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Lazy Sundays

For the Anon who asked for some Spencer fluff. Hope this is fluffy enough.

You love lazy Sunday’s. Where neither of you have to work and neither of you have anywhere to be. Those days where you can just wake up when you feel like waking up and stay in your pajamas all day if you want.
You hum contently as his fingers slide across your thigh. One that’s wrapped around him, you cling to his warmth, the window still open from when he burned pizza last night.
“Sorry sweetheart. Did I wake you?” Spencer’s voice is low, heavy with sleep.
“No. Window’s still open.” You mumble, not quite ready to fully wake up.
“Do you want me to go close it?” He asks his fingers playing with the hem of your shorts.
“You’re warm.” You mutter wrapping yourself more tightly around him.
“Alright.” Spencer chuckles, “Did you sleep okay?”
“I did. I always do when you’re home. What about you?”
“Great. No nightmares.” He says and you sigh contently at the way his voice rumbles through you. “What should we do today?”
“The last farmers market is today.” You tell him looking up at him from where your head is resting on his chest. “We could go see if they’ve got anything good.”
“That sounds nice.” He agrees before press a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll get the window.” Spencer slides out of bed and grabs his robe before closing the window.
An hour later you find yourselves strolling along, hand-in-hand through the farmer’s market. It feels like all people are selling now are pumpkins and corn.
“Well, well, well Pretty Boy!” A male voice calls and smiles cross both your and Spencer’s faces. “And his pretty lady.” Derek says as the three of you meet up, him pushing a stroller with a cooing Hank inside.
“Derek it’s nice to see you!” You tell him giving him a quick hug before moving onto Spencer’s Godson. You pick up the squealing boy as Spencer and Derek catch up. You adore Hank Morgan, he’s as cute as can be and you take every opportunity to babysit him.
“Anytime.” You hear Spencer say as you tune back into his and Derek’s conversation.
“What was that?” You ask causing both men to chuckle.
“I was just saying that you’re so great with Hank and he clearly adores you so Reid told me you guys would watch him anytime.” Derek fills you in.
“He’s such a sweet boy.”
“When he wants to be.” Morgan laughs, “We’re going to meet mommy at work for lunch so we’ve got to get going but we’ll call you guys to babysit soon.”
“Like Spencer said, anytime.” You hug both of the Morgan’s goodbye then continue your stroll through the farmers market with Spencer.
You end up picking up some pumpkin before heading home.
The rest of the day is spent cooking pumpkin bars and singing along to old music. Spencer makes dinner then the two of you curl up next to one another on the couch. You bury yourself into Spencer’s side as he clicks through your movie selection.
“Anything you want to watch?”
“No.” He picks a historical documentary and you wrap your arms around his waist. He plays with your hair, gently twisting it as the movie plays. You drift off against him, not for long but when you wake he’s looking down at you with a small smile.
“What?” You ask.
“Nothing. I love you.”
“I love you too Spencer Reid.”
God you love lazy Sundays.

Best Friends and Soul Mates

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Derek Morgan x Reader

For @milkandcookies528 who requested - “ Could you do one with morgan where he and the reader are on a hike together and she has a bad fall which causes her to twist her ankle and derek takes her home and takes care of her. Thanks.💕”

Derek and Y/N had been best friends as long as anyone could remember. Derek had been there for Y/N her entire life. When she fell off of her bike and broke her wrist, he was at the hospital. When her dad’s convoy was under attack and she didn’t know if he was alive or not, he was there for her. Y/N was there for him when his cousin, Cindi, had been abducted. She was there for him when Buford was molesting him. They loved each other wholeheartedly. They were best friends and soul mates.

When Y/N had transferred to Quantico to lead the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team it came as no shock to anyone that the first person to find out was Derek. The two moved in together and became a makeshift family with Clooney. Derek and Y/N, both abnormally into working out, loved running. With Derek being as competitive as Garcia in a who loves Chocolate Thunder more competition, Y/N hated running with him. After repeated nagging, pleading, and begging Y/N finally agreed to go on hike up the Chopawamsic trail in Prince William Forest National Park as a consolation.

When they reached the park it had just started to drizzle, attempting to ruin their plans and only “date” they had had in the past two weeks.

“Are you sure you want to go?” asked Y/N.

“Yes, I’m sure. You’re only trying to get out of going on the hike with me because you know you’re going to lose” teased Derek.

“You are going to regret every saying those words” replied Y/N before sprinting off in an attempt to reach the end of the hike before Derek.

The duo, competing with each other the entire way, had finally given up trying to beat the other as they both reached the top of the mountain in unison. They spent some time together at the apex of the cliff taking in the moment. The peacefulness that with no doubt would be gone once they got back to their home, that Derek had refurbished himself. As it started to rain harder, Y/N looked up at Derek, who was almost a foot taller than her, before smiling. Derek glanced down at Y/N, the most beautiful woman in his eyes, before asking, “what are you looking at?”.

“I’m just really happy right now” said Y/N before wrapping her arms around Derek.

Derek simply rolled his eyes before saying, “you know you’re really cute right?”.

“I love you, you dork” said Y/N before pressing her slightly chapped lips to Derek’s scruffy jaw to leave a chaste kiss.

“I love you too Y/N, now let’s go before the rain makes the trek back all muddy” said Derek as the two carefully attempted to make their way back to the car.

Derek and Y/N had easily made their way back until they reached the steep hill, which led to the end of the trail, that looked daunting to Derek and terrified Y/N. The hill was grassy and slick with a mixture of dew and mud. Halfway down the slope, Y/N slipped before rolling down the hill and landing at the start of the trail.

“Y/N” screamed out Derek before rapidly making his way to the bottom of the slope where Y/N sat clutching her ankle in pain.

Derek picked up Y/N effortlessly before getting her into the passenger side of his SUV before getting into the front seat and driving them back home. Throughout the car ride it took all of Y/N’s effort in order to keep Derek from taking her to the hospital. They compromised by deciding that if her ankle was worse the next day, she would go get it checked out. On the way back Derek stopped at a CVS and picked up every single painkiller he could get his hands on. He picked up Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, Bayer, Aleve, and even the generic brands.  

After Y/N had changed out of her now muddy clothes, Derek force fed her a granola bar so that the pain medication wouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach. She eagerly took her medication hoping for some relief. While the medication worked its magic, Derek worked his by giving her a euphoric back massage as she laid in bed practically swaddled in blankets that Derek had insisted on wrapping her in.

As her breathing deepened while Y/N fell asleep, Derek vowed that he would one day marry the woman that risked her life to hike a trail with him. She was his cheerleader and the love of his life. She was the one person he knew he could always rely on. She was his best friend and his soul mate.

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A/N this is my first Derek request so I hope I did our badass door kicking hero some justice. Finals are almost done so send in more requests! I would love it if you guys left me comments, I love reading them! I hope ya’ll enjoy!


requested: sorry if this isn’t great this is 2am ramblings and I haven’t watched Criminal Minds for a while 

Dating Spencer Reid would include:

  • being apart of the BAU
  • which would strengthen your relationship as you’re not always separated 
  • him being exceptionally over-protective of you 
  • like trying to keep you at the station as opposed to in the field 
  • being a secret to begin with 
  • as you’re unsure if the rest of the team will allow it (also bc you’re breaching regulations) 
  • being just as concerned for Spencer 
  • calling him Spence 
  • being absolutely astounded by his eidetic memory and just how intelligent he is 
  • and jealous of his ability to read so fast
  • when you first start at the BAU feeling quite inferior to him due to his knowledge 
  • Spencer bringing you coffee or hot chocolate every morning 
  • Hotch supporting the two of you
  • wearing his glasses 
  • always fixing up his tie
  • loving his apartment bc you’re surrounded by books 
  • Spencer loving how determined you get on cases 
  • it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the BAU he feels so proud when you work something out 
  • going to the shooting ranger together and practicing
  • running your fingers through his hair to hep him get to sleep 
  • loving the way he is with JJ’s kids
  • cuddling. a lot. 
  • if you fall asleep on the couch always waking to find a blanket covering you 
  • Spencer always kissing you on the cheek 
  • loving how passionate he gets about things and just staring at him as he rambles on 
  • so much sass and sarcasm between you, Garcia and Derek 
  • babysitting JJ’s children with Spencer 
  • when you’re at home, Spencer always walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist
  • both of you being quite shy when you first start dating 
  • Spencer always having to drag you out of bed before getting a warm beverage into you
Under Pressure

For the Anon who asked for the oneshot about having a case where it reminds you of what happened in your past and you start to have a panic attack.

Days like this were hard. The cases that remind you of him, of the man who’d stalked you. He’d sent you photos. Too many to count, of you and of himself, just never his face. You got photos every week for three years and then they’d just stopped. You’d thought that he’d died to be honest, or maybe you’d just hoped he had. Then he’d broken into your house. Cornered you.
“Aren’t you happy to see me?” He’d purred into your ear before you’d snapped your head back breaking his nose.
“I thought you were dead.” You told him, hoping to rattle him. You needed to be able to defend yourself until your team could get to your house.
“Did you mourn?” He asked the knife gleaming in his hand.
“No.” You’d sneered, “I celebrated.” He’d lunged at you then, the knife catching your arm. It had scarred, but you’d fended him off until Hotch put three bullets into him from your front door.
But it was just cases like this, that brought you back to that fateful night. You look at the pictures again and shudder, just slightly but it’s enough to get the attention of Morgan.
“You alright sweetness?”
“I’m fine.” You lie but he sees your hands shake.
“You’re not.”
“Morgan please. I’m fine.” You whisper and he leaves it at that. The next person who notices that something is wrong is JJ. She places a soft hand on your shoulder and you nearly jump out of your skin.
“Woah. What’s going on?”
“Nothing. I’m fine.”
“Is it-”
“JJ don’t. Don’t.” You say shrugging her off. You leave the room then and take slow deep calming breaths, it’s not working. Pushing the door of one of the bathrooms open you lean against it and close your eyes. There’s a gentle tap on the door and Rossi’s voice comes from the other side.
“What can I do kiddo?”
“Nothing Rossi! Leave me alone!” You snap. You hear him talking to Spencer and thankfully both men leave. You draw in a shaky breath as you sink to the floor, you slide under the counter and bury your face in your hands. The silence is doing you some good, helping you focus on not only your breathing but also your heartbeat.
The door slowly creaks open and just when you’re about to tell the person coming in that this bathroom is occupied Hotch’s face comes into view. He doesn’t say anything, just joins you under the counter. Hotch doesn’t even look at you, he just places his hand, palm up, on the floor next to you. It takes you a minute but you slowly reach a hand out and trace a finger along his palm and fingers. He stays quiet for a while longer.
“I know this case has been hard for you.” He says softly. “I’m sorry.” His fingers twitch as you continue to draw along them. “Do you want to go back to the hotel?”
“You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.”
“I know.” You press your palm to his and intertwine your fingers, he’s so firm, so strong and steady. “I can do this Hotch.”
“I know.” You sit in silence for a while longer before Hotch’s phone chirps. “Shall we?” He asks quietly.
“I suppose.” He slides out from under the counter and reaches a hand down for you. You take it then he pulls you to your feet before wrapping you in a tight hug. He presses a quick kiss to your temple and you take a deep breath. “Thanks Hotch.” You whisper.
“Any time. Now let’s go get this bastard.” He tells you and you laugh softly.
Let’s go get him indeed.