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So I’m gonna make a blog for the actor au either tomorrow or Monday night. Not sure what the URL will be yet, but I’m gonna have other ships I personally enjoy a part of it other than NS. They include kibaino, shikatema, and sasuhina. Its going to focus on NS obviously, but I wanna take questions about them as well as other actors and their lives outside of the show. And it’s gonna follow a timeline so I’d like to keep the NS stuff in order. I’m also diversifying the cast, or trying to, because I can 😂 and I’ll be borrowing some of @kirabook’s names from her reimagining, but the designs will be pretty different and will be done on an as needed basis.

I’ll let y'all know when the blog is up and running. I need to make an intro post for it, which will probably be a comic with the original team 7. And then selfies and such from their last day on set, etc, among whatever people would like to see. The pairings are pretty set in stone for me, I wanted to deviate from canon as much as possible, but I am gonna have MinaKushi involved and there’s a special relationship between them and Naruto’s actor that’ll be revealed later.

Please spread this, I hope it brings other parts of the fandom honestly. And I will probably do alternate actor scenarios like SNS, InoSaku, etc but just label it as deviating from “canon” content ☺️ So every non canon couple feels included. It will be a space for anti-ending people for the most part. If n.h and s.s wanna join in the fun, that’s fine, they just can’t be assholes and I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT draw an actor au scenario for them. The only canon couple is shikatema because I personally love them.

So stay on the look out guys. That’s why I haven’t been here really. Been doing lots of artwork.


Killing Stalking: Q & A Panel

KS actor AU is bloomin’ brilliant. I’m sorry there are so many mistakes in this, my hand is done DONE \(〇_o)/   

All characters and disturbing plot lines belong to Koogi.

i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..



warning: these contain spoilers from season 2

  • zarkon’s actor is the grandpa that spoils the vld kids rotten and they all love him
    • originally the scene where zarkon beats up shiro for the black lion was going to be a bit more violent than it looked until zarkon’s actor asked the producer if they could tone it down the scene a bit because he was worried he would hurt shiro
  • one time the actors of the 80′s voltron showed up in the studio and shiro cried for like 20 minutes
    • he did the thing where he doesn’t stop shaking their hands because he’s too busy gushing about how much he loved the original 80′s voltron
  • since it’s confirmed Lance’s fave song is Single Ladies they always like to play it at random because it’s Lance’s fucking tradition to ALWAYS JAM TO THIS SONG
    • ALWAYS
      • they’re filming a scene where Lance is fighting in the episode where they save Slav and then Pidge starts playing Single Ladies on the speakers and LANCE JUST STARTS JAMMING WHILE THE CAMERA IS STILL ROLLING
        • Hunk: That music’s really loud I’m gonna turn that off-
  • When Keith finished filming the scene where he undergoes the trial for the Blade of Marmora he asks all the dudes he just beat up if they were okay like a million times
  • In episode two where Hunk and Lance end up underwater Hunk kept singing Under the Sea
  • all the Galra Keith jokes Hunk made where all improv and golden they had to keep all of them in
    • it wasn’t too long until keith started doing it too
      • “are you trying to see if my skin is purple???????!”
  • Pidge really did build all those trash models of the Voltron crew by herself
  • the actors of child!coran and baby!coran are coran’s grandkids
    • she spoils them rotten outside of filming 
  • allura’s snapchat story was once full of just pics of her and keith getting their make up ready before filming started and they started making fun of shiro’s eyeliner at one point
  • yes they actually got a cow for the episode in Space Mall
  • everytime Keith doubts himself of his acting Lance does this
  • a lot of voltron’s fight scenes were done with motion capture + 3d effects
    • it was highly used during the last ep in season 2 with the fight between voltron and zarkon
  • the amount of times coran slipped during the episode where he has the slipperies was almost enough to outmatch the amount keith injured himself during his fighting scenes
  • it’s a running joke now for the cast that whenever they are asked a yes/no question if you answer with a yes you have to say ‘Yup’ like how Laika the yupper did
  • Pidge’s snapchat: *posts a picture of the scene where matt escaped* cryptid spotted
  • after they filmed the scene where Keith and Shiro hugged Shiro went to hug the rest of the cast because HE LOVES HIS SPACE FAMILY OK

i still got like way more but my brain is kind of deflating atm so this is is all i got for now LMAO 

One of my biggest weakness : 

Actors AU where all the characters of Yuri on Ice are actually actors playing the show as we know it. 

Imagine the interview, the bloopers, the actors eventually getting into relationships because of the show, etc. They’re all figure skaters and do their stunts themselves.
The bloopers would be hilarious. Imagine Mila dropping Yurio when she lifts him, Yuuri starting to laugh when Yurio kick the toilet door, or Yurio starting to loose it when he’s supposed to yell at Yuuri. Georgi laughing when he’s performing or Viktor forgetting his lines. Yuuri messing up and starting to talk in japanese when he’s supposed to speak in english, Phichit forgetting his text and ending his sentence with a joke or something that makes no sense, Viktor forgetting he’s supposed to dodge Yuuri in episode 5 and actually catching him in a hug… Imagine them being in their costumes, waiting for the recording to start, and doing silly things, Makkaching suddenly bursting into a scene he’s not supposed to be in because he saw his master (Viktor) (who let the dogs out ?).

Imagine the interviews. “Where you really naked during all those onsen scenes ?” And Viktor letting a suggestive silence, while Yuuri is strongly nodding beside him. Reporters asking about their relationship status and if they knew each other prior to the show (I can imagine that Guang Hong and Leo were already dating before the show), and what if, to everyone’s suprise, Yuuri and Yuri actually are really good friends offscreen ? And so they would loose it a lot when Yurio is supposed to yell at Yuuri. They would have a ton of little stories. Phichit playing pranks at other actors with Chris…

There’s just so many little things to imagine, I love it.

But Levi and Eren as Actors...and everyone is shipping them irl and their characters because of the bloopers
  • <p> <b>Levi:</b> We have to follow him *turns around* it's the onl- Jesus fuck!<p/><b>Eren:</b> *laughing his ass off*<p/><b>Levi:</b> *starts fanning himself with the script* Why must Eren be shirtless this scene?<p/><b>Director (Erwin):</b> To make the fangirls tremble.<p/><b>Levi:</b> It's making me tremble! God damn!<p/><b></b> ------<p/><b>Eren:</b> We've gotta sha- shalalalala Fuck.<p/><b>Levi:</b> shalalalala?<p/><b>Eren:</b> SHUT UP!<p/><b></b> ------<p/><b>Levi:</b> *walks in*<p/><b>Levi:</b> *pauses*<p/><b>Levi:</b> ......<p/><b>Levi:</b> What's my line?<p/><b>Eren:</b> *snorts*<p/><b></b> ------<p/><b>Levi:</b> We have to find Mikas-<p/><b>Eren:</b> *Accidentally steps on a balloon and pops it*<p/><b>Levi:</b> SWEET FUCKING JESUS MOTHER OF SHIT *collapses to the floor*<p/><b>Hanji and Erwin:</b> *muffled laughter off camera*<p/></p>


LITERALLY OMG Allura is suffering like dying your hair can really hurt and the fact that she has to dye hER ENTIRE HEAD makes it 1000x worse because she spent at least 4 hours every two weeks redoing her dye 

And the fact that she also gotta colour in her brows and wear contacts and do her elf ears - she takes like the most make up preparation in the Team Voltron crew (but lbr hers is nothing compared to the other aliens’ make up lmao)

AU where Until Dawn is an award winning movie and all the characters are actors in it. Just imagine.

  • Josh and Chris aren’t allowed to do interviews alone together for reasons that no one is allowed to say
  • Sam constantly brings the cast and crew coffee and hot chocolate every time they shoot in the snow
  • Bloopers of Mike constantly falling on his face as he’s doing his “heroic” run to save Jessica
  • Jess in the background laughing at him every time he falls on his face
  • “Fuck nuggets”, “Scared the blue out of my jeans”, “Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake”, and everyone other creative curse was completely improvised by Mike
  • Emily accidentally hitting Ashley while filming the slap-scene and Emily freaking out and apologizing
  • Theres a tabloid rumor that Mike and Matt hate each other and got into a fist fight on set, when really they just had a heated argument over who gets the last donut (Josh stole it while they fought)
  • Josh and Jess constantly forgetting their lines
  • Ashley going out of her way to meet fans and sign pictures for them
  • Mike taking every sexist question that Jess gets during interviews
  • Chris doing the same for Ashley and Josh doing the same for Sam
  • Matt not needing to do that, because Emily can handle the situation on her own
  • Matt visiting sick fans in the hospital
  • Hannah and Beth being famous twin actors, and the marketing purposefully misdirected it so it looked like Beth and Hannah were the leads to make their “deaths” more shocking
  • Josh and Hannah staying in their “villain” makeup (ie the psycho mask and wendigo makeup) and hiding in people’s trailers to scare them
  • Matt and Jess, during their first interview together, ended it with Jess beatboxing and Matt freestyle rapping. It becomes the most liked video on youtube
  • Emily being the queen of dubsmash, and it spreading to the whole cast constantly doing them inbetween shots
  • The guys having paintball games in between scenes and Ashley and Sam joining in only to destroy them
  • There’s several bloopers of Josh and Chris leaning forward about to kiss only to start laughing
  • “what were all thinking it” is Josh’s reasoning for ruining so many shots
  • Interviewer: “Who was your favorite member to shoot with?” Beth: “My sister of course. She’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want to do this without her”. Hannah: “Awww… mine was Mike”
  • Interviewer: “What was your favorite scene to shoot?”. Ashley“The Saw scene since it was so intense and and special effects were so amazing that it looked so real”. Chris“When i got to kiss Ashley” *Smirks*
  • Sam confirming the fan theory that her character is gay
  • Interviewer“Which fate would you want, death or wendigo?” Josh“how about a happy ending for my character instead”

“Hunk put Keith down he’s going to combust!” Based on the Actor AU by @ackerchou and the fic by @lordofthebigtimesupernatural where actor Keith gets hurt while filming. They decided to decorate his cast like the armor boot!

Second Edit: Heres the actual link to the fic! Thank you to the anon who pointed out the link took you to a history article (sorry!)

voltron actor au headcanons

or in which I am in too deep, i have fallen and i don’t want to get up


● Hunk is actually the one who swears the most when he messes up a line

● and to contrary popular belief, Pidge swears the least but when they do it’s like those old man swears like ‘gosh diddly darn’

● Keith snorts everytime when he hears them say that

● Hunk??? is actually the ladies man??? on set?? he occasionally flirts with the workers but he’s super charming and suave also it’s quite playful what a beautiful man

● Lance is just super nice??? he always greets the workers and asks them about their day, compliments everyone, always stands ready with a bottle of water on the sides for his crewmates when they finish shooting a scene etc. this boy is just really nice and everyone loves him

● also Lance and children?? the purest combination ever. children love Lance, everytime when some brings their kid over Lance is like the unofficial babysitter bc he’s just so good??? he immediately talks and plays with them and makes sure to sign their little autogram books and shows them around the set and teaches them laser gun noises, he has gotten so many marriage proposals from so many kids already

● Shiro is so goofy and the ultimate photobomber, it’s hilarious 

● Keith, wonderful child of floof, it took him so many tries to get this one scene in front of Lance’s healing pod right bc Lance kept making faces at him through the glass

● Pidge always getting piggyback rides from everyone bc they are smol and compact

● Allura and Shiro being gym pals and Allura always snapchats their work out progress (she can benchpress Shiro there is photographic evidence b y e)

● Hunk being that one person who laughs really loud before slapping you on your back in good humour but accidentally almost smacking you right into the sun bc he’s so strong

● Coran may be a bad cook during the series but offscreen he can make some mean sandwiches which are guaranteed to be completely gone in the first few minutes

● Lance having pet names for everyone bc he’s just so affectionate and it makes Keith blush everytime whenever someone calls him ‘Keithy Boy’



● Nearly half of the whole set pour outside the studio just to catch that damn thing, Matt wins by catching a Dragonair with the CP of 934

● One time Lance’s snap story was full of Pidge planking on various objects around the studio

● Lance being that one person to start randomly dancing on the spot, Hunk joins him nearly every time, sometimes he even starts beatboxing

● Allura has a video of Lance roping Keith into a silly version of Waltz and Keith is a blushing mess but he’s giggling and everyone’s heart melts bc look at their boy being so happy

● Pidge; *during a shoot* ‘here come dat boi’

Lance; *from inside the healing pod* ‘OH SHIT WADDUP’



Killing Stalking: Photoshoot - Theme: Sport

Some more actor AU for the Chinese New Year. How many roosters can you spot? 

I swear I usually take my work more seriously than this.

All characters and disturbing plot lines belong to Koogi.