Assassin AUs

1.      ‘Wait, you’ve been hired to killthis guy too?!’ AU

2.      ‘My apologies, upon closer inspection it turns out that you are not the person I was hired to kill.’ AU

3.      ‘I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to kill you yet but first, either way, what did you DO to piss off the Canadians so badly.’ AU

4.      ‘They never told me the target was also a trained killer. Did they tell you?’ AU

5.      ‘I’m meant to kill you but I’ve been watching you for a week to work out how and you’re just too nice.’ AU

6.      ‘I’m intrigued; the last three attempts on my life were much better funded and prepared.’ AU

7.      ‘All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week and I’m sitting here using your flat as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy. This is awkward.’ AU

8.      ‘I can only assume we’re both missing part of the story here because that was supposed to kill you.’ AU

9.      ‘Dude, you just shot my arm off. Do they not hire assassins with an aim anymore?’ AU

10.  ‘Explain to me one more time, why exactly are you so desperate to buy this much Ricin?’ AU

11.  ‘So let me get this straight. You nuked my entire home city and you still didn’t manage to kill me?’ AU

12.  ‘Dude, no. If you kill me that just leaves you, the crazy guy and the CAT!’ AU

13.  ‘I don’t know who you are or how you got in here but I need you to give back at least some of the armoury.’ AU

14.  ‘Having drawn the short straw I’m the guy who has to explain to you why we can’t take out a hit on an entire landmass.’ AU

15.  ‘Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot back there but we are literally the only two people on this boat who are not assassins, so…’ AU

#SanversWeek Topic/Prompt Voting is Open!

Alright yall, so! 

#SanversWeek – you’ve all decided it shall be 4 weeks after the finale, June 18th-24th.

(Beautiful gif work above by the wonderful, talented @smolsawyer – this is the kinda stuff #SanversWeek should generate, yo!)

So, this week, we’re going to vote on what we want the topics/prompts for each day to be! Yall submitted ideas, and now, we need to choose seven (one for each day of the week)!

Remember, we want the topics/prompts to be general enough to allow for lots of different stories, gifs, fan art, manips, etc (#SanversWeek is thirsty for them all!), but specific enough to be… you know… a day’s topic/prompt.

So!!! In the replies, vote for your favorite topics by number (see list below: I’ve compiled/consolidated your replies and offline ideas!). (You can vote for multiple numbers.) Please vote before the finale airs on May 22nd!

The seven ideas that receive the most votes in the replies to this post will be selected by the Goblet of Fire crap, wrong fandom to be the day-by-day prompts for #SanversWeek!

Your ideas for day-by-day topics/prompts are as follows: 

1. Ride or Die

2. Nerd Girlfriends

3. Hobbies

4. Smut

5. “You’re drunk.”

6. “Don’t go.”

7. “How did you get in here?”

8. Family

9. Angst

10. AU

11. Hogwarts AU

12. Magic/Fantasy/Sci Fi AU

13. Domestic

14. Soulmates AU

15. High School AU

16. Fluff

17. Hurt/Comfort

18. Artists’ Choice/Freebie

19. Intimacy

20. “There’s something you need to know.”

21. Jealousy

22. Love Triangle

23. Lesbian Tropes

24. Wedding

25. Motorcycle Girlfriends

26. Travel

27. Canon Divergence

Reply with the number corresponding to your favs, and reblog so more people can vote!! 

All the loveeeeeee <3 <3 <3 

lovelyrhink’s top headcanons
High School AU List

A list of au’s inspired and compiled by myself and Spacefighterkaratebastard

1.       We both want the last seat on the bus AU

2.       We have to share rooms on a residential trip AU

3.       I forgot my bus pass and the driver is an asshole but you paid for me instead AU

4.       Having to sit next to each other for a really long bus trip AU

5.       We’re competing for top of the class AU

6.       We’ve been rivals in school since year one but oh my god you’re really cute now and I crush on you so hard AU

7.       I was stood up on the bus next to your seat and the bus braked really suddenly and now I’m in your lap AU

8.       You found me crying in the toilets AU

9.       You found me hitting the vending machine because I didn’t realise its exact change and shit that’s my bus fare AU

10.   I tripped over in the canteen and I got my lunch all over you and I’m so sorry AU

11.   I was trying to throw the tippex to my friend but it hit you and your blazer is stained and so is your work oh god AU

12.   You put my shirt on by accident in the changing rooms can I have it back please AU

13.   You’re really good at IT and i can barely make a PowerPoint omg please help me before i start crying AU

14.   We met in the medical room when you’re about to throw up and I’m praying it’s not on me AU

15.   I just accidentally flung a basketball at your face because my aim is terrible and holy shit you’re bleeding let me take you to the medical room AU

16.   It’s sports day and I’m not going to fucking lose to you AU

17.   We got partnered together for a dissection and I HATE gore AU

18.   Year group game of manhunt and oh you fucker that’s my hiding spot but neither of us is moving so were both gunna have to cram in here AU

19.   I thought you were my friend from behind so I just ran up and punched you omg I’m so sorry AU

20.   I was making ugly faces at a friend in class and I forgot you’re right in front of me oh god you’re cute too this is so embarrassing please stop laughing.

Grump shipping otp art & writing challenge 15 days

A fun little thing 🙂for both artist and writers

1. Demon & Angels au
2. university / college au
3. Coffee shop / Tea room au
4. Pirates au
5. Superheroes / super villians au
6. Merpeople au
7. Zombie apocalypse au
8. Pokemon au
9. Soulmate
10. Fantasy au
11. Wizards au
12. Childhood friend au
13. Time traveler Au
14. Alien au
15. Favourite tv show au


1. Theatre au

2. Bookstore au

3. Hogwarts au

4. Gang of thieves au

5. High school au

6. High school teachers au

7. Zombie apocalypse au

8. Soulmate au (can specify of what sort)

9. Coffee shop au (yes cliche yes it’s still on here)

10. Camp counselors au

11. Modern royalty au

12. College roommates au

13. Flower shop au

14. Smol and tol couple au (can specify a prompt)

15. Hanahaki disease au

16. Figure skating partners au

17. Why the hell are you playing My Heart Will Go On on the piano at midnight au

18. ^^ I’m going to join in until you shut up au

19. It’s pouring and we’re stuck in the same tiny store/under the same tiny awning au

20. I’m busking in the park and you just decide to plop down and harmonize with me au

21. Damn you’re super cute and I would love to date you but???? how to sign language??? au

22. Stop yelling ‘parkour’ when you scale fences and run across the road that’s dangerous and an incredibly inefficient detour so gET BACK HERE au

23. Can you not start fretting over me I’m with my friends and you’re clearly ruining my rep, sTOP fixing my hair and no I do not need a bandaid gOD au

24. You went in for a fist bump and I went in for a kiss and you just punched me in the face au

25. I found you perched on the railing of my fire escape reading Hamlet and I have no idea how you got up here what are you doing au

26. “I don’t always hide beneath your desk, sir, but when I do I feel very safe” au

27. We’re in AP Physics and talking about gravity and I turned to you and said “I’m attracted to you” and without hesitation you replied “my foot is attracted to your ass” au

28. I’m super stressed and I come to this little park in the middle of the night and you’re sitting there and notice and offer me a massage to get rid of some of the tension and holy shit you give really nice massages can I come back if this happens again AU

29. I’m a famous singer and you’re a semi-famous youtuber who covers all my songs, who the hell are you and why the hell do your versions sound almost as good as the original? AU

30. I put “send your cutest delivery driver” in the special instructions every time and your manager always picks you. at first you were annoyed but now you’re concerned that my diet is pretty much 70% pizza and offer (threaten) to make me real dinner AU

31. I was locked out of my house and my parents won’t be home until tomorrow morning and I know we’ve never talked even though we’ve been neighbors for five years but I’m really out of options

32. You accidentally chained your bike to mine where are you can you come back i have to leave soon

~listen. please. i want to do creative things. 


1. i’m the leader of a gang, you’re the leader of another. we’re meant to hate each other au
2. we’ve been best friends since we were in diapers and i really need your help getting a girlfriend au
3. you’re my best girl friend and i need a wingman at the bar tonight au
4. we both have cancer so let’s reek havoc in the hospital and pull pranks au
5. you stole my boyfriend/girlfriend so i hate your guts and start a fight with you every time i see you au
6. i wanna have a baby and you’ve been my best friend for forever, so can i use your sperm? au
7. i just found out i’m sick so let’s go do all the things on my bucket list au
8. we’re both svu detectives let’s go kick some people in the balls au
9. my enemy has blackmail on me, let’s go sneak into their house to get some on them au
10. i’m new and nerdy and you’re cool and badass, give me a make over au
11. i have no date to prom, can we go as bffs? au
12. we’re siblings and years ago our parents were murdered and we find out who did it, let’s go kill them au
13. there’s a ghost in my house, let’s become ghost hunters au
14. car broke down on the side of the road so now we have to walk through the creepy forest au
15. my mom hates you and i wanna make her angry so let’s pretend we’re dating au
16. my mom thinks i’m too old to trick or treat, can i tag along with you and your niece to get free candy au
17. we’re best friends and we both have a crush on the same girl/boy au
18. i’m in a bad place with money and had to rob this convenience store, you saw so now i kidnapped you, sorry au
19. i saw you kill someone and now i have blackmail on you au
20. i need a hit man and you’re the only one i trust even though you’re in a gang, i want you to do this for me au

Scenario Masterlist

*scenarios followed by an “M” contain mature content*

No Matter What {Joshua, angst, fluff, tw: death}

Addictions {Joshua, M}

Personal Space {S.Coups, fluff, Highschool!au}

Coming of Age {Jun, fluff}

Win of the Night {Hoshi, fluff}

Dance Practice {The8, fluff}

Bloom {Jun, songfic}

Unqualified {Jun, fluff}

Just 7 Minutes {Woozi, fluff}

Be Cool {The8, fluff}

Misunderstood {Joshua, fluff, Dangerous!au}

Marshmallow Boy {Woozi, fluff}

Baby Don’t Cry {Joshua, angst}

Level Up {Hoshi, fluff}

Everything I Did Was For You {D.K, angst, tw: death}

Human Behavior {The8, songfic, Highschool!Au}

Perks {Mingyu, fluff}

Right as Rain {Joshua, fluff}

The Roots of Affection {Wonwoo, fluff, Hogwarts!AU}

Hana Hou {Joshua, fluff}

Forever {Woozi, fluff}

No Mistletoe Needed {Dino, fluff, Christmas!AU}

In Theory {Wonwoo, fluff}

The Same {Verkwan, platonic fluff, angst}

For a Reason {Woozi, songfic, angst}

Values {Vernon, fluff, Bad Boy!Au}


An Unlikely Encounter {Jeonghan, fluff, Nokken!Au} [1] [2] [3] [4]

Something Broken, Something New {Woozi/S.Coups, choose your own ending} 

High School!AU 


13 Days of SevenWeen

YouTube AU Series

some cutesy aus

inspired by @marspersonified :-)

1. “omg i’m so, so sorry but you are so fucking cute when your mad i just can’t resist pissing you off all the time again sorry” au
2. “you spilled some water on yourself at dinner and ugh i noticed and we made eye contact and sorry i am so sorry please” au
→ 3. “wow wow i accidentally kicked you under the table and now it looks like i’m playing footsies with you fuck i am so embarrassing
4. “here i am buying a box of condoms for a friend but of fucking course i have to run into you here at the grocery store at ten in the evening this is just fucking great” au
5. “just trying to do my laundry in peace and my underwear is the last to go in and you happen to walk into the laundromat like what is my luck” au
6. “god it’s late and we’ve been driving for like seven hours and i meant to grab the water bottle in the cupholder but my hand accidentally grazed ur thigh” au
7. “i went in to kiss you for the first time and fuckin missed, i fucking missed and kissed the side of your jaw and i’m a fuckin dork and i want to die” au
→ 8. “you’re laughing at me now, god please stop laughing ugh let me do it again i’ll do it better this time i promise”
9.  “i was having a shit day and dialed the wrong number and nearly panicked hearing your fucking voice on the other end of the phone that i almost hung up” au
10. “i took you out on our first date and realized i forgot my own wallet so now i look like a cheapskate and fuck i like you so much i’m so embarrassed” au
11. “excuse me i’m supposed to be tutoring you in this subject do not look at me like that, this is inappropriate no please stop you’re adorable” au
12. “you asked me how you looked in the outfit you tried on and i’m trying real real hard not to smile because you’re so beautiful” au
13. “we’re supposed to be working on this super important thing please do not trace your fingers down the back of my neck like that i get so distracted so easily” au
14. “it’s four in the morning and i went to go get some water and you’re still up and we shouldn’t be caught together and you shouldn’t be this close to me right now” au
→ 15. “you just caught me in my embarrassing pajamas but somehow look so cute in yours and it’s so late and i’m so tired and i shouldn’t be flirting with you right now because this is dangerous
16. “no i will not sneak out with you right now in the middle of the night are you insane someone will catch us!!” au
→ 17. “stop looking at me like that the answer is no
18. “somehow you got into my things because you were cold last night and you’re wearing my hoodie and i’m just not sure how to feel all these feelings at once because you’re so fucking cute wearing it i don’t ever want you to take it off” au
19.shut up i’m supposed to be pissed at you right now, leave me alone, no don’t look at me like that, fuck do not touch me there, i hate you but you’re so hot right now” au
20. “you are so drunk and i can’t help but flirt back with you even though i know i shouldn’t and we should not be doing this right now no no no” au

AU list

1. Theatre au

2. Bookstore au

3. Hogwarts au

4. Gang of thieves au

5. High school au

6. High school teachers au

7. Zombie apocalypse au

8. Soulmate au (can specify mark)

9. Coffee shop au (yes cliche yes it’s still on here)

10. Camp counselors au

11. Modern royalty au

12. College roommates au

13. Flower shop au

14. Smol and tol couple au (can specify a prompt)

15. Hanahaki disease au

16. Why the hell are you playing My Heart Will Go On on the piano at midnight au

17. ^^ I’m going to join in until you shut up au

18. It’s pouring and we’re stuck in the same tiny store/under the same tiny awning au

19. I’m busking in the park and you just decide to plop down and harmonize with me au

20. Damn you’re super cute and I would love to date you but???? how to sign language??? au

21. Stop yelling ‘parkour’ when you scale fences and run across the road that’s dangerous and an incredibly inefficient detour so gET BACK HERE au

22. Can you not start fretting over me I’m with my friends and you’re clearly ruining my rep, sTOP fixing my hair and no I do not need a bandaid gOD au

23. You went in for a fist bump and I went in for a kiss and you just punched me in the face au

24. I found you perched on the railing of my fire escape reading Hamlet and I have no idea how you got up here what are you doing au

25. “I don’t always hide beneath your desk, sir, but when I do I feel very safe” au

26. We’re in AP Physics and talking about gravity and I turned to you and said “I’m attracted to you” and without hesitation you replied “my foot is attracted to your ass” au

27. I’m a kpop idol trainee (or Japanese or American or something) but I don’t know any Korean (or other language) so they hire you to be my tutor but you’re really hot and I’m trying to get by with the little I do know and you laugh at me all the time but I love your laugh so it’s okay AU

28. I’m super stressed and I come to this little park in the middle of the night and you’re sitting there and notice and offer me a massage to get rid of some of the tension and holy shit you give really nice massages can I come back if this happens again AU

29. I’m a famous singer and you’re a semi-famous youtuber who covers all my songs, who the hell are you and why the hell do your versions sound almost as good as the original? AU

30. I put “send your cutest delivery driver” in the special instructions every time and your manager always picks you. at first you were annoyed but now you’re concerned that my diet is pretty much 70% pizza and offer (threaten) to make me real dinner AU

member and a number, as usual :)

January Prompt Table

So here’s how I want this to work, i’ll list a bunch of prompts with categories and numbers, and someone will send a pairing or a thing they want. Combinations are acceptable. 

A) Meet Cute
B) Not My Girlfriend/Boyfriend
C) Enemies to Friends to Lovers
D) Domestic Disaster
E) Best Friend’s Sibling
F) Jock/Nerd
G) Accidental Artificial Insemination
H) Trapped In An Enclosed Space
I) Belligerent/Persisting Sexual Tension
J) Blatant Lies
K) Girl/Boy Next Door
L) Age Difference
M) Found Family
N) Pining

1) Monster/Magic AU
2) Civilian/Normal AU
3) High School/College/Teacher AU
4) Space AU
5) Café/Restaurant AU
6) HDM/Daemon AU
7) Soulmate/Soulmate Identifying Mark/Trait AU
8) Medieval/Period AU
9) Pirate AU
10) Movie AU
11) Organized Crime AU
12) Fairy Tale AU
13) Crossover AU
14) Submit Your Own

100 AUs LIST

1.       ”You’re stuck at 18 years old until you meet your soulmate” AU

2.       “Alice in Wonderland” AU

3.       “You work at my son/daughters playschool/kindergarten” AU

4.       “Everything I write/draw comes to life” AU

5.       “The Witch Hunters” (Hansel and Gretel) AU

6.       “We watch the same show, what do you mean you don’t ship X? Come here, let me tell you why they are so perfect for each other” AU

7.       “I’m a hairdresser and you are one of my regulars and I might be in love with the feeling of your hair” AU

8.       “You are a regular in the coffee shop I work at and every time I’m your barista I write a bad pick-up line on your cup” AU

9.       “You’re the customer that gets back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways” Coffee shop AU

10.   “Whoops I just fell face first into your crotch and this is really awkward” AU

11.   “I was actually screaming and moaning over a fictional death, but you thought it was sexual screaming and you came over to tell me to shut up” College AU

12.   “I called you hot and randomly made out with you in the street for a YouTube video, but you kissed me back so now I don’t know what to do” AU

13.   “You’re a stranger but the kiss cam at the baseball game is filming us and oh, okay, you’re straddling me and now everyone is cheering” AU

14.   “I’m here with four other friends and I had to sit alone in this rollercoaster, so hi. Also, I’m terrified of heights and really don’t want to be here” Theme Park AU

15.   “I’ve never met you but now we’re playing 7 minutes in heaven and you smell really good” College AU

16.   “Hey I sort of know you and my roommate just brought home a stranger and they’re going at it pretty hard, can I stay here please?” College AU

17.   “It’s 2 AM, why the hell are you baking and can I have some?” Roommate AU

18.   “You meet up with a cute guy from Tinder but he turns out to be your roommate’s ex” AU

19.   “We share a hospital room and we’re sharing our embarrassing stories about how we get injured and please stop talking, laughing hurts, wait did you just say I’m pretty when I laugh?” AU

20.   “Dirty Dancing” AU

21.   “I’m in hospital and you’re my nurse and I keep telling you “fight me” but you just say “maybe later” every time. Now I’m getting released, and I won’t see you anymore, wait is that a note from you in my bag telling me to fight you and is that your number?” AU

22.   “You can’t see the color of your soulmates eyes until the day you see them for the first time” AU

23.   “You’re really tall and I’m really short and I’m hiding in this cabinet for reasons so shh” AU

24.   “We’re the only single people at this wedding table, let’s get drunk and bitch about everyone together” AU

25.   “You’re a private detective and I’m a notorious cat burglar” AU

26.   “You live across the hall and hide in my apartment when you want to avoid your one night stands” AU

27.   “I’m supposed to be studying for a test and I really dislike parties but my crazy roommate dragged me here. You feel the same, great let’s leave and get something to eat and share crazy dorm stories. Oh god please stop talking, I’m laughing so hard my drink is coming out of my nose” AU

28.   “You’re a Hufflepuff and I’m in Slytherin but you just saved my life, now I owe you?” Harry Potter AU

29.   “Team Free Will as babies” Babysitter AU

30.   “I write erotic poetry about you and now you’re wondering why I asked whether your eyes are more forest green than sun-dappled” AU

31.   “We’re both in the ER for some really stupid reason. I lie and tell some very sketchy story about being a badass and you just admit your story, prompting me to laugh my ass off and tell you the truth” AU

32.   “I’m at the library wearing my Ravenclaw shirt reading mythology books and suddenly my HP books fall out of my bag and you notice, but instead of laugh you just say “20 points to Ravenclaw” and now you are asking me out” AU

33.   “You got stood up on a date at the coffee shop I work at so I gave you a drink on the house” Coffee shop AU

34.   “We’re both somehow lost in Disney World and stumble across each other, let’s be lost together” AU

35.   “The Truman Show” AU

36.   “We’re best friends and you drag me to your brother’s wedding because you don’t want to go alone and now everyone thinks we’re dating which I hate because I really want to date you but I’m too afraid to make a move and risk losing you, wait you are feeling the same?” AU

37.   “My best friend set me up on a blind date, wait aren’t you the guy in my psych class that compete with me way too much?” College AU

38.   “You feel all of your soulmate’s pain, both physically and mentally” Soulmate AU

39.   “We’re both conductors working next to each other, I’m in charge of the sting instruments and you everything else and you keep dancing while you conduct and I won’t take this anymore, please stop, but also don’t because I’m kinda getting fond of it” AU

40.   “I fell off my bike and broke my leg and thank God you are here because no one else is and also I haven’t seen you since this morning and I kinda missed you” AU

41.   “You are the dance teacher for my daughter’s dance class and I tell you I stay here to watch her dance but I’m also flirting with you, oops” AU

42.   “We own two bakeries/restaurants just next to each other and we are rivals, but shit I might have started getting feelings for you” AU

43.   “Team Free Will Jeopardy” AU featuring Host!Gabriel (inspired by the fan art going around with the same theme)

44.   “I’m in the middle of nowhere trying to hitchhike to civilization because my car broke down and I know it’s the middle of the night but you are the only one crazy enough stop for me please help me” AU

45.   “I run the daycare your kids are in and you are a single dad to my favorite kids attending it” AU with a possible side of “I’m already in a slightly abusive relationship, stop being so flirtatious, omg I’m blushing”.

46.   “I’m in the military and I’ve come home early to surprise you” AU

47.   “I’ve locked myself out of my apartment and you’re the annoying neighbor that sings loudly at three AM, why are you inviting me to stay over for the night when I’ve been nothing but an asshole to you, no wait who cares I never knew you were this cute” AU  

48.   “I’m the merman spying on you because I think you are cute when you get all excited over a new discovery” Marine biologist AU

49.   “You keep coming to the observatory I work at to learn about the mythology of the stars and I’m pretty sure it’s to impress me but you keep getting things wrong and I have to correct you. Okay I’m just going to ask you out now because this is too cute to ignore” Astronomer AU

50.   “I’m a music producer and I’m very impressed with your voice” AU with a side of “I can sing too, but nobody knows, shh”.

51.   “You rang my doorbell and keep trying to convince me that you are from an alternative universe and I’m your favorite book character. You keep saying that “you know how it will end” and you want to change that. Which mental hospital did you escape? Wait how did you know that would happen?” AU

52.   “I’m taking a classical studies class and I’m having problems with Latin, please help me?” AU

53.   “This guy is always making my life miserable and now he pushed me into you, sorry. Shit you are cute, oh wait WHY ARE YOU KICKING HIS ASS?!” High School/ College AU

54.   “I’m on a really crappy date with a dumb asshole and you are my waiter PLEASE HELP ME” AU

55.   The Proposal AU

56.   “I twisted my ankle and you’re the only one here strong enough to carry me to the nurse’s office but we’re both really awkward” AU

57.   “I fell asleep on your couch after a party and you didn’t complain, you just made breakfast for the both of us” AU

58.   “We’re in different cabins and should be competing against each other but we totally ship you two together so now we are working together to get you together, clever right?” Summer Camp counselors AU

59.   “Medieval Coffee shop Pet store Wolf!verse” AU

60.   “We’re both acting in the same play” High School AU


62.   “I got in a car accident and you were the pedestrian who took me to the hospital” AU

63.   “My family locked me up because of a curse that makes me have the nose of a pig and the only way to break it is for me to marry a rich guy, and you are the only one who hasn’t run away after I told you” AU

64.   “I designed your sister’s wedding dress- YOU NEED A DATE?” AU

65.   “Omg you’re the best dance partner I have ever had but yoU REALLY PISS ME OFF!” AU


67.   “We’re neighbors and we have rival sports teams” AU

68.   “I think trash day is Tuesday and you think its Monday but neither of us know because we both get up early and work super late so we’re never home to actually find out when it gets picked up” AU

69.   “It’s NOT an emotional movie, the theatre is full of dust OKAY?!” AU

70.   “I’m a street performer and you decide we’d make a great duet” AU

71.   “We hooked up one time and then got set on a blind date, but now I know you’re not the guy who bangs me, who are you?” AU

72.   “I’m not scared of you, please freeze over this lake so we can skate” Jack Frost from “Rise of the Guardians” AU

73.   “I’m deaf and you are trying to learn sign language just so you can communicate with me, you are so sweet why would you do something like that?” AU

74.   “We’re neighbors and I’m ten years younger than you but I’m in love with you and I think you love me too, why are the world so cruel?” AU

75.   “You’re my dad and I love you to death but if you try to set me up on a date with your friend’s son/daughter, who is like my best friend one more time I will kick you in the shins. Also meet x, he/she is my boyfriend/girlfriend, yes she/he is the daughter/son of your other friend, what are you going to do about it?” AU

76.   “I never have time to read/listen to music/watch movies, but something happened and I can’t live this basic life anymore so I’m gonna write a list and do all the stuff I didn’t do before” AU

77.   “I’m in the navy, working on an amphibious ship filled with marines and you are a higher ranking marine that keep telling me I look familiar and you are surprised when you find out my dad was a marine called Winchester because you knew him” AU

78.   “I’ve had a crap day and the bottom of my shopping bags just broke and all my groceries are all over the ground and I’m sitting here in the middle of the parking lot crying my eyes out. You are really nice, thank you for helping me picking my stuff up and holy crap you are cute” AU

79.   “You are the most demanding drama queen customer ever and all my coworkers hide when you come in, shut up everyone I’ll take his order this time even though I only work in the kitchen. Why are you stammering and blushing and can’t look at me?” Coffee shop AU, with bonus points for “What were you guys talking about, he/she isn’t that bad” “How did you accomplish that, what kind of witchcraft did you just use?!”

80.   “I’m a dimension traveler and I’ve taken you to this alternative universe where we are both just actors on a show to prove to you how important and loved you are” AU

81.   “You’ve been playing the cello in a band and I always listen to you play during a free period, but I never show my face” AU

82.   “You found me hanging by my fingertips from your window and I don’t want to tell you I was trying to rob you but idk how else to explain this and I don’t want to go to jail and also you’re kind of cute we should make out when I’m not clinging onto your window ledge for my life” au

83.   “My date stood me up and the waiter keeps asking me if I’m ready to order, but I keep saying no and I know everyone in the restaurant is looking at me with pity and I keep feeling more and more terrible about the situation. I’m going to leave now, but wait you are a stranger who just sat down in front of me and apologized for being late before you whispered to me to just go with it and that whoever stood me up is a dick. Why is this the best date I’ve ever been on?” AU

84.   “You are a ghost and I’m Clairvoyant and you won’t leave me alone” AU

85.   Soulmate AU where a tattoo tells you how old your soulmate will be when you meet

86.   Soulmate AU where you have a stripe across your wrist with the color of your soulmate’s hair and when they dye their hair the stripe on your wrist changes too

87.   Soulmate AU where you have have a tattoo that tells you what your soulmate is most passionate about and if that changes so does your tattoo

88.   Medieval Era AU

89.   Soulmate AU where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to when you meet your soulmate

90.   “I’m in love with my boss” AU

91.   “My car is crappy and you’re the only mechanic open this late” AU

92.   “I’m in a tough spot because I slept with you on Saturday and I come to class on Monday to see that you’re my new professor” College AU

93.   “We’re dating and I’m trying to make it as an artist” AU

94.   “Sam and Dean is my brothers and they help me get rid of the bullies that’s always after me” Normal life AU

95.   “Getting married while drunk in Vegas” AU

96.   “We work at different companies that’s about to become one and for some reason our bosses thought they would introduce our two teams by making us fight each other in a paintball match and omg I just hit you in the balls, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” AU

97.   “You sit behind me and poke me every time I fall asleep during 9am lectures thank you can I buy you a coffee?” AU

98.   “Our suitcases are identical and we accidentally picked up the wrong one at the airport” AU

99.   “Being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse unknowing if the other was alive or dead” AU

100.  “I’m a bartender and you just came in here without shoes on, , sat down and ordered a chocolate volcano and idk what the fuck that is but I’m scared to ask” AU : 0.

If you want to request one of these please follow directions here!

We are pleased to announce that due to the popularity of last Kakavege Week we have decided to expand Round Two to a full seven days! The new dates will be October 30 - November 5! To go along with the good news, here is your complete list of prompts! Please check out our FAQs page to learn how to submit your works! As always, if you need more help or clarification on any prompt please send us an ask or a message!

Sunday Oct. 30

  • 1. I Can’t Take You Anywhere
  • 2. Lost a Bet
  • 3. I Didn’t Sign up for This
  • 4. It’s Not What it Looks Like!
  • 5. Domestic Life (hobbies, domestic competitions, day-to-day life)
  • 6. Adopting a Pet
  • 7. Biggest Fear

Monday Oct. 31

  • 8. Halloween
  • 9. Goku Black
  • 10. Time Travels
  • 11. A/B/O AU
  • 12. Fantasy AU
  • 13. SSJ4
  • 14. Break-Up

Tuesday Nov. 1

  • 15. Sleeping on the Couch/In the Dog House
  • 16. Walk of Shame/The Morning After
  • 17. Date Night
  • 18. Let Me Cheer You Up
  • 19. Public Displays of Affection
  • 20. The Moment I Knew
  • 21. Couple’s Counseling

Wednesday Nov. 2

  • 22. Vacation Time
  • 23. Room of Spirit and Time
  • 24. Goku in the Afterlife
  • 25. Prince Kakarot
  • 26. Law breakers
  • 27. Secrets from the Past
  • 28. Green-eyed Monster/Jealousy

Thursday Nov. 3

  • 29. Start of a New Life
  • 30. Secret Relationship
  • 31. Dreams/Nightmares
  • 32. Sexting/Phone sex
  • 33. Kama Sutra
  • 34. Formal wear
  • 35. Pin up/Centerfolds

Friday Nov. 4

  • 36. Technology
  • 37. Junk in the Trunk/Ass Worship
  • 39. Songfics
  • 40. Parodies
  • 41. Space Butt Pirates AU
  • 42. Sex workers

Saturday Nov. 5

  • 43. Uke Goku or Vegeta
  • 44. Lingerie
  • 45. Mpreg
  • 46. Genderbends
  • 47. Costume swaps
  • 48. Fusions
  • 49. Free for All/Your Choice


and by movie aus i mean aus based on movies 

1. I would name the stars for you (I would take you there) by impetuous (91k/chaptered)

[+] Or a vaguely Notting Hill-like AU (or that made for TV Disney movie Starstruck if you’ve seen it… no? Just me?) starring popstar!Harry and bookkeeper/soulful poet!Louis; and including guest appearances by Fate, a wise elderly aristocrat, and lots and lots of pining.

2. The Dreams That You Wish by Keep_Calm_And_Read_Fic (68k/chaptered)

Cinderella/Ever After AU in which Louis is the world’s sassiest servant, Harry is a closeted prince with a deadline, Zayn is Harry’s chaperone, Liam is given the unenviable task of trying to distract Zayn long enough that his sister, Druscilla, can seduce Prince Harry (hint: doomed to failure) and Niall is the worlds most inappropriate fairy godfather.

Keep reading

List of prompts

Yeah I made these at work! I love prompts so i made some. Some are Aus, some are Person A/B, a few are quotes and a few are ‘we met becasue…’ Also, since i just reblogged with some else with numbers, send in not only the characters and/or ship, but what the prompt is also. Thank you!

1. Cashier/Supermarket Au

2. High School Au

3. Coffee House Au

4.Person A is seriously hurt. Person B dose not take that well.

5.Person A and B get lost in the woods.

6. Myth Au

7. Kid Au

8. Future Au

9. Person A is having a nightmare. Person B is there to comfort them.

10. Person A has been dead for a while and only Person B can see their ghost.

11. Person A is doing something they really shouldn’t. Person B dose their best to stop A.

12. Zombie Au

13. Witch Au

14. Person A is a writer and Person B is a fan of their works.

15. Band Au

16. Person A has brought home a new pet. Person B is not all too thrilled with it.

17. Person A and B move in together.

18. Runaway Au

19. Road Trip Au

20. We met because we got stuck in an elevator together.

21. We met because you crashed into me somehow.

22. We met because you got me into trouble also.

23. Medieval Au

24. Lab partner Au

25. Person A is missing. Person B goes out to find them.

26. We met because we both missed the bus.

27. We met because when walking your dog it got lose and came to me.

28. Person A has gone off the deep end. Person B must bring them back to their senses.

29. Stuck at the airport Au

30. Snowed in Au

32. Long distance Au

33. Person A and B reunited after a long time apart.

34. Person A and B go swimming somewhere.

35. Double Date. Person A and B go out and Person C and D come along also.

36. Work out partners.

37. Person A and B get into a major fight.

38. Person A is sick. Person B helps them feel better.

39. ‘I am grumpy in the morning without my coffee’

40. Power Outage

41. Study Buddies

42. Person A is dying and says their last words and goodbyes to Person B.

43. Sports Au

44. 'Oh no, he’s/she’s hot!’

45. 'I’ll never leave you.’

46. 'Shut up and kiss me already.’

47. 'What the hell happened to you?’

48. 'I will keep you safe.’

49. 'It’s okay to cry.’

50. 'Crap what time is it?’

51. 'I don’t want to hurt you.’

52. 'Don’t go.’

53. 'It’s just a scratch.’

54. 'It’s me!’

55. Person A does something does for Person B.

56. Ghost Hunting Au

57. Person A and B spend the day at the park.

58. We met because you like the same thing I do.

59. 'This can’t be happening.’

60. [Send own idea]

Prompts for OTPs

Send me a number, or randomly use one for yourself…

- - - - - - - - 

01. “No, please… you can’t leave me like this!” 

02. Two Superheroes in blatant competition AU

03. “Do you have a minute to talk about our lord, Cthulhu?” 

04. Office Pank Wars AU

05. “Why are there socks in the sink?”/”Why is the fine china in the washing machine?”

06. There’s a Portal to Another Reality in my Bathroom AU

07. “But you’re dead… how can this-… oh shit, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse?!”

08. Look I know about your stash of hentai, but you know I like collecting (Insert Brand) Dolls, so let’s call it even AU

09. “Pretty sure that potplant is Haunted…” 

10. Did you bring me to the Gym to secretly kill me? AU

11. “Sir, that is not the correct use of the bidet…” 

12. Guardian Angel (is one lazy motherfucker) AU

13. “Did not expect to get trapped in a video game today, but okay… let’s do this.”

14. I walked in on you wearing a fez and crying at Doctor Who, but you spotted me before I could get away and now I’m consoling you, nameless stranger in the airport lounge AU

15. “Just because we have to dorm together, does not mean I have to put up with your stressed, awake-more-than-48hours, caffeine-addicted ass during finals week” AU

16. Clue about your soulmate manifests as a shape/symbol mark over a corresponding body part (e.g. a rose over the heart, a barbell on your bicep), and mine happens to be an asshole… AU

17. “‘Pilot the starship, (name)!’ Did anybody ASK if I knew HOW to pilot the (fucking) Starship?!’

18. You cosplay my favourite character and I’m kind of turned on by that, but I have no idea how to go about telling you stranger-in-my-[subject]-class AU

19. “To be honest I don’t get why you like looking at the stars, but I love the look on your face when you gaze at them…

20. Joining your Dungeons&Dragons group was the best and worst thing I have ever done AU

21. “Yes, there is a merperson in our bathtub, and I can totally explain…” 

22. Accidentally bit you last full moon, and it took me all this time to track you down AU

23. “Well they can’t crown TWO Winners of this Beauty Pageant, so let’s throw down…”

24. You were attempting to drunkenly twerk and I couldn’t take the second-hand embarrassment so I drove you home AU

25. “Cats are an integral part of the universe, it’s basic physics.” 

26. The Zombie Apocalypse actually wasn’t as spectacular as Hollywood made it seem… everyone just sort of came back a bit disoriented but overall exactly as they were (with no desire for flesh or brains of any kind) AU

27. “Look, I’m just here to do my job… and as a Reaper, yes, that does involve me dragging your soul to the Afterlife… so stop whining about it.”

28. Someone spread a terrible rumour about you, but you don’t know, and I’m working hard to fix it AU

29. “Have you considered, Foxtrot Alpha Charlie Tango  Yankee Oscar Uniform?”

30. Compatibility tests, standard in our advanced technological/overbearing dystopian governmental age, have placed us together and of course it had to be YOU AU

31. “I would love to take this exam, professor, but I’ve just noticed this is advanced linguistics 203 and I’m actually an engineering student…” 

32. You waived your Right to Remain Silent hours ago and have been serenading us all with Disney songs ever since AU

33. “There’s a difference between you telling me you aren’t quite human, and surprising the hell out of me with your weird alien anatomy when I’m sleep-deprived… so yes, I did hit you with a frying pan.” 

34. We can’t have kids, biologically, but this new technology has given us hope AU 

35. “So, good news… there’s more than just one type of merpeople… the bad news, some of them are very horny, and have shark teeth”

36. You were turned to stone by magic/science/accident/deliberate/other, and I’m doing everything I can to fix it… but even if I can reverse it after all these years, you’re still young and beautiful AU

37. “Just because there’s a body in my trunk does not make me a serial killer, I can explain…” 

38. The Supernatural is Real and I have to tell you something… AU

39. “Maybe I can control the weather, but no, I’m not helping you recreate a Loreal commercial…”

40. Our species/monster types are literally incompatible… AU

41. “No I wasn’t sexting via Morse code, professor, it was just… uh…”

42. You keep coming through my checkout and buying odd, suggestive, and concerning things AU

43. “Your Honour, the other lawyer is just being a big old meanie and they’re hurting my feelings…” 

44. Selected for an Experimental Treatment/Program by Governmental Agencies AU

45. “Okay, so apparently you have wings and I can powerlift yo mama (hah)… no, but seriously, how did this happen?”

46. So Aliens are Real and I’m just going to have an existential crisis over there while you gloat about your conspiracy theories being right AU

47. “I should not be this turned on by a twinkie, and yet…” 

48. We joined forces to create a webcomic, your writing skills and my artstyle were compatible… even though we hate each other… and now, I’ve noticed the two main love interests are starting to look a lot more like you and me AU

49. “Now listen here you neckbearded, cheetoh-encrusted, misogynistic fedoralord… if you ever say that again, the next words out of your mouth will be muffled by your own butt.”

50. We keep inadvertently saving one another, so who the fuck are you and why am I accident-prone around you? AU

51. “Just because CSI does it, doesn’t mean you can…”

52. Trying to keep reporting the news as if you aren’t under the desk AU

53. “Pretty sure that wasn’t so much ‘coffee’ as ‘industrial grade toxic sludge with caffeine’… so I’m just going to wait over here by the phone to call 911/000/999 when your heart finally gives out.”

54. Maybe you’re not a strong swimmer but there’s a limit to how many inflatable items one person can wear on their body to the beach… please, people are staring AU

55. “How the fuck did you come into possession of this Tank?”

56. Hey, we’re both medieval re-enactors from different time periods at this festival AU

57. “I don’t actually understand sport, but I know that was wrong going off how [my partner] is reacting!” 

58. You were the stranger I was sitting beside on the rollercoaster, and I may have accidentally grabbed your hand at one point AU

59. “Ambassador, it seems your ‘educational vidnet documentaries on human interaction protocols’ that were located from the planet’s intertechnological communication technology… was actually pornography… but I’m sure there’s a way to fix this, the President seems rather enamoured with you now.” 

60. Bored Museum Security Guard that has to spend half their day stopping you from doing insane things AU

61. “So this is the part where I tell you I’m actually an assassin hired to kill you, but I kind of really like you… so I can’t.” 

62. Found an Ancient City with a still-living population/Found Atlantis AU

63. “You are hereby banned from the kitchen, and the downstairs lab… at least until the roof stops smouldering… and you get, er, whatever that charred goop is, off the walls.” 

64. We’re both trapped in this hedge maze and I’m starting to lose the will to live AU

65. “Are you telling me you keep using our real, everyday lives, as inspiration for your OTP fanfictions?” 

66. Surprise, we’re both mutants who had no fucking idea what happened. But you got awesome powers and I… I’m something out of a nightmare AU

67. “Well, Strip-Twister wasn’t my best idea, but it was slightly better than drunk Monopoly…”

68. What we are… is something that society would see us destroyed for, but I will fight as long as you are beside me AU 

69. “WE’RE Drift Compatible? How the f-… how the literal f-… DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME?!”

70. The fact you are human fascinates me, and I wish you could see how wonderful you are… but you don’t, and I’m not sure how to help you AU

Jily Week AU Fic Prompts!

Disclaimer: idea stolen from thejilyship

Message me up to three numbers of which AUs you want to see a bullet-point fic for and I’ll write the ones with the most votes

1. ooh who’s that cute barista wait that’s my childhood bully AU
2. i finished a shower and got locked out of my dorm room AU
3. tinder au
4. i don’t want to be at this stupid wedding wait omg who is that au
5. hi yes you’re my neighbor who sings loudly in the shower please stop au
6. we were engaged to marry since we were three and this is my first time meeting you wow your portraits don’t do you justice au
7. you’re that person who takes apart the shirt rack i spent twenty minutes organizing i am ready to kill you au
8. met in a bookstore talking about how awful the recent harry potter play was
9. I accidentally spilled some hydrochloric acid on you so you really need to use the emergency shower and omg if i knew you looked that good shirtless and wet i would have spilled it on you much earlier in the semester au
10. You’re very good at using the right search terms for the academic databases and I’m on a deadline au
11. oh wow you’re listening to that one song i really like that i thought no one else liked au
12. friends with benefits before admitting our intense love for each other au
13. charity auction dinner date au
14. Any au ideas you had???