men with a single look.” Grantaire was practically swooning. Standing this close to the blond was a life changing event in itself.

Amazingly, impossibly, the blond guy laughed. “Are you particularly religious?”

“Nah,” Grantaire said, shrugging it off. “I make it a point not to believe in anything.” He paused.  “I wouldn’t have a problem worshipping you, though.” Grantaire waggled his eyebrows suggestively. The fallen angel laughed again. “My name’s Grantaire.”

“Enjolras,” the blonde guy said.

“Really? I don’t remember an angel named that,” Grantaire said. His eyes were challenging, daring Enjolras to back down from the flirtations.

Luckily for both of them, Enjolras was more than up for the challenge. Grantaire went home with Enjolras’s number in his phone and a smile on his lips.

When they started dating, it became a thing. Grantaire would introduce Enjolras as “an angel, fallen from heaven,” and Enjolras would roll his eyes and smile.

“I’m Enjolras, Grantaire’s boyfriend,” he would say casually, as if that didn’t make his heart flutter.

When they were alone, Grantaire would call Enjolras “Ange.” “It works,” Grantaire insisted. “Ange-lros.”

Enjolras would never fail to laugh and roll his eyes before kissing Grantaire softly.

After they’d been dating for a while, Enjolras asked Grantaire to move in with him.

Grantaire had grinned and kissed Enjolras. “Me, a simple mortal, living with an angel. I must be the luckiest man on earth.”

“Is that a yes?”

“How could it be anything else?”

Unsurprisingly, Grantaire had the same response when Enjolras asked Grantaire to marry him six months later.

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Omg, one thing I love is the way you draw Grantaire's face. Like in the roadtrip ExR drawing. He always has this neutral "what did you expect" face, and it kill me everytime XDXD This face can fit in ANY situation, and that's so epic, and so Grantaire XDXD

Omg one time someone commented that my Grantaire is the embodiment of the shrug emoji and WELL

Thank you so much, I still struggle a lot with his face sometimes, even though I draw him so often ❤️❤️


the descent of fantine

“What is the story of Fantine about? It is about society buying a slave. From whom? From misery. From hunger, from cold, from loneliness, from desertion, from privation. Melancholy barter. A soul for a piece of bread. Misery makes the offer; society accepts.”

“She has turned to marble in becoming corrupted. Whoever touches her feels a chill. […] Life and the social order have spoken their last word to her. All that can happen to her has happened. She has endured all, borne all, experienced all, suffered all, lost all, wept for all.“

Les Mis Groupwatch presents: 

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

I have…. fuckèd up, my pals. My comrades. My fellow humans. I promised @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo​ I would do a post about this midweek and I did not do a post about this because I am a total screwup who could not in fact organise a pissup in a brewery. But ANYWAY some people are coming regardless and! this is still happening later today. We’re watching The Wind That Shakes The Barley, which is about Irish independence fighters. Wow, that’s a really informative summary of the film. I’m blowing this one out of the gate. I’m hitting home runs here. It’s a good film. I am not a good groupwatch organiser or human. I’m going to let the director, Ken Loach, summarise the main themes in a quote I totally didn’t just steal from Wikipedia in a rush:

Every time a colony wants independence, the questions on the agenda are: a) how do you get the imperialists out, and b) what kind of society do you build? There are usually the bourgeois nationalists who say, ‘Let’s just change the flag and keep everything as it was.’ Then there are the revolutionaries who say, 'Let’s change the property laws.’ It’s always a critical moment.

I’ve been arguing that we should watch this for some time, but now seemed like a Good Moment because it will give a pretty good intro for those people who want to understand what the fuck is going on with British Politics rn and who the DUP are and why people are freaking out about the idea of them having a casting vote. It’s also a sensitive exploration of the difficulties involved in trying to create the new society you so desperately want. This is an upsetting but also Important film. Also the waistcoats are fucking sweet as. Look at the above picture. That’s some great hashtag transmasc aesthetic right there. 

Please join us to watch this film that I am not Marketing well. 

The essential stuff:

  • The date and time is Saturday June 24th at 4pm GMT WHICH IS 5PM UK TIME, AND ALSO TODAY. Daylight savings happened so note that the start time is in GMT and is different to the usual winter time. Please check what this is in your timezone if you’re not sure!
  • The film is just over 2 hours long and we will break in the middle
  • It is in English and we will have English captions/subtitles.
  • The meeting “place” is the group watch Slack team (Team Shoujo Cosette)
  • Contact me if you want to join in! Don’t contact vapaus, vapaus has enough nonsense to deal with without trying to hastily add people because I made the post too late. 

Group Watch FAQ is here if you have more questions (or you can just ask)


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(I'm still kinda emo, it's not that notable now and I don't feel like I felt 3 years ago but same) Also Enjolras was gay for Frank Iero, Courf constantly sang blink songs and Ferre almost broke his arm at a fob concert

As someone who is still gay for Frank Iero, Enjolras has good taste. Also, I cry every time I see FOB so Combeferre totally heard the first cords to his favorite song and started waving his arms really dramatically and ended up pushing Courf and that’s how he almost broke his arm. Riddle me this, which ones makes the jokes about MCR being dead and which ones take full offense to it???

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Les Mis for the musical thing!!!

hi ulrike i know thats u

the first song from this show I heard: on my own
do I own the cast album?: no :(
favorite song: red and black, one day more and little fall of rain
least favorite song: suddenly
favorite character: …enjolras
least favorite character: if i HAD to choose probs jean valjean
OTP: enjoltaire
BROTP: cosette and eponine… pls let them be friends at least
NOTP: eponine and grantaire… it dont make sense
song I didn’t like at first but now do: everyday :’)
song I used to like but now don’t: castle on a cloud
is the fandom annoying?: nah its pretty g
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: ya
favorite non-sung line: ??? what non-sung line??
favorite lyric: “dont touch me leave me alone”
overall rating out of 10: solid 8.5/10

You are not a fake fan if you only like the movies

You are not a fake fan if you only like the books

You are not a fake fan if you only like the TV show

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to rewatch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to reread

You are not a fake fan if you are not active in the fandom

You are not a fake fan if you don’t buy merch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t go to cons

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the actors/authors

You are not a fake fan if you skip episodes

You are not a fake fan if you skip chapters

You are not a fake fan if you don’t ship the main ship

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the characters

You are not a fake fan if you only watch/read to get a taste of LGBT+ representation

The only thing that makes you a ‘fake fan’ is if you pretend to like something for someone else’s benefit


I’ve been playing around with these ideas for a few days, decided to draw them!