hey bae(rista); au

“Mom- Mom, I just-…I got to play a whole five minutes and-..”

“-five minutes, huh? Anyone could play five minutes at the end of the game. You know, I’m really busy, Kristal. Call me when you’re actually making a difference, huh?” was all Kris got before the sound of the other line hanging up clicked.

“…and I scored a goal,” Kris mumbled miserably to herself. First national team game, first international goal, and she had no one to share it with. Hoping out of her hotel bed, Kris trudged out the door, waving a half-hearted goodbye to her current roommate. 

As she headed down to the lobby, Kris didn’t really know where she was headed, just that she needed to get away from the place. It was stupid, sure, to feel the weight of her parents lack of support pressing down on her even so far away from Texas, but she’d swear that it was dragging her down all the way in Los Angeles. Turning down the first street she reached, Kris found herself walking into a small coffee shop. She usually wouldn’t go for coffee to calm herself down, but for some inexplicable reason, that was where she simply needed to be at the time.

 Her mind was elsewhere as she waited for the line to dwindle down, so when she reached the front and looked up at the baerista, it took her a moment to gather herself. “Uh-,” she started to stutter, stumbling over herself a bit as her eyes scanned quickly over the woman. Of course she had to be pretty. “Coffee, uh. Just uhm. Maybe uh, a…hm. Skinny vanilla…latte.” Running a hand through her damp hair, Kris let out a deep breath, doing what she could to seem at least a little less stupid than she already probably looked. 

Liam said there were pictures of his (as Niall called them) “public hair” because when the fan took his boxers he went out to the balcony in nothing but his sweat pants and he said “we were millimeters from my penis coming out”.