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Genos’s actor:*laughs* Oh my god stop doing that! *covers eyes with hand*
Saitama’s actor:*grins at audience* And you guys thought this guy never loses his cool?”

Another interview with One Punch Man main casts



Black Dynamite Season 2 underway with some of our many friends who help make this show one of a kind (TOP/BOTTOM).

1. Byron Minns (Bullhorn) Tommy Davidson (Cream Corn), Michael Jai WHite (Black Dynamite), Kym Whitley (Honey Bee) & Carl Jones(Head Writer/Executive Producer/Show Runner).

2. BullHorn & Snoop Lion (AKA Leroy Van Nys)

3. Writers Room w/ Team Dynamite Writers staff.

4. In a record session w/ Idris Jones (Carl’s son), Scotty Fuslier (Writer/Editor) & Carl Jones (Head Writer, EP/Actor).

5. Mixing an epsiode of Black Dynamite Season 1

6. Donald The Accountant, aka Denzel Whitaker (Actor/Editor)

7. Eryka Badu in the Booth

8. Myself and Samuel Jackson

9. Carl Jones putting some finishing touches on some BD promo art.

10. The gang’s (almost) all here! Orlando Jones, Cedric Yarborough ( Tom from the Boondocks/ Chocolate Giddiyup) Byron Minns, Kym Whitley, Mike, Tommy, Carl and the ever hilarious Gary Anthony Williams (Uncle Ruckus!). So great working with these talented brothers and sisters also our heroes!

SEASON 2 in 2014!!!!!! :-D

But Levi and Eren as Actors...and everyone is shipping them irl and their characters because of the bloopers
  • <p><b>Levi:</b> We have to follow him *turns around* it's the onl- Jesus fuck!<p/><b>Eren:</b> *laughing his ass off*<p/><b>Levi:</b> *starts fanning himself with the script* Why must Eren be shirtless this scene?<p/><b>Director (Erwin):</b> To make the fangirls tremble.<p/><b>Levi:</b> It's making me tremble! God damn!<p/><b></b> ------<p/><b>Eren:</b> We've gotta sha- shalalalala Fuck.<p/><b>Levi:</b> shalalalala?<p/><b>Eren:</b> SHUT UP!<p/><b></b> ------<p/><b>Levi:</b> *walks in*<p/><b>Levi:</b> *pauses*<p/><b>Levi:</b> ......<p/><b>Levi:</b> What's my line?<p/><b>Eren:</b> *snorts*<p/><b></b> ------<p/><b>Levi:</b> We have to find Mikas-<p/><b>Eren:</b> *Accidentally steps on a balloon and pops it*<p/><b>Levi:</b> SWEET FUCKING JESUS MOTHER OF SHIT *collapses to the floor*<p/><b>Hanji and Erwin:</b> *muffled laughter off camera*<p/></p>
  • Shingeki no Actor AU
  • the 104th Voice Squad

Basically we love the recently-formed actor AU so much that we decided to voice a gag reel based on it–based on this Tumblr post!


Aaron as Eren
Sahar as Mikasa
Kori as Armin
Jonah as Hannes and Jean
Kendra as Sasha
James as Connie and Keith
Cody as Levi
Chad as Erwin and Ian
Aud as Hanji

Also additional laughter and commentary provided by Jane!

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I’m tired of people on here saying that Lionsgate is whitewashing the character of Katniss Everdeen. There are several reasons for this.

First let me start off by saying I am a woman of color (I’m italian and cuban), and I have an olive skin tone. My mom has a lgither version of an olive skin tone, as does my sister. So when the book said that Katniss had olive skin, this is the skin tone I thought of: 

External image

This is kind of close to my color skin. As you can see, she is not black. That’s because the book says OLIVE skin. Not “Dark Brown,” as Collins uses to describe Rue (who obviously was canonically black–something that they took into account while casting for the film. Rue could have been casted as a white girl but she wasnt. Therefore there is no intentional whitewashing here. But back to my point

Which brings me back to Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer is not pale-as-fuck white. In Catching Fire they tried to appease the complaints by giving her a darker skin tone in makeup.

External image

Many ask, “Well why not just cast someone who is that color?”

Well why not cast a blonde to play peeta? Or a real alcoholic to play Haymitch? Or a real whore to play Finnick? You know why? Because acting isn’t about BEING the characters in real life. It is pretending. It is ACTING. Jennifer was cast because Jennifer was the best person for the job, whether you think so or not. The director thought so, the producers and investors thought so, and the goddamn academy validated her talent by giving her a fucing Oscar at the age of 22! Do you know how incredible that is? Very!

I understand where the frustration is coming from here. I really do. But as a WOC and as a obsessive, hardcore, long-time Hunger Games fan, I would rather they casted someone as gifted and perfect for the part as Jennifer than for them to have casted a WOC simply because of her skin color. Jennifer got the part because she DESERVED it. NOT because she’s white!


It’s finally done - Hetalia Actor!AU part 4!

  1. The dog that plays Hana in the show is a pageant dog, so she had to have a litter of puppies to keep the genes going. When she did, they gave one of the puppies to Finland’s actor because he loves Hana so much. He calls her Hana the Second and brings her in sometimes to see her mum. (sent in by an anon)
  2. Denmark’s actor sometimes likes to flatten his hair and slick it back, but not for looks. During some scenes with the Axis, Italy’s and Japan’s actors burst out laughing suddenly because they can see Denmark’s actor imitating Germany’s actor’s scenes behind him in sync. The two also like to wear the same outfit on set and walk around acting as if they were a mirror and a reflection, even requesting for the hair/makeup crew to style their hair in the same way. (credits to doubleox515 and albinokiwi47)
  3. China’s actor always messes up and forgets his own lines, but for some reason always seems to remember everyone else’s perfectly.
  4. Wy and Sealand’s actors are super professional and can keep a straight face through the most physically awkward and funniest scenes, even when the adult actors are dying with laughter around them and completely screwing up their lines. When that happens they just shake their little heads in utter disapproval at the grown ups and wait patiently for them to get themselves together. (credits to nobutihavethegcse)
  5. The Netherlands’ actor loves sending progress shots of his hair being styled to the rest of the cast, even those who are in the same dressing room as him and have seen the whole process before.

Bonus - Italy’s and Germany’s actors being dorks at the premiere:

External image


VOLTRON ACTOR!AU where Lance’s actor is always snapchatting behind the scenes during shoots 

The ones who mess up their lines the most are Shiro, Lance and Allura and you can blame the entire Voltron cast for actually starting conspiracy theories in the fandom

Pidge’s actor likes to give the fans heart attacks by teasing about Shiro’s “death” in the S2 trailer