Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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A.U. Part 1

idk what this is 


Tyler Joseph entered a shady, dark room at the back of an adult arcade after gaining the key for access from an even shadier cashier. Door locks automatically, then he is instructed to take off his clothes and sit in a black leather seat with optional ankle and wrist restraints (he chose them). It starts with an automated voice, a female - Good evening, sir. To get started, please tell us your name and choose a safe word.

Tyler: Tyler. Red

Voice: Good, Tyler. Now, please choose your sexual partner based on preference.

Tyler: male, athletic build…

**Images of hot, fully undressed men show up on the screen that narrows down with every description**

…tattoos, around 25.

Tyler finds one that he is particularly interested in. He is just his type, as in if he seen him at a party and was slightly intoxicated, he’d find it hard not to drag him to the nearest bed and abandon all of his morals. He swallows nervously and makes his selection, not knowing exactly what to expect and feeling slightly vulnerable. But he did enough research to convince himself that this would be totally worth it. Unlike humans, machines would not judge him. 

Voice: Good. Now, please choose your preferred sexual activities. 

**Images of different positions and sexual activities show up on screen and narrow down with every description**

Tyler just chose the blow job to start out because he didn’t want to be too adventurous on his first try. He always wanted one and had an inkling it would be mind-blowing. Tyler took a deep breath and relaxed as he set the virtual reality headset in place. The man he chose was standing before him naked and erect. 

Wow. So real.

The words escaped from his lips in a soft mutter. The man responded by stepping closer and crawling onto the bed to lay his head on his hips. He felt hair lightly graze him, and his dick twitched in interest. He licked his lips, already becoming aroused.

Of course I’m real. The man smiled up at him and kissed right below his navel, lightly tracing fingers down his side. The sensation was so overwhelming, a needy whimper escaped his lips. He wasn’t used to such affection.

Want me to go lower? The man asked, staring up at him knowingly and batting his lashes coyly. All Tyler could do was nod as he mouthed over Tyler’s sharp hipbone and placed kisses closer and closer to his cock. Tyler involuntarily thrusted up, and the man wrapped his hand around the base of Tyler’s fully erect dick.

Next thing Tyler felt was his mouth slowly taking him in. He held it, moaning and gurgling vibrations around Tyler’s dick, causing his breath to come in short gasps. Once he slowly pulled is lips off him, Tyler caught the flick of his wet, pink tongue as it rolled out to collect the pre-cum. Tyler’s head fell back and he let out the loudest moan. 

Unnnnnnnnnfuu stop teasing, please…Tyler moaned, unable to resist thrusting up into the heat of his mouth. Want me to go faster? The man asked as he brought is hand up and down fast and rough while staring heatedly into Tyler’s eyes, enough to make Tyler nod and shakily mutter a Y..yes. The man was relentless as he seen Tyler getting close, thighs tensing on either side of his head and breathless moans spilling from his lips. Cum for me, Tyler the man urged, twisting his wrist and running his thumb over the tip. He held his mouth open with his tongue out, as an invitation. With that in sight, Tyler was unable to hold out any longer. The pleasure coiled in his lower stomach as his whole body jerked. He shot spurt after spurt of white gooey liquid onto the man’s tongue and lips. The man gave little kitten licks through his orgasm then wrapped his lips around the head of Tyler’s dick to milk and suck every last drop.

From this point on, Tyler knew he was hooked on virtual reality sex because it was guiltless. He just laid there completely spent, until the headset went back to menu mode and his restraints automatically unclasped. He pulled the headset off and cleaned the mess he made with a wet wipe, then threw it in the bin. He looked at himself in the mirror, and he looked dazed, flushed and glowing with his hair slightly tousled. He ran his hand through his hair a few times and straightened out his clothes before making his way out. A worker went in behind him to further sanitize for the next person, and the shady cashier smiled and waved at him as he left. Come again! He said, and Tyler smirked to himself at the pun. 

Tyler decided it was now time for a drink, because cumming always made him thirsty. On his way out, he passed a really cute guy with dyed pink hair and gauges who looked to be in his twenties. He blushed and gave Tyler a shy smile and nod. 

Hey, haven’t I seen you here before? Tyler impulsively asked with a confident smile. The cute guy’s eyes widened in surprise and he stopped dead in his tracks. He paused for a moment before to think.

You may have, I come here at least a couple times a week. Why? His blush never left his face as he stared at Tyler, who was sizing him up not so subtly.

Just thought you looked familiar. You’re kind of hard to forget with your style, you know? I’m Tyler, by the way. Tyler held out his hand. The guy looked so cute, overly eager yet trying to hide it.

Haha, um, thanks? I’m Josh. Nice to meet you, Tyler. He took Tyler’s hand in a firm shake and waited for Tyler to say something next. He noticed Tyler’s hand was a little clammy, but he didn’t mind. He also noticed he had tattoos that were black, simple patterns and stripes in contrast to his more colorful, surreal, complex artwork. He had an eerie, hopeful feeling that he just met someone who would become a major part of his life.

How about we hang out sometime? I’ll give you my number. Tyler said as he waited for Josh to take out his phone. Tyler took out his phone too, and entered Josh’s digits. 

Sounds good, man. Next week good for you? Josh inquired. 

Sure. See you then! Tyler waved, grinning proudly as they parted ways. 

That night, Tyler had trouble sleeping though. He was scared that Josh thought he was weird and would shine him on. No, he wouldn’t have gave you his number while looking that excited. He thought to himself. Josh’s face was permanently ingrained in his mind and stayed there until he fell asleep. 

tiny inordinately cute dragon spotted wandering tatooine. rumours that it is the reincarnation of a deceased former sith lord, brought back via dark side fuckery to serve as the new son, are greatly exaggerated. someone give this li’l guy a home!!

College AU [1/?]

The sun crawled through the curtains lightening the room to make way for another day. Killua grunted for the disturbance of his sleep but soon woke up more aware at the insistent knocking of his dorm room.

“Killua! It’s morning already!” Said Gon after the door opened in front of him. 

“What the hell are you doing here at 6 am?! I have class until 10 am if you didn’t know” Hissed Killua just barely awake and sleepiness evident in his hair. He tried to wash the sleep off his face with lazy hands while waiting for a reply. “…well?”

Enthusiastically Gon answered “Let’s go to the cafe nearby your building! Dawn is almost ending, so we better catch the sunrise.” With eagerness in his eyes, Gon flashed a smile to Killua to convince him further. You could never win against Gon’s stubbornness.

Defeated by the cheeriness of his friend, Killua complied sighing.


Home Movies:

Yawning, Mike sat up in Kevin’s bed. He’d ended spending the night. Looking around he could see that Kevin had already left for work. Mike climbed out of bed. He tugged on his panties along with one of his boyfriend’s tee shirts. Once dressed he went to the kitchen. Maybe he could bake his lover something yummy for when he’s off work. Or attempt making some dinner. Cooking wasn’t his best skill but for Kevin he’d do anything. Humming to himself he started looking around the kitchen.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Just a quick sketchy pic I did up on the weekend and threw some basic colours on last night :D This is actually AU1 of 2 (You’ll see what I mean)
was a real fun process doing the Ratchet colours cause I was “laaaaazzzyy”  - lots of random gradients, deleting of those gradients with the eraser tool and then some random sprays of the airbrush tool. I was real happy with this sketch ^_^

(And as you can see I didn’t even colour Drift) XD

I hope you all have a lovely one!


This took me a long time to finish, but I am happy with the result! Also this is 11″x17″ size so maybe it’ll be a future print. Hope you like it! (Reference )

College AU [3/?]


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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Dressed to Kill

i….am procrastinating this paper super hard….so i started a one-shot series. isn’t that fun?

bit of a T rating, but if you don’t mind that, enjoy :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Dressed to Kill

Summary: “You got a fucking manicure before a job?”

Chloe held one of her hunting blades in between her teeth while she loaded a magazine into her gun. “Shut the fuck up, they were giving mani pedis away for twenty euros, how was I going to say no to that?”

Chlonette Assassins AU

1. Flirting on the Job

“You got a fucking manicure before a job?”

Chloe held one of her hunting blades in between her teeth while she loaded a magazine into her gun. “Shut the fuck up, they were giving mani pedis away for twenty euros, how was I going to say no to that?”

Marinette rolled her eyes and peeked around the corner, staring at the two guards stationed at the door at the other end of the courtyard. She finished screwing her suppressor onto her own gun and checked her pockets for her compression gloves. “So if some asshole has me in a chokehold, you’re not going to punch him in the face because you have to protect your goddamn gel manicure?”

“I never said that,” Chloe groaned. “Obviously I’d clock him straight in the nose, but I will expect you to pay for my replacement manicure since you shouldn’t be getting yourself into that situation in the first place.”

“Oh nice.”

“I’m a single woman, I deserve to pamper myself, sue me.”

Marinette fastened the velcro of her gloves and counted the knives she had strapped to her thigh. “That’s your own fault. I offered to sleep with you literally last week and you said no.” She checked her watch. “Shifts change in 3 minutes.”

“Roger,” Chloe replied automatically. “Also, fuck you, you told me you’d sleep with me because, and I quote, you found my dry spell ‘cripplingly pathetic.’”

“I mean, it is. Offer still stands,” Marinette winked. 

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The Color of You (Soulmate AU)- Lin X Reader

warnings: mentions of death, hospitals

a/n: so i finally did a soulmate au

1 year before

You woke up to the monotonous sound of your alarm on your phone and you groaned, wanting to sleep in for a couple more minutes but you knew that you had to meet your best friend for coffee today since you had canceled every other day of the week and she was excited about her soulmate.

And you were truly happy for her, you were but you had been through this with every other one of your friends.

They found their soulmate, told you how you were really missing out on something that you really didn’t want to be a part of, and they would disappear with their soulmates and eventually stop talking to you.

And it’s not like that you didn’t like the idea of having a soulmate at first- you really did.

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anonymous asked:

you probably get asked this a lot but i just discovered your blog recently, and man your fanart has revived my drarry obsession! so i would like to ask, what are your all time fave drarry fics?

Actually, I’ve never had this question asked so thank you for asking! I’d love to share my all time favs and considering that I’ve been reading Drarry for over a decade (fuck me I’m old), I have quite a few. Get ready, my dear, because you have just opened a can of worms…:D

Note that I’m a big bottom!Harry fan so all of these fics are bottom!Harry or switching fics (if there is any sex, that is)

I also live for angst so many of these may contain abuse, noncon, super angst, etc etc.

Happy reading! 

AU Hogwarts Years

1. Once Upon a Sleepless Night by Daaro Moltor: Voldemort has figured out a new way to cheat death; somehow he has managed to manifest himself inside of Harry Potter’s head. Harry is on the verge of jumping from the Astronomy tower when Hermione figures out that all they might need is a pureblood… *** Super fun read with original plot. It’ll suck you in.

2. White Horses by Jackie Stevens: They say that there are no white horses - those that we think of as white are really just a faded and deceiving grey. Names can be misleading, and definitions can be false, and yet through the maze of artifice and deceit, we might just find something true. When Harry returns for his last two years at Hogwarts School, he will find that boundaries are shifting and not everyone is who he thought - including himself. He will have to learn that change is like those elusive white horses: swift, beautiful and irretrievable. ***This story is so incredible and poignant; I really have been wanting to draw fan art for it! Ultra fave. 

3. Faith by Dragongirl16: What if the wizarding world turned its back on Harry? Who will stay true? Who can he turn to? What will he do? ***A few words about this one: This story was written during the golden age of HP fanfiction (early 2000s) so the many cliches that we all make fun of today are included in here. HOWEVER, I do believe that those many fics were actually modeled after this one. The writing is nothing amazing, and could’ve benefited from a beta (were there even betas back in 2003..?) but the plot is actually one of the most original that I have ever read. I wasn’t able to put this story (and its sequel!) down. I still think about it to this day. This story with its sequel amount to over half a million words fyi.

4. My Hero by XxRoGuExHeArTxX: When Harry is brutally beaten & raped by a mystery assailant, a very unexpected hero comes to the rescue in the form of Draco Malfoy. Nothing at Hogwarts is as it seems though, and Harry & Draco soon realize all they can depend on is each other. ***Another golden age fanfic that I followed for five years until it was finished. Once again, more Drarry tropes here but fics like these were the reason why those tropes were so popular back then. 

AU Deathly Hallows

1. Dirty Business by ILoveToChin25: Harry is captured after setting off on his own to find the remaining Horcruxes, and is kept alive for Voldemort’s own nefarious games. Draco Malfoy is assigned to look after him, and does so to protect his own self interest. Or does he? ***This story is a friggin epic. It’s around 185k words so buckle up. 

2. (Bound By) Clandestine Addiction by Shinguresan: They were drawn together, irrationally, irrevocably. In the face of fear, hate and pain they always felt the pull to return. For a bond unwittingly formed by Harry’s fatal spell? Or something…else? ***And this one is over 250k words! Awarning that the sex is very explicit yet the writing is fantastic. Excellent characterization and feels-a-plenty.

AU Eighth Year

1. The Silent World Within You by @femmequixotic, @noeeon : Harry only wanted Malfoy for one night, one birthday. It wasn’t meant to be anything more. *** I fucking love Mpreg. No Shame. This story is beautiful.

Post Hogwarts

1. Magic Eight Ball by tigersilver: Hermione brings a Muggle device to their usual after-work drinking sessions; Malfoy is utterly fascinated. Harry is not, especially as Malfoy keeps asking it questions about his personal life. *** This fic is on the lighter side compared to the others on this list. One of the only stories that has caused me to squeal.

2. WORM FOOD by Elysium2: The battle is over, but Harry is still fighting. He’s thanking his lucky stars that he learnt long ago how to properly ignore his problems. And Draco Malfoy. ***Very original plot and excellent writing. Gave me all the feels. This is another that I want to draw fan art to. Super love.

3. Post Tenebrus Lux by Cjblack: It had been five years since the light had fallen under the Dark Lord’s reign. The Wizarding World assumed Harry Potter had been murdered by Voldemort days after his capture; few knew the truth. And sometimes the truth can be much, much worse. *** Mpreg. Angst-a-plenty which is right up my alley. And so heart-wrenchingly romantic. This is one of the best stories that I’ve read in a long time. If a story is able to make me feel something, then it’s good. I was feeling all over the place. 

Totally AU

1. The Masks of Real Heroes by @aelys-althea: One desperate decision has unimaginable consequences. When Harry received his letter at eleven, he turned down the offer to attend Hogwarts. He had to; it was his only chance to escape. Five years later and, in the brief moments he recalls his decision, he feels nothing but regret. Until an incident causes the opportunity to arise once more, and he is finally given the chance to escape that which has smothered him for so long. *** Another rather dark fic that was recently finished along with its sequel. Harry’s characterization was brilliant and the entire story was very well written. I’ve already read it twice :)

2. Dismantle Repair by shamrocker531: How a random meeting in a coffee shop can change everything. Nonmagic. *** You want a fic that’ll put you on an emotional fucking rollercoaster? READ THIS. I can’t listen to Dismantle Repair by Anberlin now without getting goosebumps, and it was one of my favorite songs even before this story. Goddd the song is in my head now as I’m typing this and it still gives me feels. If you choose to read this, LISTEN TO THE SONG FIRST. Anberlin rocks. 

If anyone knows the tumblrs of any of these authors, feel free to tag them!

Cursed Child - New Cast - 24/5/17

Are there kinks that need to be ironed out? YES!

Does this cast have the potential to be brilliant? Absolutely.

Jamie Glover as Harry Potter: I liked him. He wasn’t as shouty as Jamie P, but instead had this quiet presence that worked for him.

Emma Lowndes as Ginny Potter: I can’t really all that much about her yet as most of Ginny’s scenes come in Part Two. However, I like what I have seen so far. I felt she delivered the “So is mine” line perfectly.

Theo Ancient as Albus Potter: He has the potential to be a great Albus and he was much different to Sam. He was definitely nervous, but I felt he began to settle into the role in Act 2.

Thomas Aldridge as Ron Weasley: I bloody love him as Ron! During the Polyjuice Scene, when he is blocking Hermione from entering her office, he kept pushing her away from him and the door.

Rakie Ayola as Hermione Granger: Brilliant replacement for Noma. She plays AU1 Hermione more resigned to being stuck in a teaching job, but she plays that scene wonderfully.

Helen Aluko as Rose Granger-Weasley: Never saw her play Rose during Year 1, but I can see why they chose to cast her in the role permanently.

James Howard as Draco Malfoy: I can’t say anything more than I adore him as Draco and I am still so pleased to see him take over the role.

Samuel Blenkin as Scorpius Malfoy: I said it already, but I do prefer him to Anthony as Scorpius. He was just perfect! The library scene he delivered just beautifully.

Mark Theodore as The Sorting Hat and Hagrid: Mark doesn’t have the commanding voice that Chris had, but I did love him as the Sorting Hat and Hagrid. He uses his body a lot more to bring a little something extra to the roles. He was shaking his body slightly as he sorted the students and he announced Slytherin and Gryffindor in different ways.

Annabel Baldwin as Delphi Diggory: I don’t feel like I can say much about her as Delphi yet as right now, she is approaching the role in the same way as Esther did. However, I am looking forward to seeing how she plays it when we discover Delphi’s true identity.

April Hughes as Moaning Myrtle: OMG, I love her as Myrtle!!! So flirty!!!

Tom Mackley as Karl Jenkins and Dudley Dursley: Yay for Tom have a named role rather than being a swing!! I loved his hug with Joshua Wyatt during the First Task. They greeted each other in a way that suggested they had not seen each other in a while, with Tom now being a Hufflepuff and Joshua a Slytherin.

Overall, I think the casting team have done a great job with their choices for the new cast. I think, like with the original cast, they need time to settle in and become comfortable in their roles. Even so, I think we have a brilliant new cast to enjoy for the next year!

College AU [1.5/?]

Shifting his eyes over the messy place that was Gon’s work space Killua stumbled upon a couple of wrinkled paper planes. He picked up the one that was closer to him and observed that the plane was indeed Gon’s last Introduction to Physiology test which he barely passed mind you. The silence that afterwards fell on them due to Killua’s inactivity made Gon perk his head up to ask why Killua wasn’t complaining about his mess and then beamed when he locked eyes on Killua’s source of distraction.

“Hey Killua remember our last day of senior year?” Gon asked with eyes full of excitement. Killua didn’t know why Gon would be happy about remembering high school though.

“Yeah..why do yo-” the realization made Killua open more his eyes in astonishment and let out a loud “..Oh!”.

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Cursed child new cast

I enjoy reading people’s thoughts after shows so I decided to offer up my own after watching part I :).

Holy moly they were good. They obviously still feel new (watched on the 8th June 2017) but they have really settled into their roles.
I have watched the play with the original cast so can compare. Honestly, I can’t play favourites, I love both sets of actors for different reasons.

The production, as usual, was amazing. Flawless magic. Everyone gasping and clapping at the polyjuice scene.
The audience was more responsive than my first time watching which made it so much better in a way.

The new Golden Trio is amazing. The scene I use to judge their performance is usually the library scene as it requires so much subtle acting. Jamie Glover acting as Samuel acting as Scorpius acting as Harry was SO GOOD. He replicated Sam’s chirpy tone and voice squeaks so well I thought he was being dubbed by Sam??? Seriously?
He shouts less than Jamie Parker (I love shouty Harry though it’s so in character). He feels like a Harry with better anger management which makes his arguments with Albus almost more heartbreaking.

Rakie Ayola as Hermione was lovely. Different than Noma’s. She captures Hermione’s softer and more love struck side that was in the books while retaining all her power.
(And this made her attitude in AU1 so much more horrifying. Her anger at Albus was SO Snape-like it was fantastic). Her scene with Ron was just the cutest thing ever since they more seemed to morph back into their original timeline happy selves)

Thomas Aldridge as Ron was an absolute pleasure. He was so funny, his change in the alternate timeline was so jarring and terrifying.

I love the new Draco. Alex Price captured Draco’s drama king side, and James Howard captures his regal, serious Malfoy side.

Emma Lowndes as Ginny was great! Firm and strong, very expressive body language. A+

Helen Aluko as Rose was just so sweet and it was just a privilege to watch her. She portrayed Rose’s cheery youth so well.

Samuel as Scorpius. Damn I LOVE him. His portrayal was indeed very different than Anthony’s. He was more confident and he legit started crying during the argument with Albus and I could feel everyone in the theatre was just holding back aws. Girl next to me had her hand clasped over her mouth.

I love Theo Ancient as Albus! He feels younger than Sam’s Albus (didn’t watch any of the covers do can’t compare there) and more sweet and silly, it really pulls at your heartstrings.

Annabel Baldwin as Delphi was soooo sweet. She really is a terrific actress I’m so glad she was kept on.

April Hughes as Myrtle was amazing . She was flirtier and more physical than Annabel Baldwin’s. Everyone kept giggling whenever she delivered her lines and she was always moving her legs, trying to prod Harry in the back until Ginny glared at her XD it was hilarious.
Her performance got cheers. And I love that they kept the line change of having girls AND BOYS declaring their love for Cedric. That got a happy hum from the audience.

I couldn’t pinpoint any of the side characters as my eyesight is super shit and so is my attention span. but I loved the sarcastic clapping Tom Mackley does as the Hufflepuff student in Hermione’s Defense class in AU 1. It was so funny and I’m glad I noticed XD

I will point out the Scorbus vibes obviously. Holy Moly Theo and Sam have the sweetest puppy love vibe going on. When Sam and Anthony had a really strong soul mate best friend vibe going, Theo and Sam legit felt like school boys crushing at times.

Their argument scene in the library was so sad. Sam’s Scorpius was so heartbroken Albus just seemed so guilty and twitchy. They felt the age they were supposed to portray.
Their reconciliation hug. Albus latched onto Scorpius for dear life and curled around a startled Scorpius. It felt so intimate and sweet.

People around me were gasping at the staircase ballet scene because for a minute there it felt like they were leaning in for a kiss. It was the most tragic scene X( heartbreaking.

Scorpius being SO jealous of Delphi was just XD XD everybody knew what was going on.

Whilst Scorpius’s crush on Rose felt more vivid coming from Sam, so did his love for Albus. My god.
Every time they said “together” it felt like a declaration of love. And the “friends? always” got gasps and awws.

And that line. Draco saying “they are together. In the girl’s bathroom,” got a round of laughter. You can see the gears turning in his head.

And Delphi’s heartfelt delivery of “you two belong together” was very heartwrenching. And Scorpius was just torn between trying to push her away out of jealousy and feeling bad about it .

Amazing. Can’t wait until tomorrow for part 2. Btw i still have an extra ticket for part 2 so if anyone is interesting let me know before lunch time tomorrow when I’ll put it up for grabs in the return queue.


SEAT: balcony C26. Honestly such a great view for 15£. Had to bend forward to see the bottom left and front of the stage, and wiggle in my seat to look around the handrails but otherwise no issue there.

Losing My Mind

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Song: Losing My Mind by Charlie Puth
Word Count: 700
Warnings: Soulmate AUs
Note: @isoldmysoultocrowley got the song ‘Losing My Mind’ by Charlie Puth. I wanted to do an AU. I didn’t know what one but then thought I could just mesh two soulmate AUs together. AU1: You have a tattoo with the date you will meet your soulmate and it’s in the same spot on each person. EX: it’s on his wrist then it’s on that soulmates wrist as well. AU2: You meet your soulmate in a dream and communicate that way but any time the two of you try to reveal any information about where you are you wake up from the dream.
If you are confused and want a story then you can find the answers here.
~Tags at the end~

Dean yawned and when he glanced at Sam to take the wheel he knew it was time to pull over. Sam woke up when they pulled over and got in the back for the night. 

Dean turned into the leather and fell into a deep sleep. He opened his eyes and he was at his old high school. He looked around and recognized everyone as well as the fact that he was an adult. “Awesome”. He rolled his eyes as the dream went on. Someone was beating up Sam and he rolled his eyes again because he had experienced this dream for the millionth time. Watching it from that third person point of view was always weird but he went with it as he watched himself try and intervene but Sam pulled through on his own. He looked at everyone around him and smiled when he saw you across the asphalt. He called out your name, ran toward you, and woke up after falling into a pit of black.

“Good you awake. You were out cold man. Calling for a (y/n). Who’s that?” Dean assessed what was going on and shrugged. 

Sam was driving and he was in the back seat laid out. He sat up against the door and rubbed his face before popping his neck.

“Not too sure. She’s just some girl in my dreams.” He looked at the inside of his elbow and imagined his soulmate being a blonde this time.

“Dude we have been through seventeen states and you have been dreaming about your soulmate for months. What the hell?” Dean shrugged at Sam’s words as he ran his thumb over the date.

“It isn’t 2018 yet. Meaning it isn’t April 16th either. So I’m not dreaming about my soulmate. Just some chick.” Sam gave his brother his classic bitchface through the rearview mirror. 

You sat in the diner examining your tattoo that read April 16th, 2018. With a glance around at everyone else in for the day you smiled at the elderly couple who were holding each other's wrists where their tattoo was. 

“More coffee darlin’?” you nodded and looked up at Benny as he filled the cup.

“What was it like? When you met your soulmate?” You asked and he chuckled.

“Gave me a headrush.” 
“Did you ever have dreams about her?” Benny shook his head.

“You dreamin’ ‘bout your soulmate darlin’?” You nodded.

“Then that tattoo there means nothin’ That’s just a waist of your time.” You pulled your head back at his words.

“What do you mean?” He shook his head with a smile as he sat next to you and began explaining. 

Later that night you didn’t care to sleep in your bed as you got curled up on the sofa. When you opened your eyes you were at a zoo and someone was holding your hand. You looked up to see who it was and hugged him tightly. 

“Dean!” You exclaimed and he squeezed you tightly.

“Oh, (y/n). I’ve missed the hell out of you. I have to talk to you. It’s about this.

He held his arm up showing you his soulmate tattoo and you smiled as you held your arm up to reveal his tattoos match. 

“I’m impatient. I have to see you as soon as possible. It’s killing me not being there with you. I want to kiss you. Call you my own. All officially.” You blushed at his words and when you went to tell him you woke up.

“NOOO!” You punched the sofa and Dean woke up punching his pillow.

“Dean! What’s wrong?”
“We got to get going.” Sam sat up and watched as his brother began packing the hotel room.

“What for?” He got up and held his brother’s shoulders.

“(y/n). We have to find her. I’m going to lose my mind. Get dressed and let’s go.” With a smirk, Sam got dressed and helped get everything in the car.

“Told you she was your soulmate.” Dean rolled his eyes but smiled knowing he was ready to search the ends of the Earth to find you. 

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