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The Old and The New: Disobeying Orders

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“Alright, Jack, Y/N, you’re going to switch out with Agent Holden, so he can get some field experience. You’ll stay here with Penelope and let us know if you can find anything else out. We need to talk to him right away.” Jack looked toward his aunt with a pleading look, like ‘please, don’t leave me here during the best part of the case,’ but he also didn’t want to fight or pull cards, so he sighed as he was left behind with Y/N and his Aunt Penelope. “Maybe we’ll get something else back from Herzfeld’s autopsy when they dig a little deeper.”

As the rest of the team turned to leave, Y/N spun around toward Garcia, eager to find some other information that might help them out; she hated feeling useless. “There any way we can dig deeper into what happened to Bohen’s brother?” she asked. “If we can figure out what happened. they’ll have a bit more to work with once he’s apprehended.”

“Come with me, my sweets,” she said, leading Y/N and Jack toward the back where she had her sweet setup going. “Welcome to my humble abode away from home. Let’s see what we can dig up.”

“Something dirty please,” Y/N laughed, pulling a chair up next to her and also bringing one along for Jack. “He lost his brother 21 years ago in a freak construction accident, but was it actually a construction accident or was he killed on the construction site?”

“Undoubtedly the latter because otherwise there would be no reason to cover things up,” Jack said. “Bring up the death certificate, please.” He didn’t dare ask if she could, because it was his Aunt Penelope - of course she could. “And the accident report.”

Garcia slapped away at the keyboard for a few seconds, pulling up both the accident report and the death certificate. “Bohen states in the report that he, his brother Dillon, Herzfeld, Cogswell and Heskett were walking past a construction site on Turner Avenue when a poorly piled toward of concrete bricks was knocked over, crushing his brother to death. The family ended up suing the construction company and receiving nearly $5 million in damages, which honestly didn’t make a dent in their fortune. They’re loaded.”

Jack scanned the document, looking for any inconsistency that might explain what actually happened, because it couldn’t have been that simple. “Okay, how the fuck did no one see that?” Y/N said, pointing to one of the pictures that had been taken at the scene. “In the background, look.”

Jack and Garcia peered at the photo until Jack realized what it was. “That is an insanely expensive bottle of Jack Daniels,” he said. “Much more expensive than most people in this town could afford. What if they were all drunk and something happened? Maybe they were screwing around on one of the machines and something went wrong? Now, how about the autopsy report.”

Pulling it up to the front of the screen, Y/N leapt across the pages, looking for something that might indicate a cover up. “This was absolutely a cover-up,” she said, shaking her head at the papers. “A family cover-up at that. Either that or the medical examiner was an absolute idiot.” She pointed toward the report, but Jack had very little medical knowledge, so he had no idea what she was seeing.

“What is it?”

“The way his bones were broken don’t indicate that the concrete blocks fell as he was walking away, which was what they claimed. The bones that sustained the most damage were on the front of his body, meaning that someone placed the concrete bricks on him to make it look like an accident,” she said, asking Garcia to click through the autopsy report. “I don’t have a ton of medical knowledge, but by the look of it, the bones that were broken make it seem like he was hit with the wrecking ball.”

Jack sighed, bringing his hand to his face as he pieced together what probably happened. The officers, Bohen and his younger brother were drinking at the construction site and were screwing around on the wrecking ball. In a drunken stupor, Bohen accidentally killed his brother, and the officers were witness to it. “Bohen and his family had money, the new officers didn’t,” Jack started, “So he tells his friends to help cover things up and its going to be fine. The officers agree because they’re all relatively new, taking care of young families, so they don’t want to risk losing their jobs. Then, when he met with the three officers recently, one or more of them expressed guilt about the whole thing, and Bohen couldn’t risk his burgeoning career, so he kills them to keep them quiet.”

“It makes sense,” Y/N said, pulling out her phone. “I’m gonna call Agent Prentiss.”


“Okay,” Emily said, as the seven agents made their way to Bohen’s home. “Y/N just called and said that there were very expensive liquor bottles strewn about the crime scene. More than most could afford.”

“But not too much for Bohen,” Spencer said quickly. “This was all a drunken accident?”

Emily sighed, pulling into the gated area where Bohen, his wife and his children lived. “That’s what it looks like. She said the autopsy report makes it look like he was hit with a wrecking ball and the concrete bricks were placed on top of him. So either the medical examiner is also in on it or he’s incredibly stupid.”

“The family probably paid to keep him quiet, save their only son after the other was gone,” Luke said from the back of the car. “And the one or more of the officers grew a conscience.”

As they approached the house, the senior members instructed the candidates to stay behind them, but no one was home.


Back at the station, a call came in and Officer Giovanni, Herzfeld’s former partner, answered, telling another officer of what happened within earshot of the two candidates. “We just got a call from Mrs. Dugan that her husband was taken away from just outside their home by a man with a gun. She couldn’t see who the man was.”

Y/N’s ears perked up. “We have to go with them,” she said, pulling Jack toward Giovanni.

“Why? Agent Prentiss told us to stay here.” Apparently, this Mr. Dugan had quite a great reputation in town from what Jack could see of the flustered officers.

“Because Dugan is the last name of the medical examiner that did Bohen’s brother’s autopsy. He’s since retired. Bohen took Dugan, Jack. Dr. Dugan is the only person alive who knows what happened that might open his mouth.”

“Oh fuck,” he said, running towards Officer Giovanni to tell him they’d be going with them. “I’ll call Agent Prentiss on the way.”


The two young agents and the senior officer ran outside to the car as Jack dialed his Aunt. “Agent Prentiss, it’s Jack,” he said, the salutation sounding foreign to his ears - it was Aunt Emily, not Agent Prentiss. “The medical examiner that conducted Dillon Bohen’s autopsy has been taken from his home by an unidentified man with a gun. If he’s our unsub, than the medical examiner is the only person still alive that knows his secret.”

“Did they say what direction he went in?” Emily asked, the tires screeching loud enough to be heard through the phone as she turned the wheel.

They hadn’t. But the construction site was where he accidentally killed his own brother. And he was devolving fast, his arrogance making him make mistakes he should be smart enough not to make. “No, but I think he’s headed to the construction site.”

“We’ll meet you there,” she said. “Do not go in without us.”

As they hung up the phone, Jack told Officer Giovanni where to drive. The siren turned on and he stepped on the gas, speeding toward the construction site at nearly 90 miles an hour. In less than five minutes they were there. “Shit,” Y/N said, “He’s dragging Dugan in now.”

“And he sees us,” Jack panicked. The rest of the team wasn’t there yet. “If we wait, Dugan’s gonna die.” He looked in her direction. They both knew they should stay behind, but a man’s life was on the line. “Are you coming with me?”

Getting out of the car, she looked around. The rest of the team was still nowhere in sight. Dugan would be dead before they got here. “Yea, let’s go.”

Ele faz planos pro futuro e me encaixa em todos como se eu fosse personagem mais importante da história. Ele me abraça e me leva pra um mundo só nosso. Ele beija minha testa com ingenuidade.Ele sabe dos meus defeitos, da minha parte chata e insuportável e mesmo assim escolhe ficar todos os dias. Ele faz com que os outros caras que já passaram pela minha vida pareçam tão pouco. Ele tem um cheiro. Ele tem um sorriso capaz de mudar o meu humor. Ele foi o cara capaz de mudar o rumo da minha vida. Ele, ele, ele. E agora não quero mais nada dessa vida. Só quero aquele que chegou pra ficar, e ficou.
—  Da sua, só sua pequena.
The Old and The New: Just Getting Started

A/N: Well, I had quite the nice response to The Old and The New, so it will become a little mini-fic. Enjoy! @gublersmind @coveofmemories @heavenlycevans


“Alright, so let’s get to know each other,” Y/N said as the five candidates sat down on the jet. Agent Prentiss had said wheels up in 30, but all of them wanted to make sure they were there on time, so immediately after being dismissed, they headed toward the jet, go-bags in hand. “My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N. I started college at 14, went to MIT and Harvard, Harvard was remotely. I have two Ph.D.s. I can kick your ass in Taekwondo and I’m 22.” 

Jack laughed as he sat across from the cute new agent. Maybe he would be lucky enough and he and Y/N would both make the team. God, she was cute. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’d grown up with Spencer for an uncle, he would’ve been put off by her rambling about her degrees, but he was used to it, so he kind of found it endearing. She was definitely the most animated of the bunch. “You! Jack, is it?”

“Yea,” he said, leaning back in his chair. This felt so right. “My name is Jack Brooks. I have a dual Ph.D./JD from Yale. I have no martial arts skills whatsoever, but I am a fantastic shot, and I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing.” At the mention of his last name, Y/N raised an eyebrow. She couldn’t know, could she?

While the five very new, very green agents waited for their superiors, the rest of them introduced themselves. Tiana was the oldest of the group at 30. She was a single mother of one son and had taken until now to put herself through school. Her goals were to either work for the BAU or for counter-terrorism; she was interested in both. She was also the other candidate with a Ph.D., a dual one in mathematics and criminology from Duke. Dashawn had a master’s degree in chemical engineering and applied to this position on the fly; he wanted the experience. And David, with his master’s degree in computer science specializing in cybersecurity, was without a doubt the most quiet of the five, extremely put off by Y/N’s out there nature.

“Well, it’s very nice to meet everyone,” Y/N said as David turned himself away from her. “I look forward to working with all of you.”

“Me also,” Jack said, extending his hand across the seat toward her. When he took her hand, he felt a little spark of something. Reminded him a little of how he felt the first time he asked out his high school girlfriend, Shaina.

Just as Jack let go of her hand and shook hands with the rest of the possible candidates, his aunts, uncle and partner for this case, Luke, finally came on board. They were actually on time, it was just the the new recruits were insanely early. “Alright everyone,” Emily said as she alerted the pilot that everyone was on board, “We are off to Cedar Rapids. Let’s go over victimology.” The new recruits needed to learn; that’s what they were here for after all. So instead of taking the lead, the senior team members would basically be sitting back and letting the newbies run the show, assisting them if they drifted off track. Tiana was the first one to start things off. 

“I’ll start I guess,” she said, rifling through the files. “John Cogswell, 45, and Anthony Heskett, 47, were the two officers found floating in Lake Red Rock, but they worked for the Cedar Rapids PD. So my first question would be why were they dumped two hours away from where they worked and lived?”

Jack was about to speak up when Y/N took the words out of his mouth. He was going to have to watch out for her. “It could be as simple as the fact that Lake Red Rock is one of the biggest bodies of water in the state at more than 15,000 acres.”

“15,520 actually,” came a voice from across the jet. Of course it was Dr. Reid. 

Y/N smiled at her cooperating agent. “We’re going to have a lot of fun aren’t we Dr. Reid?” Emily smacked Reid in the back of the head while the kids got back to victimology. “Anyway, it could be because of the size of the lake. The lake could have special meaning to the unsub. Or…”

“Or if the unsub has intimate knowledge of law enforcement, he might have dumped them in another county to try and bring the case to another jurisdiction,” Jack said before Y/N could get the words out. “Cedar Rapids had to overstep their bounds because the victims were members of their department, but it should actually belong to the Marion County PD, right?” A little nod from Luke told him he was right. Y/N just smirked at him. Hey, there were only two positions and he could tell she liked to talk, so he needed to make his presence known. 

While the two playfully glared at each other, Agent Holden spoke up for the first time since he’d been forced by Y/N to introduce himself. “The next question is why these two officers. What did Cogswell and Heskett do or know that brought on the wrath of the unsub? Based on the message that we heard, it’s likely that the two had intimate knowledge of one of the area’s politician’s dark past. Whoever it was needed to get rid of any evidence of this dark past, and Cogswell and Heskett were evidence.”

“Exactly,” Dashawn said. The five of them seemed to be working together very well. Jack wondered how long that would last. “Given that they were weighed down, our unsub desperately didn’t want any evidence coming back to haunt him. He’s definitely personally connected, otherwise there would have been no reason to weigh them down, he could’ve just dumped them.”

“What about the message that was left at the police department?” JJ said. “What can you learn from the way he spoke? What he said?” Her best friend was at her side twitching. She could see how much it was killing him to not answer those questions himself, but he was keeping control of his motor mouth. 

Y/N was the one with the degree in English, so it made sense that she immediately jumped on that question. “The colloquial usage of “covering their asses” makes me believe that the person who made the call doesn’t know the unsub personally, but does have personal knowledge of what the unsub’s past is. He also sounds very positive of who it is. There was no shakiness in his voice that one might connect with being unsure of his assertions.”

As Jack went over the message in his mind, something dawned on him - it meant more bodies. “He said, ‘if someone doesn’t catch him soon, he’s going to buy and kill his way to the top,’ which means…there is likely at least one other person that our unsub intends to go after. The use of ‘going to’ indicates that he still has work to do.”

“Evidence to dispose of,” Tiana muttered as she took a deep breath.

Agent Holden would be doing most of his work with Garcia once they arrived. “When we get there, someone should probably compile a list of the richest politicians in the area,” he said, turning around toward his cooperating agent. She nodded in his direction. 

“You and I will start that once we land, my sweet.”

“We might not want to just limit it to straight-up politicians, but rich people in the area that have aspirations to join the political arena. He doesn’t necessarily have to be established in the field already,” Jack said. When he looked toward Y/N, he could see she and Tiana raise their eyebrows. He’d thought of something they hadn’t. Apparently, he’d also made an impression on the senior team members, as they were sporting similar expressions. 

Y/N got from her seat to stretch her legs, nearly smacking Holden in the face when she did so. “Given the sophistication of the crime so far, as well as the age of the victims, it’s likely our unsub is within 10 years of the victims, so between 35 and 55. What if we look back between 10-20 years for cases that involved our two officers, whether as victims or officers. It’s more than possible that they covered up something when they first joined the force that’s coming back to haunt them now.”

“Good idea,” Luke said. “If we do end up with another victim, we could add him or her to that list. See if multiple officers were involved in a case years back.”

“Great work everyone,” Emily said as she walked over to the newbies and leaned back on one of the jet’s chairs. “When we land, Agent Holden, you’ll work with Garcia to compile those lists. Agent Brooks, you’ll head with Luke to Lake Red Rock to check out the dump site. Spencer, you and Agent Y/L/N will go interview the family’s of the officers, see if there is anything they might know about who wanted to come after them. Agent Jones and Agent Smith, you’ll be with JJ and myself at the Cedar Rapids Police Department interviewing the officers, especially the ones that worked closely with Cogswell and Heskett, and working on the profile.”

As the plane began to descend, all of the agents, both old and new, had a feeling that this case wasn’t going to be cut and dry - that the more they dug, the more dirt they would uncover. They just hoped that no one else would be taken down in the process.

Você é o meu lado positivo, o meu melhor pedaço, o meu clichê mais sincero, meu cruzar de dedos, meu pedido pra estrela cadente, a resposta das minhas orações. É o motivo dos meu sorrisos, das minhas lagrimas mais verdadeiras, é a minha escolha mais difícil e a mais recompensadora. Eu nunca tive muita certeza da vida que eu queria até o momento que te beijei, é impossível viver sem aquele beijo, sem aquela risada, sem ouvir a tua respiração. Eu viro noites pensando na gente, no que a gente tem pra viver, rindo do que já vivemos. Eu amo absolutamente tudo em você, seu jeito de falar, o modo de andar, o jeito que você me olha quando sou irônica, o modo que mexe as mãos quando fala sério, gosto até daquela sua mania insuportável de balançar a perna direita. Você é minha ‘plena certeza’, assim sem duvidar, sem gaguejar, eu te escolheria mesmo tendo todas as opções do mundo, com cada defeito, cada fraqueza, te quero assim do jeito que te conheci, do jeito que me apaixonei, é fácil perceber que encontrei minha felicidade em você .
—  Sua e sempre sua, pequena.
The Old and The New: You Can’t Escape Your Past

A/N: Third installment of The Old and The New. @coveofmemories @gublersmind @heavenlycevans

P.S. I am truly flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to writing this one. LOL


Once they got on the ground, the team and their new recruits began to disembark, with Jack and Y/N as the last two to walk out. “Crap!” she exclaimed, as her heel touched down badly on the stairs, causing her to lurch forward into Jack’s back, which sent them both flying down the stairs until they ended up together at the bottom, Y/N splayed across Jack’s midsection and Jack flat against the concrete. Everyone rushed back to make sure she was okay, but she couldn’t stop laughing. “I’m so graceful,” she said, pushing up off the ground and reaching out to help Jack up. “I’m unbelievably sorry. You okay?”

“Yea,” he smiled. “I’m fine. You weigh next to nothing. I was hit harder by girls in school.”

She seemed to take offense to that. “Oh, don’t you doubt that I would absolutely be able to kick your ass…Brooks.” Okay, that was the second time, he caught something from her when his last name was mentioned. Did she know? How could she know? “Now, that I’m done being insanely graceful, why don’t we get to work.” 

As the 10 agents walked off the tarmac, they were greeted by the Cedar Rapids PD. “Hello everyone. Thanks so much for coming out. This is a little beyond what we’re used to.”

“We are an asset for all levels of law enforcement,” JJ said. “It’s our pleasure.”

“Alright,” Emily started. “We all have our assignments. Let’s get a jump on this.” While Emily, JJ and Penelope headed back to the station along with Agents Holden, Smith and Jones, Y/N hopped into a car with Dr. Reid, who she seemed very chummy with already. Jack had no idea why he didn’t like that. Actually, he knew exactly why, but he had no reason to be jealous because he didn’t know her. Apparently, he wanted to. But she seemed a little more interested in his uncle. God, this was weird.

A third car held another officer, Officer Boneck, who would drive Luke and Jack to Lake Red Rock to check out the scene. “So Jack,” Luke said as they spilled into the car.

“Look, Agent Alvez,” Jack interrupted, “I just want you to know that I don’t want this job because I’m connected to my father. I want to prove myself apart from him.”

Luke just laughed; he would expect nothing less. Any child of Aaron Hotchner’s was bound to want to distance himself from the name. Not that he was ashamed, not at all. It was actually the complete opposite, but if he were Jack, he wouldn’t want anyone thinking that he only got this opportunity because of his father. “I know, Jack. That actually wasn’t what I was going to say.”

“Oh,” he replied, surprised. “What were you going to say?”

“I was going to say, you look like you might have a little crush on Y/N,” he smiled. Jack said nothing, only smiling and pulling on his seatbelt while the local officer pulled off the tarmac and onto the road ahead. 


Within 15 minutes, the three senior female agents as well as their proteges had made their way into the station and set up. “Okay, so Agent Holden and I are going to start compiling those lists,” Penelope said, tugging on Holden’s arm and leading him toward the station where they’d be working. 

After setting up in a conference room next to where Penelope and Holden were situated, Emily and JJ talked about the profile in vague ideas, while waiting on some kind of a list for them to work off of. “We can’t do much without a list, or information from Luke and Spencer, but we can talk to some of the other officers that worked closely with Cogswell and Heskett. Officer?” Emily said flagging down the chief of the department that had brought them in. “Which of your officers worked closely with the two victims?”

“That would be Tishler and Rana, their newbies, as well as Basson and Herzfeld who were partnered up with Cogswell and Heskett before they took on the newbies,” he said with a sigh. The chief was sweating uncontrollably, which could’ve been attributed to the heat, or maybe he was under an insane amount of stress, due to the case, or maybe his knowledge of it, they weren’t sure. At this point in time, everyone was a suspect.

Emily nodded, walking back to the small group. “So Cogswell and Heskett had proteges, as well as partners from before they were assigned new ones. JJ, you and Agent Jones can interview Tishler and Basson, and Agent Smith, you and I will take Rana and Herzfeld. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get something out of them that we can work off of until we get some new information.”


Nearly an hour and a half later, Officer Boneck had gotten Luke and Jack to Lake Red Rock in record time. “I just want to know who’s at the bottom of this,” he said. “This isn’t the type of thing we normally experience out here.”

“Well, take us to the dump site,” Luke said, putting on his sunglasses as they exited the vehicle. “Let’s see what we can do.”

As they approached the lake, Jack took note of the concrete bricks that had been attached to the victims. “This looks like an extremely durable kind of concrete,” he said after pulling on gloves and picking up the weight. “You see how few pores there are in it, Agent Alvez.” He stood up and showed the brick to Luke, grazing his hand over the impossibly smooth concrete. 

“Please, call me Luke,” he said, “And yea. That’s not common is it?”

It wasn’t. Concrete for basic construction normally had some kind of pores. “This is much denser, heavier than it needs to be. The weight was so heavy that the rope attached to it frayed and broke, which was what caused the bodies to rise up to the surface. If it had been a more typical kind of concrete, there wouldn’t have been so much weight on the rope. It’s very possible they wouldn’t have risen up if another kind of concrete had been used.” Luke arched his eyebrows. He’d made an impression. Yes.

“So we could be looking for someone who has a very basic knowledge of concrete, but probably not someone who’s directly in contact with it everyday, because they would’ve known to use a different type of concrete?” Luke asked no one in particular.

That’s what first came to Jack’s mind. “The rope is your garden variety kind used for a million different things, so we won’t be able to track anyone down through that, but with the concrete, there’s a possibility we’ll be able to narrow a list down once we have it.”

“Good work, kid,” Luke said, slapping him on the shoulder. “I wanna take a quick look around the surrounding area and see if we can find anything else of interest, but this should definitely help us narrow things down.”

As Luke and Jack stepped to opposite directions of the crime scene, Jack smiled to himself. He’d made an impression; he noticed something that Luke might not have known. That had to be good. Right? God, he wanted this more than anything, but first and foremost he needed to focus on the case. A cold feeling washed over him despite the heat outside and the warm breeze floating off the lake; he had a bad feeling they were about to find another body.


While Jack and Luke made their way back to the local station, Emily, JJ, Smith and Jones conducted brief interviews with officers Tishler, Rana and Basson. Tishler and Rana’s interviews brought them nothing; the new officers had only been paired with the seniors for a few months, but Basson gave them a little something they might be able to work with. “So Basson said that Cogswell, Heskett and Herzfeld were all a little jumpy as of late,” JJ said after returning from the interview. “When we asked him what they were so jumpy about, he said that they’d had a meeting with someone, he didn’t know who, recently and since then, they’d been on edge all the time.” 

Jones came out from behind JJ. “The meeting took place over a lunch break, which was the only reason that Basson knew about it. It’s likely that the three of them had a meeting with our unsub,” he said. “Maybe the three officers and our unsub were friends in school? Something they did in the past is coming back to bite them?”

“It’s the most likely possibility based on the information we have right now,” Emily said. “It makes sense because when we went to go interview Herzfeld, we were told that he went home for lunch, but when we called his wife, she said he hadn’t come home at all today. Herzfeld is missing.”

“If the unsub was friends with the three officers at one point then we need to find Herzfeld quickly,” Smith said, crossing her hands across her chest. “Because he’s the last piece of evidence that the unsub needs to get rid of.”


After leaving the wives of Cogswell and Heskett, Emily told Spencer and Y/N to head over to Herzfeld’s house to interview his wife. “So both wives claim their husbands have been on edge lately, but neither know why,” Y/N said, attempting to cement the interview in her brain. 

“And Cogswell’s wife said her husband claims to have done something stupid in his past that he believes is coming back to haunt him,” Spencer replied. “So this isn’t some mob hit, this is something personal.”

“I feel like that makes it harder,” Y/N said, grabbing her rib ever so slightly. 

Spencer noticed her touching her side and wondered if she’d hurt herself when she fell off the plane. “You okay?” he asked. “You know a fall like that can feel fine when it first happens, but can come back and hurt later. Keep an eye on it. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“I’m good, Dr. Reid. I’ve been hit harder before,” she said with a raise of her eyebrow. “But I always feel like smaller cases are worse. The secrets are kept closer. That kind of thing.”

“Please, call me Spencer. And that does tend to be the case. You sure you’re okay?”

“Yea, Dr…Spencer. I promise I’m good. Thanks. We should probably see if Herzfeld’s wife can tell us anything knew.”

As they approached the door, they prayed that Herzfeld himself might be home, but no such luck. “Mrs. Herzfeld, my name is Dr. Spencer Reid and this is my associate, Dr. Y/F/N Y/L/N. We’re here to talk to you about your husband. He hasn’t returned home?”

“No,” she cried. “He always said that his past would come back to bit him in the ass one day.” That day was today.

O que eu quero da vida é beijos intermináveis. Ver teu bico quando fica bravo. Sentar no teu colo e falar baixinho no teu ouvido um “eu te amo” carregado dos meus melhores sentimentos.
—  Tua pequena
The Old and The New: One Man’s Desperation

Chapter 4 of The Old and The New @coveofmemories @gublersmind @heavenlycevans


“What do you mean?” Spencer asked as Mrs. Herzfeld invited them inside. “Did he say anything specifically about his past? Or was he just being vague?”

She sat down on the couch, her head hanging in her hands as she sobbed. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Herzfeld,” Y/N said, reaching across the table and placing her hand on the woman’s arms. “Take your time. Anything you might be able to tell us would be immensely helpful.” Spencer took in the way Y/N interacted with people. Despite her out-there nature, she was compassionate and sweet when she needed to be. Interacted with people very well.

A tear rolled down the woman’s face as she looked up with a half smile, grateful for the agent’s compassion. “He said he did something stupid when he first joined the force more than 20 years ago.”

“How old is your husband?” Spencer asked. Y/N was glad he said ‘is’ rather than ‘was,’ even though it was more than likely that her husband was dead.

“46. He joined the force when he was 23.”

As Mrs. Herzfeld grimaced, probably coming to the realization that she wasn’t going to see her husband again, Y/N squeezed her hand gently. “Did he give any indication as to when this part of his past occurred?”

“I’m not exactly sure,” she shrugged, “But at one point I thought I heard him mention that it happened, ‘a couple years’ after he started. “So he was maybe 25?”

“And he said nothing about who else was involved?” Spencer encouraged. “About what happened?”

Mrs. Herzfeld sucked in her lips as they quivered. “Cogswell and Heskett,” she said sadly. “And…someone named Bohen…or Cohen…I’m not sure. He never mentioned what it was. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.”

“Ma’am,” Y/N said, squeezing her hand again. “You’ve been more than enough help. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.”

As mentor and mentee stood up and walked out, they told the grieving wife that they’d be in touch as soon as they found something out. “Well, Bohen or Cohen leads us in a better direction than when we went in,” Y/N said. “And we know that it does have something to do with something that happened between 20 and 25 years ago.”

“Having a time frame and a possible name will go a long way to narrowing this down. She was much more help than she realized.” The two piled into the car and headed back toward the station. A text from Luke read that they’d examined the concrete bricks. Whoever the unsub was had a basic, but definitely not extensive knowledge of concrete. Jack and Luke were on their way back as well, and they’d left much earlier, so everyone would probably convene back at the station at around the same time. “So, Y/N, do you have a nickname you prefer to be called?” Spencer asked with a smile. 

“Kiddo,” she replied quickly, waiting to see if Spencer would understand where the name came from. There was some inkling, but he couldn’t place it. “I watched Kill Bill a ton as a teenager. The Bride was always the most badass human being ever to me. Beautiful and brutal. And I was always picking fights with the school bullies, so the guys would be afraid of me and they’d also make a move on me. I, of course, never gave them the time of day. But from a young age, they started calling me either Kiddo, or Ripley. They meant it as an insult, but I adopted the names happily and proudly.”

“Movies from my day. Yes. So, I can call you Kiddo? Because I like that one.” Spencer asked. She shook her head, excited to already have a nickname from one of the famed members of the BAU. “Well, Kiddo, you are aware that Agent H…Agent Brooks has a crush on you, right?”

Spencer almost panicked. He’d almost said Hotchner and he promised he wouldn’t. Y/N seemed to notice his slip up, but she let it slide, smiling at the prospect of Jack having a thing for her. Spencer thought they’d be cute together, and Jack deserved the best. “I’m aware,” she smiled, as they pulled up to the station. Without another word, she flooded out of the car and walked back inside. For some reason, Spencer thought she knew more, of what he didn’t know, than she let on.


After an hour and a half ride back to the station, Jack and Luke pulled up just as Spencer and Y/N did the same. “Anything?” Luke asked, slapping Spencer on the shoulder as they walked inside with Jack following closely behind. 

“Mrs. Herzfeld gave us a possible last name of Bohen or Cohen, as well as a possible timeline of 20-to-25 years ago,” Spencer said, walking around Y/N in such a way that he had to place her in Jack’s path. As he watched her smile, he kind of understood why Penelope enjoyed playing matchmaker so much. “Hopefully Garcia has a list of names for us.”

Once inside, the four agents walked into the conference where Smith, Jones, JJ and Emily were situated. “Any news on Herzfeld?” Luke asked. They still hadn’t heard anything on where he was. Garcia had attempted to track him, but his cellphone was found down the block from his house smashed to pieces. Emily shook her head, snapping around when one of the local officers caught her eye. 

“That can’t be good,” Y/N said, her hand grazing Jack’s as they looked on. “Herzfeld is dead.”

“How can you possibly know that?” Jack asked incredulously. “There is no way you could know that from all the way over here.”

“Sure there is,” Spencer smiled. “What is it, Y/N? How do you know?”

Swallowing hard, she realized she’d just opened herself for a chance to truly prove herself. Read body language. Prove she knew her behavior just as well as anyone else on the team. “Well, that’s Officer Giovanni,” she started. “As soon as we walked in, I noticed that he was sitting at Herzfeld’s desk. He sighed - heavily. My guess is that he was Herzfeld’s partner. Just before Agent Prentiss was called over, he was on the phone with someone and his face sank seconds after he answered, meaning he got bad news. Then when he hung up the phone, he looked back at the picture on Herzfeld’s desk; it’s a picture of his wife and son. He’s thinking of having to tell them that their husband and father are dead.”

Jack was impressed; he needed to study up on his body language. She was apparently very good at reading people. Did she know he had a thing for her? That he was jealous of his Uncle Spencer’s ability to work with her? His aunt turned around and locked eyes with Spencer and Luke, nodding just enough to convey what she needed. Y/N was right. Herzfeld was dead.


“Herzfeld’s been found in a nearby river with the same rope and concrete attached to his body as the other victims,” Emily said as the five agents and five mentees walked into the conference room to discuss the situation away from the prying eyes of the members of the precinct.

“The river wasn’t deep at all, was it?” Y/N asked. If Herzfeld was the last living person that knew the unsub’s secret, he wouldn’t care to drive two hours away to dump the body. Through their investigation, he would’ve found out that the weights used on the first two victims didn’t work the way he expected. And if Herzfeld was the final piece then he’d just go with what he knew to get rid of him rather than tweak his method of disposal for future victims. “Our unsub is cocky and desperate.”

“What makes you say that?” JJ asked. “Don’t forget to justify your statements with facts.”

“Sorry,” she said. She didn’t just pull that out of nowhere. “Under the assumption that Herzfeld was the last living person who knew the unsub’s secret, getting rid of him the same way says two things. One, he’s cocky. He thinks we’re not going to be able to connect the concrete with him. If he thought that, he would’ve used a different kind of concrete or a completely different method of disposal as a forensic countermeasure, but he didn’t, so he’s also desperate, which makes sense if in fact Herzfeld is the final piece.”

Jack interjected, nudging Y/N slightly but playfully. She liked to talk a lot, but he was here to prove himself too. “We’re onto him. We know his disposal method, but he chose to do the exact same thing with Herzfeld, nearby, and in a river that is barely deep enough to cover a person who’s standing. He didn’t have the time to drive two hours. It needed to be done now.”

From the background, Agent Jones made a deduction as well, something that the senior members had already thought of. “The disposal method has to be symbolic too,” he said. “If the river where Herzfeld was dumped wasn’t deep enough for him, there was no need to weigh him down, but the unsub chose to anyway.”

“I’m still working on checking and cross-checking our lists,” Garcia said, coming out of the shadows along with Agent Holden. “We’re still going to be a while. There are way more rich men in this area than one might think. If they need help spending their money, I’m here for them.” Smith and Y/N sniggered in the background. Garcia was eccentric that’s for sure.

“And Herzfeld is being sent to the medical examiners’ office, so we’re not going to have any new information from there until tomorrow morning,” Luke said. “I guess that means we’re staying the night.”

Emily smiled. That meant that people needed to double up. There was no way the Bureau was going to pay for 10 separate hotel rooms. Not a chance. “Well, people are doubling up.” Immediately, Luke went over to Holden to save him from Garcia, which gave Jack the opportunity Luke could tell he wanted. 

“I call Emily!” Garcia screamed, running over and grabbing onto her arm.

“Spence is mine!” JJ called. 

So Emily and Garcia, Spencer and JJ, Luke and Holden, Smith and Jones decided to room together, which meant. “I guess that means that you’re stuck with me Brooks,” Y/N laughed.

“Okay, but are you going to talk incessantly or will I be able to get a word in?” he asked playfully, leaning away when she went to punch him on the shoulder.

“Watch it,” she said, going for his chest this time, “Or I’ll smother you in your sleep.”

This should be fun.