Kenjie finished fixing the headband on his hair before facing Sophia again who was lying face-first on her bed with a grossed-out expression on his face. “Kung gaano ako kaganda, ganun ka din ka wapoise. Umayos ka nga babae ka.”

“Look, you know I really didn’t want to have to do this, but you’re not giving me a lot of choices here.” Alex looked in the other person’s eye, one eyebrow raised as he held up a hand that seemed to glow, radiating energy. “You can tell me the truth, or I can make you tell the truth. Which is going to be?”

College AU [1/?]

The sun crawled through the curtains lightening the room to make way for another day. Killua grunted for the disturbance of his sleep but soon woke up more aware at the insistent knocking of his dorm room.

“Killua! It’s morning already!” Said Gon after the door opened in front of him. 

“What the hell are you doing here at 6 am?! I have class until 10 am if you didn’t know” Hissed Killua just barely awake and sleepiness evident in his hair. He tried to wash the sleep off his face with lazy hands while waiting for a reply. “…well?”

Enthusiastically Gon answered “Let’s go to the cafe nearby your building! Dawn is almost ending, so we better catch the sunrise.” With eagerness in his eyes, Gon flashed a smile to Killua to convince him further. You could never win against Gon’s stubbornness.

Defeated by the cheeriness of his friend, Killua complied sighing.



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Followed into the dark. [lookingforawonderland ; sinceiwasnine]

Heading out west–that was what a lot of people did when they needed time, space, and some kind of freedom Dick doubted really existed. That was how he’d ended up so far away from home, so far away from Gotham, and the night he ended up in the area called the Glades he was somewhere between so bored and so weirded out by the place that he was really starting to wonder if he’d made a mistake. He was fifteen. Didn’t all teenagers fight with their parents?But really, some part of him believed that if Batman really wanted him back that he’d find him. It wasn’t exactly like Dick had gone out of his way to make himself scarce, though he certainly could have. 

He wasn’t wearing the Robin costume anymore. That was new, different. Instead he wore a black stealth costume that was part of the Team’s standard supplies. He hadn’t seen them in a while, either. In a way, he wanted to go home. But he wasn’t a baby and he wasn’t giving up and he wasn’t just going to keep forgiving Batman every single time he went from treating him like a son and a friend to a pawn who didn’t have a stake in anything.

Finally distracted from his internal musing, Dick perked up when he heard a low voice growling out a threat around a corner. Without hesitation, he scaled the short, slummy building, window to window and finally to a fire escape and then he fell in over top whatever thugs these were–because surely they weren’t anything but street thugs–ready to fight and help someone out. Or just blow off some steam. He wasn’t entirely above that. If it turned out he was wrong, he didn’t embarrass that easily and he could just disappear.

Feet hit the earth, knees flexed, and as he stood up he looked left, right, all around. A full circle.

Then, he wondered if he’d made a mistake.

“So which one of you guys is causing the most trouble?” he quipped and he demonstratively popped his gloved knuckles.


This took me a long time to finish, but I am happy with the result! Also this is 11″x17″ size so maybe it’ll be a future print. Hope you like it! (Reference )

College AU [3/?]


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2012-12-10 00:24 ✪ Kiss meh! Gimme a smooch, u fuzzy sexy elf…


“…” Kurt just stared at Billy for a moment shaking his head snorting. “You really should not drink so much Billy.” He teased lightly pecking him on the forehead. “Ja I am fuzzy elf and you need to go lay down.”

“‘hat was a peck! I wanna smooch!” He whined ad the other kissed his forehead and pouted at the other before shaking his head. “Nu-uh, u a sexy fuzzy elf. ’ like u, Kurt. Lay with me…?”

tomian -- f2f 2016

Stepping onto the set, Troian lowered her shades and glanced around. It wasn’t as if she were a stranger to them - she had grown up with acclaimed producer/director/writer father Donald Bellisario and had spent most of her childhood and teen years on them. This was much more different than hanging out with the crew in the craft room. This scale didn’t even compare to the lot Pretty Little Liars was housed on; it was ten times bigger so of course, Troian’s nerves were now skyrocketing up. What was she doing here? She didn’t belong here. She was a TV actress, not a big time Oscar winner. This cast? This cast was the best of the best. How had she even managed to win this part?

..Especially since it was close to being her call time on set and she still had no idea where she actually was. Everybody was rushing around her and Troian chewed her lip. Fuck. She was essentially the lead actress and she was going to be late for her first scene. “Excuse me,” she pulled the sleeve of the first person she saw and then swallowed as he turned around to lock eyes with her. Well. Guess she just met her leading man..”Um, hi,” she greeted with a small wave. “I’m Troian. You’re Tom, right?” Man, was he gorgeous. And..not blinking as he studied her. Watch her intimidation go higher and higher.. @tom-w-h

Don't let me drink again || Kendall

He sat alone with bottle and glass half full with whiskey. The other half was already flowing in his veins. It was one of these days when Kendall remembered the old times, when Dustin was around and she was beside him. He never truly forgot these moments, burying them deep inside his heart. He could never forget a single day, good or bad, no matter what happened then.

He took another sip, letting the warmth burn in his throat.

College AU [1.5/?]

Shifting his eyes over the messy place that was Gon’s work space Killua stumbled upon a couple of wrinkled paper planes. He picked up the one that was closer to him and observed that the plane was indeed Gon’s last Introduction to Physiology test which he barely passed mind you. The silence that afterwards fell on them due to Killua’s inactivity made Gon perk his head up to ask why Killua wasn’t complaining about his mess and then beamed when he locked eyes on Killua’s source of distraction.

“Hey Killua remember our last day of senior year?” Gon asked with eyes full of excitement. Killua didn’t know why Gon would be happy about remembering high school though.

“Yeah..why do yo-” the realization made Killua open more his eyes in astonishment and let out a loud “..Oh!”.

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There were always downsides to being able to react quickly - namely, that sometimes she reacted too quickly. Her enhanced reflexes were helpful, but a little more difficult to control when she was caught off-guard. So it was really just an unfortunate side effect of her abilities as she found herself shoving the person who had approached her into the wall, one hand pinning their shoulder. “Oh - God, I’m sorry. Just - you scared me.” She immediately dropped her hand, expression apologetic. “Are you okay?”

M!A: Andromeda has the urge to make out with the first guy he comes across [doesn't affect current threads]

Andromeda sighed, hurrying out of the lecture room at a brisk pace. The grey faces had placed him under yet another curse, and this time it was more then not being able to lie. As soon as Sir had began talking, he had felt the sudden urge to just press their lips together, not that he would’ve, the man was his teacher for Christs sake. The same went for all of the males the teenager had come across, so, putting together the pieces…

“All I have to do is avoid other guys…” Shouldn’t be too hard… right?

i kissed a girl (and i liked it) → klolland

Willa let out a laugh as she drowned on yet another shot. It had been a few months since she had last seen Karlie and the moment the two reunited they hit up the nearest bar. Thirty-Four and still pretty much single, the brunette should of had felt something as she watched her friends moving on with their lives and form families. Only she didn’t. She was happy with being Uncle Willa and still have fun in her own way. Karlie was her best friend, someone Willa shared the single status with. The two were pratically inseparable– If ignored the work trips the model did every once in a while. “So, tell me more about Paris!”, nudging the blonde, Willa wiggled her eyebrows before ordering another shot. She was so going to get hammered that night.


three’s company | peter & tessa

It was something he had been trying to negotiate for weeks, but trying to coordinate three schedules on top of the subject matter had made things a little more difficult than anticipated. But finally he’d been able to get them scheduled for dinner - a reservation for three at Marea, no fuss, somewhere on relatively neutral ground. It was just meant to be an introductory meal, nothing official or fancy. He just had to test the waters. If this was going to work at all, Peter and Tessa had to get along first.

Actually, if this was going to work at all, Peter and Tessa had to show up.

Alex checked his watch and sighed, taking a sip from his glass of water on the table. 7:06. Not ungodly late, but he wanted to make a good first impression, wanted this all to work out. He was half-tempted to make a grab for his phone, certain that Peter had to have changed his mind at the last moment, in his usual fashion. But it was at that moment that he finally appeared, and Alex let out a sigh of relief, watching him take long strides toward the table.

“You’re late,” he chided in a stage whisper, reaching over to straighten his tie for him without a second thought - the move affectionate, even though his tone was a bit more stern. “What kept you? She’ll be here any minute.”