The Ultimate Workout Playlist (Will upload later)

The Jig is Up - Kendrick Lamar
I be on that - childish gambino
Bonfire - cg
Just What I Am - kid Cudi
Pursuit of Happiness Remix - kc
Memories - kc
Power - Kanye west
Shabba Remix - ASAP ferg
Wild For the Night - ASAP rocky
terrorist threats - ab soul
Worldstar - cg
Earth: the oldest computer - cg
Crawl - cg
Sunrise - cg
Eat Your Vegetables - cg
Freaks & Geeks - cg
Heartbeat Treasure Fingers rmx - cg
Thank You - Busta Rhymes
Shake Weight - Captain Murphy
Sale - Hodgy Beats
Yes - cg
The Rocker - cg
Toxic - Cg
One Up - cg
Boomshakalaka - chip tha ripper
Be A model - chip tha ripper
Ol Girl - chip tha ripper
Telegraph Ave Ta-Ku Remix - cg
Whatever U Want - consequence
Embrace the Martian - kc
Gladiator - common
Kush Coma - Danny brown
Dubstep - Danny brown
Dip - Danny brown
Dope Fiend Rental - Danny brown 
Pac Blood - Danny brown
Bruiser Brigade - db
Memories Extended - kc
Rolling papers - doom genesis
Burgundy - earl sweatshirt
banana clipper - killer mike
camera day - flying lotus
pyramids - frank ocean
novacane - fo
clique - kw
mercy - kw
cold - kw
creepers - kc
don’t like - kw
old school caddy - hit boy
option - hit boy
tom ford - jay z
fuckwitmeyouknowigotit - jz
niggas in paris - kw/jz
why i love you - kw/jz
who gon stop me - kw/jz
on to the next one - jz
can’t tell me nothing - kw
champion - kw
touch the sky - kw
Monster - kw
runaway - kw
who will survive in america - kw
hell of a life - kw
black skinhead - kw
im in it - kw 
backseat freestyle - kl
maad city - kl
ronald reagan era - kl
rigamortus - kl
dose of dopeness - kc
day n nite crookers remix - kc
the ruler & the killer - kc
immortal - kc
new york city rage fest - kc
lord of the sad & lonely - kc
girls - kc
cold blooded - kc
red eye - kc
london girls - kc
did you get it - kc
maniac - kc
scott mescudi vs the world - kc
can’t stop me - kc
helpless - kc
hottest in the hood freestyle - kc
tim westwood freestyle - kc
enter galactic - kc
make her say - kc
up up & away - kc
cudi zone - kc
maui wowie - kc
cudi spazzin - kc
around my way - lupe fiasco
lamborghini angels - lf
little weapon - lf
go go gadget flow - lf
watching movies - Mac miller
matches - mac miller
extinguisher - mellowhigh
get n drunk - mellowhigh
f666 the police - mellowhype
hannah montana - Migos
party people - nerd
orange juice - odd future
spaz - nerd
everyone nose - nerd
anti matter - nerd
king push - pusha t
happy - pharrell
sexting - schoolboy q
street knock - ar
higher ground - tnght
upper echelon - Travis Scott
dance on the moon - Travis Scott
au79 - Tyler the creator
yonkers - tc
domo23 - tc
jamba - tc
tamale - tc
parking lot - tc
cudi the kid third party remix - kc

4 loko remix
seven - tc
blow - tc
where u been - 2 chainz
partyisntover - tc
tron cat - tc
she- tc
teleport 2 me jamie - wzrd
upper room - wzrd
hate it or love it - 50 cent/game
blessed - schoolboy q
there he go - sq
sweet serenade - pusha t
trouble on my mind - pt
nosetalgia - pt
numbers on the board - pt
sam is dead - of
sooner or later - nerd
hypnotize u - nerd
its in the air - nerd
hot n fun - nerd
aquarium - mm
ok - mac miller
streets on fire - lf
superstar - lf
reagan - killer mike
cleveland is the reason - kc
pursuit of happiness - kc
soundtrack 2 my life - kc
super boo - kc
trippy - kc
mr rager - kc
revofev - kc
on my own - kc
to da top - kc
infinite dreams - kc
brothers - kc
bigger than you - kc
blow my high - kl
adhd - kl
hol up - kl
real- kl
money trees - kl
love lockdown - kw
robocop - kw
welcome to heartbreak - kw
new slaves - kw
send it up - kw
see me now - kw
gorgeous - kw
heard em say - kw
drive slow - kw
crack music -kw
gold digger - kw
i wonder - kw
flashing lights - kw
stronger - kw
already home - jz/kc
us placers - crs
thinking bout you - fo
Super rich kids - fo
crack rock - fo
forrest gump - fo
Hive - es
Molasses - es
Whoa - es
Knight - es
Lie4 - db
Radio Song - db
Adderral Admiral - db
DNA - db
Wonderbread - db
Lincoln Continental - db
My Type of Party - Dom Kennedy
Symphonies - kc
Grown Up - db
Yaphet Kotto - cg
Low Key - chip
Ride 4 U - chip/kc
Good Evening - chip
GloryUs - chip/kc
Rollin in the Deep - CG 
Unnecessary - cg
Black faces - cg
We Aint Them - cg
Nostalgia - chance the rapper
Fuck U Tahm Bout - cr
Thats Love - cr
Favorite Song - Chance the Rapper
Centipede - cg
Backpackers - cg
You see me - cg
Telegraph ave - cg
The Worst Guys - cg
the Race - wiz khalifa
Angels - ar
Sweatpants - cg


Here you go!! 130 AUs for all you fanfic writers. Go nuts, show nuts, do whatever.

These are NOT mine. I repeat: These are not mine. They have been carefully compiled from multiple posts from all around Tumblr.


1. Accidentally fell asleep on each other on the train au
2. Always in front of me in line for the coffee shop with a ridiculous order that takes forever to make au
3. “I moved into the appartment next door and it’s 100% haunted please let me crash here for the night” au
4. “I may or may not have robbed a bank just now and please help me get away i’ll repay you in sexual favours and also cash” au
5. Neighbour who’s way too enthuisiastic about LOTR soundtracks au
6. That one asshole costumer that always comes in 5 minutes before the store is about to close au
7. “I don’t know you but you were at that party last night and long story short I now have your name tatooed on my ass” au
8. “Could you please move your bed a little further from the wall I’m trying to work” au
9. “My friends dared me to go on this rollercoaster but now that we’re at the top it looks way too scary and hellO hot person sitting next to me (careful i might puke)” au
10. “I was trying to take a sneeky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward” au
11. “That is a hideous shirt you should totally just take it off” au
12. “That asshole stole my song at karaoke night” au
13. Met on the fireescape outside the appartment for smokes au
14. Ice hockey rival teams au
15. Hot lifeguard au
16. ‘we both got kicked out of our rooms because our roommates are having sex so now we’re standing in the hallway avoiding each other’ AU
17. 'I heard you singing backstreet boys at 3am and decided to sing along oops’ AU
18. ’ holy shit i’m in the wrong car’ AU
19. 'My pet really hates your pet’ AU
20. ’ Customer that knows wayyyy more than the brand new employee please help me out’ AU
21. 'I was walking by the roller coasters and SOMEONE’S SHOE FLEW OFF AND HIT ME IN THE HEAD” AU
22. 'dude i know we don’t know each other but my swim trunks came off when i jumped in the water can you grab them for me’ AU
23. ”it’s 2am and i’m drunk and i need some goddamn french fries right now so open your fucking door’ AU
25. 'got mistaken for a celebrity by the celebrity’s biggest fan’ AU
26. 'this person just fell asleep on me in the subway but they’re cute so whatever’ AU
27. 'sorry i set the fire alarm in our building off again for the forty-eighth time i was trying to cook’ AU
28. 'so YOU’RE the douchebag who keeps mowing their lawn while i’m trying to sleep’ AU
29. 'I know nothing about camping will you help me i think i heard a bear’ au
31. 'we’re literally the only two kids who ride this school bus maybe we should carpool or make out or something’ AU
32. 'I hired you off craigslist to be my date for a wedding’ AU
33. ’I’m a werewolf but I’m embarrassed to tell you because my wolf form is more like a chihuahua’ AU
34. you’re the drummer for my brothers band and i find you really hot AU
35. lost in a random small town and you show me around AU
36. accidentally broke into your apartment because i was drunk AU
37. i found your dog wondering the streets so i decided to come and return him AU
38. i audition to model in your music video and we end up hitting it off AU
39. we get seated next to each other on a delayed flight AU
40. co-stars whose characters date each other on the show AU
41. you’re a hot surfer and i’m an awkward person working at an ice cream stand on the beach AU
42. accidentally found and read your diary AU
43. i didn’t know you were my teacher AU
44. woke up with amnesia AU
45. you’re a jock and i’m into theater AU
46. secretly have to date so our parents don’t find out AU
47. fame has gotten to your head so you were sent off to live with country relatives AU
48. pretending to date you because someone was obnoxiously hitting on you AU
49. i’m in a lame band and you’re the towns bad boy/girl AU
50. we fucked once and somehow keep bumping into each other AU
51. has to share a cab because there’s a thunderstorm ahead (and then gets stuck in ridiculous NY/LA traffic) AU
52. you’re a ghost and i’m a human and somehow we fall in love with each other AU
53. we went on a long road trip and got into a car crash and we’re the only two who survived AU
54. we go to the same coffee shop every evening to do homework but we never speak to each other until today AU
55. end up getting married in vegas although we’re total strangers AU
56. you apply to be my roommate AU
57. we met in the summer and now i go to your school but you act like a typical jerk AU
58. i’m visiting your country for vacation and you show me around AU
59. detention on a saturday afternoon AU
60. nothing but a fragment of ones imagination AU (as in a coma & they imagine each other being real)
61. we rob places together as a couple and get away with it AU
62. all boys/girls boarding school AU
63. best friends when we were young and then you moved and now we meet again at college AU
64. arranged marriage AU
65. we met at a really strict summer camp and ended up breaking all the rules together one by one AU
66. asylum AU
67. war AU
68. we both have cancer and go to the same support group AU
69. we decide to play a game of chicken together which leads to one thing or another AU
70. we’re both in conservative relationships so we decide to sneak off and be each others friends with benefits AU
71. we’re best friends and we take each others virginity’s AU
72. we dated when we were younger and now we’re step siblings AU
73. our friends put us on a blind date AU
74. i’m only your friend because we smoke weed and get high together AU
75. “we wore matching halloween costumes to this party” au
76. “we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled” au
77. “tried to get the candy bar that didn’t drop out of the vending machine and now my hand is stuck can u help me out” au
78. “we’re the only ones on campus who didn’t go home for christmas” au
79. “we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories” au
80. “accidentally fell in your lap while standing on this crowded bus” au
81. “can u help me sneak my cat into my dorm” au
82. “accidentally got assigned the same library study room so I guess we’ll have to share for the semester” au
83. “It’s raining and u forgot your umbrella so come over and stand under mine while we wait for the bus” au
84. “I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is” au
85.  I’m really passionate about this cause and I will give you this flier if I have to shove it down your throat
86.  vicious battle over the only left handed desk in the room
87.  my roommate’s boyfriend is staying over so can I please sleep on your floor
88. it’s pouring and my final paper is in my backpack so I guess we’re stuck under this tiny awning together. do you think they’d deliver pizza here
89.  hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model
90. hey I have to take someone’s blood pressure for class will you be my victim
91.  I know I keep coming to the cookie shop and for some reason it’s always your shift but don’t you dare judge me I need these for my sanity
92. all our friends are drunk and someone needs to give them a ride
93. it’s 3 am and I’m still in the library studying for finals and I’m losing my grip on reality and I think I just saw a ghost
94. we’re the only two people in this club. what is this club even for
95. humans vs zombies
96. we’re the only people who ever talk in discussions it’s awful
98. Both of us turned ap at the wrong room for this lecture but don’t know where it’s meant to be
99. Waiting outside for pizza to be delivered and both of ours are super late
100. You keep parking in the space outside my student house you asshole
101. we live in halls opposite to each other and I keep seeing you change clothes
102. You’re theonly other person in the room when I break the printer and I’m panicking
103. Neither of us bought the expensive textbook but there is only one copy in the library and it can’t leave the building
104. This awesome professor only has one TA slot and we’re rivals
105. I found your USB drive still in the computer
106. I thought I was the only one who liked the waffle station in the cafeteria
107. You keep reserving the good study room in the corner of the library with the windows
108. We’re studying in the library and there are two people very obviously fucking in the stacks and we keep sharing embarrassed glances
109. We’re both donating blood in the blood donation van in the quad to get out of the same class
110. You decked me in the head while you were playing frisbee golf
111. Wait, I actually have a competent lab partner?
112. You’re baking cookies in the communal kitchen at 3am and I’m angry but also really hungry
113. What are you doing at this table at the career fair
114. Waiting for office hours
115. I’ve been sitting in this seat all semester why did you decide to sit in it today
116. Clearly we’re both really uncomfortable at this party
117. You peed on my car. You were drunk. I was in the car. There will be hell to pay.We started racing up the three flights of stairs to class for some reason and we can’t stop
118. my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me
119. we’re always at the fitness center at the same time and end up competing on the treadmill
120. Sorry my roommate puked on your shoes
121. Can I borrow a dryer sheet? I ran out and the ones in the vending machine give me a rash
122. Your school mailbox is right next to mine
123. I saw you sneaking captain crunch and cutlery out of the dining hall
124. My roommate borrowed your contraband hotpot and managed to set it on fire
125. You keep using my preferred shower stall in the floor bathrooms when I’m trying to get ready for class
126. My computer crashed and you’re the student worker at the IT center
127. we’re both on althetic teams that aren’t as cool as the football team and they give us shit
128. You’re part of the guerrilla theater club on campus and crashed my class for a performance
129. What do you mean we’re under a tornado warning?
130. We alternate seats every day and keep putting cute messages on the desk for the other to read.

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