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Fake relationship AUs.... Other than OhCaptainmycaptains one you just posted. Oblivious Stucky works too.

You guys keep on finding my weaknesses! I’m going to direct you to our fake/pretend relationship tag, but theres a bunch of great ones we haven’t gotten around to reccing yet so heres just about every one I’ve read thats not in the tag a few:

A Long Way From the Playground

“Actually, I am dating someone.” He says.

What ends up happening is, he says the first name that comes to mind.

What ends up happening is, he blurts out, “Steve Rogers.”

Without thinking, obviously. Because if he had been thinking, he would have thought of something better than this.

And that’s how Bucky ends up bringing Steve as a date to his sister’s wedding.

The Beginning of Always

Bucky goes to work with the new SHIELD the moment he can. Where Bucky goes, Steve follows. He just didn’t think that would mean pretending to be a couple after people start to go missing at a scenic couples’ retreat.

Cinderella, you Forgot your Shirt

Steve didn’t know what to expect when the kid in his bio class paid him fifty dollars to pretend to be his boyfriend but he certainly didn’t expect this

Do NOT Contact me with Unsolicited Services or Offers

“So basically I’m paying an escort to visit my parents with me and make out with me in the front yard so they’ll stop buggin’ me about getting married?” The brunet asked.

“Actually I think it says he’ll do it for free so long as he gets food. Damn I need to get into that business,” Clint piped up before removing his hearing aids and curling up against the Russian to nap.

Or the one where Steve pretends to be Bucky’s boyfriend to get his parents off his case after Bucky finds his ad on Craigslist

Let Your Heart Be Light

Bucky looks like he’s had a difficult month, what with the eviction notice and all, but that’s not the reason Steve gives for allowing him to stay on his couch.

Rogers and Barnes: Partners

Steve and Bucky have to pose as a couple for a mission. Nat insists it really is the only option. She’s checked.

The complication: unbeknownst to even Natasha, Steve and Bucky’s friendship has been rocky ever since Bucky confessed his tender feelings and Steve left him out in the cold. Can asexual, completely-in-love-with-his-angry-best-friend Steve complete the mission and win Bucky’s heart?

(The answer is yes. Yay!)

Schrödingers’ Romance

“It could be a relationship, it could not be. You can assume either until you see for sure the results.”

We all know those moments. Those moments when your family all gathers around you and asks “So, do you have a boyfriend yet?”. Bucky knows these moments all too well and, quite frankly, he’s sick to death of them. Unfortunately, being a 21 year old college student makes it harder for him to come up with excuses, and with Christmas coming up he needs to think of a way out fast. A chance encounter with a stranger through an old library textbook could just be the kind of miracle he needs to make it through the holidays with his last shreds of sanity intact.

Sometimes, Everything is Touch and Go

Bucky and Steve’s mission is to infiltrate a suburban neighborhood as a married couple. In theory, it should be difficult, but it also kind of isn’t.

Bucky hesitates. “It’s undercover. We’ve done undercover before.” He shrugs.

Steve laughs again. “This isn’t exactly the same as infiltration under the guise of being regular civilians. What is it again – what didFury’s email say?” Steve pauses, tapping his chin with his index finger. “ ‘Mr. and Mr. Rogers are a couple who have recently moved into a neighborhood in northern Colorado. You are to maintain an image of high-standing and societal grace.’ That’s notexactly your scene, is it, Buck? Especially the part about being Mr. Rogers.”


CS AU Week
Day 07 >> Free For All (All We’d Ever Need by montanarosalie)

“Emma,” he says her name the way a friend shouldn’t, but doesn’t say anything else and she turns around to face him, finding him gaping at the pregnancy test. “You’re pregnant?”

“I don’t know yet,” Emma says in a small voice, but for some unknown reason she feels much better now that he’s here.

“What does a plus mean?” He asks her and Emma snatches the test from his hand to make sure he saw the sign on it right.

“It means I’m going to have a baby,” Emma says, blinking back tears of joy, her mouth stretching into a big smile.

There’s a strange look in Killian’s eyes that almost looks like regret, but it’s gone in an instant and she convinces herself it was never there in the first place.

“Congratulations,” Killian says and pulls her into a hug; Emma relaxes against him, wiping her wet cheek against his shoulder, smiling to herself when he tells her that she is going to be the best mother in the world because he reads her so well and always soothes her fears so damn easily.

Killian’s voice in her ear and his kiss upon her temple feel better than they should considering the fact that soon she’s going to marry Neal and have his baby, but now that she knows she’s pregnant, she can blame her body’s reaction on hormones. She pulls away and straightens Killian’s bow tie, taking his hand and tugging him toward the door before they are both late for curtain call.


Almost there with Rydias team! Not pictured is the Lilligant, since she’s not transferred over yet. Also the Goodra was supposed to be named Meringue but I accidentally traded her over without the nickname and I can’t change it. :’D Now to get the shiny Lopunny and hopefully an Aromatisse or something Can you see the theme?

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Name: Potato, Potato-chan, Po-chan, etc.

Pronouns: Them/they/her-she/Him-his-He (anything there tbh cause I’m not really sure yet?)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Taken or Single: Single

Three facts: 1; I’m mean. 2; I’m a Potato. 3; I am hella brutal.


How long(Months/years?): Almost 4 years now.

Platforms you’ve used: Tumblr, messenge(Fb App) and a few in Skype.

Best experience: Everytime I have a crack, angst, gore thread :3

Some of my favorite threads are: That Blindip au I’m doing with prxcixus-cinnxmxn-rxll , threeway rp with him and billcipherrp, siren au with speculoxciphers, and that first thread me and golden-ciphers are doing XD


Female or Male: Male

Favorite face: Dipper’s face cause he’s my only muse in this blog

Least favorite face: tbh I don’t have any.

Multi or Single: Multi. Go to rules page for the reason ovo


Fluff, Angst or Smut: ALL

Best time to write: When I’m not busy, when I want to escape the real life for awhile, when I am kinda stressed(again, check my rules page why please)

Are you like your muse(s): Being socially awkward and sweaty in public apparently.

Am I like any of my oc(s): Well actually yeah. I have a /lot/ of ocs. But I’ll name just two. 1; Krena, I’m mean, she’s mean, I don’t have mercy, she doesn’t have mercy. 2; Aneko(daughter of Krena), I’m a deceiving shit with “cute”(or so they say) and “innocent” powers.

I tag; human-bluejay, quietlydevious, vivian-sweet-cheeks, mystery-friend, allaboardthebraidtrain, paper-copy, mabels-sweater-town, itrhymeswithtable, @golden-ciphers(already tagged up), william-rephic(not sure if you’ve done this yet but if yes, please tell me ;v;), speculoxciphers, grimlynxe and a lot more people out there who wants to do this!

Brown (Calum imagine)

Synopsis: In the world where you can see any colour but the colour of your soulmate’s eyes until you meet them.

Warning: None.

Masterlist | Request

i chose this gif cuz i need you to look into those eyes and appreciate them

What is this ‘brown’ colour?

Britt, my best friend, has been describing to me this brown colour my whole life and I still haven’t grasped the concept yet. She describes it as the dark colour that blends so beautifully with the different shades of green from leaves. It is the calming colour of the fireplace, the piano in the corner, the old teddy bear on my bookshelf. It is also the colour of chocolate, one of my favourite comfort food. She describes the feeling of meeting your soulmate is like taking in a forkful of delicious chocolate cake. The emotion hits you like the strong flavour of chocolate; then it melts and is immediately replaced by sweetness and comfort. I always laugh when she refers to chocolate to help me understand how meeting one’s soulmate is like. Of course she understands first-hand how it feels.

Britt met Luke when they were 14. Ever since we had known each other, she had asked me what the colour of the sky was as everyday. For 14 years, she had this dark, grey sky above her head. To Britt, much of her surrounding was casted with the dark shade that it affected her emotions as well. She was mostly gloomy, faking a smile every now and then to please her friends. That was until Luke came.

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Baby Names ~ Daddy!5SOS #7

Sorry for the wait of this part but it took a long time for me to find names i liked! It honestly felt like i was naming my own children lol I’m not sure what the next part of this series is yet, i have a few ideas so hopefully i can figure it out and the next part will be up soon! I hope you like it :)

Master list

~ Krissy

Ashton ~

“Ash why are you still up?” You yawned. “You need to be up early.”

Ever since you found out you were having a boy Ashton had been trying to think of the perfect name. You agreed since he had wanted a boy so badly he could pick the first name - as long as you agreed with it - and you would pick the middle name. Since they were so busy during the day, being on tour and all. That left him to do his research at night. He’d even tweeted asking the fans for suggestions.

“Names.” Ashton mumbled.

“Babe we have months before we need to have a name picked out. You have hours before you need to be up for an interview though.” You chuckled lightly brushing a curl out of his face.

“I know, i just feel like i’m never going to find one i like.” Ash sighed. “I don’t want it to be a common name but i also don’t want it too out there.”

“I know you’ve told me.” You smiled. “I’m sure you’ll find one that’ll just click eventually but right now sleep is more important.”

“Alright.” He whispered.

Closing his laptop he placed it on the nightstand next to him. Wiggling over you laid your head on his arm as he laid down. The room was finally fully dark and you were glad to finally be able to sleep. All you wanted to do was cuddle. That was until you saw another light come on. Knowing full well it was from his phone.

“Ash…” You grumbled.

“I’m just checking Twitter!” He defended.

“I’m tired!” You whined.

“Five minutes please?” He begged giving you puppy eyes.

“You’re literally worse than a child.” You sighed rolling onto your side the best you could.

“I love you.” He cooed kissing your cheek.

“I love you too,” you smiled.

Somehow you had actually managed to get into a comfortable position. The light wasn’t in your eyes and your back didn’t hurt too badly. Baby boy Irwin wasn’t kicking you and you were excited to have a good nights sleep for once. Hotel beds were never the most comfortable things; especially for a pregnant woman.

Again that didn’t last very long.

You were almost all the way asleep until Ashton shook your shoulder waking you back up.

“[Y/N]!” He practically squealed.

“What?” You murmured into the pillow.

“I’ve found the perfect name!” He said.

“Well?” You mused waiting for him to tell you.

“Finn.” Ashton said.

Opening your eyes you let yourself adjust to the darkness of the room. Finn. It was a cute name and definitely suited the different but not fairly uncommon name category Ashton was going for.

“I like it.” You smiled turning to face him. “It’s… Different.”

“Mm,” he hummed pecking your lips. “We’ve found a winner.”

Ashton placed his hand on your stomach. Rubbing little circles here and there. A small smile was etched onto his lips as he let the name sink in. Suddenly you felt Finn kick where Ashton’s hand was and you let out a sigh but couldn’t help but smile.

You weren’t going to get the great night’s sleep you had hoped for but you were okay with that.

“Goodnight Finn.” Ashton whispered. “Goodnight [Y/N].”

Michael ~

“Rhyming?” Michael asked.

“No, too cheesy.” You made a face shaking your head.

“Do you have a specific letter you want to use?” Michael laughed.

“I don’t know if i want both starting with the same letter or not.” You said.

“Aw no! [Y/N] come on that would be so cute!” He whined. “Please can we use the same letter?”

Coming real close to your face Michael nudged your cheek with his nose. Giving you the best puppy eyes he could. He let out little whimpers jokingly begging to use the same letter. You guys had been looking online and at baby name books for weeks.

Nothing seemed to strike your fancy.

“Fine.” You sighed giving in. “Hand me another book.”

You never had specific names you wanted to name your future children. Even as a child you were always changing your mind. Now that you were having twins - one of each no less - you had no idea what you wanted their names to be.

At first Michael suggested using both yours and Michael’s middle names as their first names and all though you were alright with naming your little boy Gordon you didn’t really want your daughter to have your middle name as her first. So that idea was quickly out the window.

“Look through the L’s.” You murmured chewing on your bottom lip.

“L’s could be cute but i’m not naming my son Luke.” Michael said.

“Don’t worry we’re not naming him Luke.” You giggled. “Although i’m sure Luke would be stoked if we did.”

“Liam?” Michael asked.

“No.” You said.

Using your finger as a guide your eyes scanned the pages. Up and down, left to right over the columns of names. Flipping the page, that’s when you found a name you finally liked.

“Landon!” You beamed. “I like the name Landon.”

“That’s cute!” Michael agreed. “I think i’ve found a girl name you’ll like too. I think it’s pretty.”

“Tell me!” You smiled.

“Lila, i was thinking Lily at first but i think Lila is prettier. Also more unique.” He said.

“Lila and Landon - I love it.” Clapping your hands excitedly you laughed. “This is so exciting!”

Luke ~

“Have you guys picked out a name yet?” Ashton asked.

“No.” Luke said.

“Haven’t really even looked at names yet.” You added. “We just don’t feel the need to hurry and pick a name.”

“Any ideas at all though? I thought most girls thought of their kids names when they were young.” Ashton chuckled.

“I had a few but i don’t know if i want to use them or not.” You said.

“I agree there’s no rush you guys have a few more months.” Calum chimed in.

“Worst comes to worst you can call her Hemmo until you pick a name.” Michael snickered.

“You will not be calling my baby girl Hemmo.” Luke stated.

“I’m sorry, Hemmatron.”

“Michael.” Luke warned.

“Babe,” you giggled. “Relax.”

“I will not let these morons torture my daughter with my old nicknames.” He grumbled.

“And they won’t. By the time she gets here she’ll have a name.” You smiled lightly kissing his forehead.


“Is it on?” Luke yelled from the kitchen.

“Just about to start!” You yelled back.

There was a radio interview Ashton and Calum were at. When the boys didn’t do interviews as a whole they usually split up into groups of two. So this time is was Ash and Cal. Just because Luke and Mikey weren’t there didn’t mean they didn’t listen.

A couple of minutes into the interview the boys were asked about you and how everything was going.

“Any word on the name of the future Hemmings?” The interviewer asked.

“No actually they don’t have a name picked out yet we were just talking about this the other day.” Ashton said.

“Yeah they aren’t in a rush.” Calum said.

“Do you guys have any suggestions for them?” The guy laughed.

“Maybe Eva.” Ash hummed.

“That’s it!” Luke jumped up out of nowhere practically giving you a heart attack.

“What’s it?” You asked. “Eva? I don’t really like that na-”

“No, look.” He said handing you the phone.

Since Ashton mentioned you guys didn’t have a name fans took it to themselves to send in their ideas. You were reading through the tweet and a small smile appeared on your lips.

“Avia.” You mumbled. “It’s so unique i love it!”

“Well that was easier than i was expecting.” Luke chuckled kissing your belly. “You look like an Avia to me.”

Calum ~

“This is harder than i was expecting it to be.” Calum said.

“The hard part is agreeing on the name.” You said.

“There’s just so many to pick from. Literally books upon books, websites, i mean it’s crazy.” Cal groaned. “I just don’t want him to hate us for whatever name we pick.”

“Babe he’s not going to hate us for the name we pick. Even if it’s not a common name.” You chuckled.

“I want something strong but also sweet.” He said.

“Maybe we could name him after you.” You suggested. “I think your name is strong but sweet.”

“That’s a cute idea but i want him to be his own, Hood. I want him to feel special.” He said.

“That’s adorable Calum.” You cooed, tears welling in your eyes - because fucking hormones.

“Lets keep looking.” He chuckled going back to his phone to stalk more websites.

Nothing really seemed to spark your interest. There was a lot of names you liked and had momentarily considered but none you would go back to. They just didn’t seem to fit what you and Calum were looking for.

Of course the boys, family, and numerous fans had given you suggestions. Those names didn’t go unheard. But they just didn’t click with you.

“How about Brock?” Calum asked.

“No.” You shook your head.

Sighing Calum kept scrolling. His eyebrows were knitted together in concentration and you couldn’t help but watch him. His thumbs tapped away at the screen looking through the endless lists of names. The reflection of the screen lit up his brown eyes as they widened at a few but giving a small nod no before moving on.

“Have any suggestions peanut?” You giggled poking at your belly, receiving a kick from baby boy Hood.

“Yeah he says ‘nothing lame mum.’” Calum mocked.

“Very funny.” You rolled your eyes.

“Dylan?” He mumbled.

“Hm,” you paused. It was a name you had seen over and over but never really considered it.

“I say we pick Dylan.” He said more confidently.

“I agree,” you smiled. “Dylan Hood. It’s got a little ring to it.”

“So it’s settled Dylan it is!” He cheered giving you a big hug.

Caboo’s Shiphaus Bodyguard AU

Lawrence: Joel’s bodyguard. A little salty about the whole job description. Sure he’s tough and definitely trained and the guy for the job but he’s dealt with literally the worst clients. He always gets the rich, demanding ones. Burnie purposely gives him the hard jobs because he knows Law will do his job without complaining and put up with the client. He sees as the only goal of his job is to keep his client physically safe. It’s not until he’s assigned to Joel does he start to understand that not only is the physical safety of his client important, but also the mental and emotional too.

Joel: Previously put in the hospital twice before his brother hired a bodyguard for him. First hospitalization was by his abusive boyfriend, the second time was after his attempted suicide after his asshole boyfriend left him. Though he’s estranged with his rich, high-class family, his brother hired a bodyguard to watch over him in exchange for not having to be sent to therapy. Joel is not happy to have a bodyguard, but he’d rather have one than talk to a shrink and possible confront his family about his sexual preferences and shitty love life. He lives in a crappy apartment by himself despite his high social standing and wealth because he doesn’t think he deserves better.

Sean Poole: Diagnosed with severe OCD. He counts things in threes therefore he insisted that he have two bodyguards (Adam and Matt). He almost drives them up the wall by his insistence at things in threes. SPoole’s situation is similarly like a witness protection program. The “seen something he shouldn’t have” situation. Little does he know, despite Adam’s complaining about how troublesome and tiring his quirks and OCD habits are, Adam completely adores him. Matt may seem strict and 1000% only concerned with his safety, but he’s also just as fuck as Adam.  

Adam: Bodyguard with a relaxed, nonchalant attitude. Everyone thinks he never takes his job seriously when in reality he’s giving everyone a quick double check, always noting if anyone is suspicious or a danger. He moves fast despite his uncaring outer appearance (and his resting bitch face syndrome). He works in partnership with Matt Peake, sharing their client, Spoole. They start the job around the time where Spoole’s OCD is getting worse and worse and end up grounding him and being the reason why he eventually bit by bit, copes better.

Matt: Bodyguard- it’s practically the family business. If anything, he’s the most serious about his job. Unlike Bruce who gives in to James’ begging to go places and have fun, Matt takes Spoole’s safety seriously. In comparison, Adam and Matt are actually just as serious about their job. However, Matt actually seems serious about his job. Him and Adam work well together, especially when their concern for Spoole starts to increase as Spoole’s condition gets worse and worse. They know it’s not part of their job description to care for Spoole in a emotional sense, but they can’t help but worry. Matt had a harder time accepting it though, whereas Adam has always been aware of the fact that emotional health is just as important as physical health.  

James: Comes from a wealthy family. He’s a yolo kind of guy and deaf in both ears. He wears hearing aids, but often takes them out because of his dislike for them. It drives Bruce crazy because Bruce doesn’t know ASL (even though after a week or two of James’ constant taking them off, he enrolls in a course just in case).

“You need to wear your aids in case I need to yell at you that you’re in danger”

“Nah I won’t be in danger”


“… well i’m not gonna lie i’m a attractive guy maybe it’s to keep the fangirls from smothering me on accident I’m so popular.”


“oh.. there’s that too.”

In all honestly, James doesn’t wear his aids because he hates having his disability out in the open for everyone to see. He can actually read lips and body language well. James would rather struggle to understand people than to be treated like a fragile invalid.

Bruce: He’s sort of in-between. He’s not a goof-off on the job 100% but he’s not strict and stoic like Matt either. He indulges James and his antics, (secretly because of his man-crush for James). He shows concern for James’ distain towards his aids aside from his angry ranting and yelling at James when he’s being rebellious. James actually finds Bruce’s lecturing to be cute, which only infuriates Bruce more.When Bruce finally begins to understand James’ hatred over hearing aids, he beings to loosen up. We can be 1000% sure that James definitely flirts with Bruce all the time.

This was supposed to be a fun thing to draw where I talk about how I felt Maria would have a kind of bond with Tails since he was the first living being she saw when she woke and such. But it became vent art. Oh well, I can see little Mari here decorating her pictures like this if she could; shiny and overboard.

CS AU Week: Another Realm (Arendelle)

This is part of a larger piece I’m slowly working on, as yet untitled. A Lieutenant Duckling childhood friends tale. Some LD-pining and a side-order of Liamma for funsies.

Every time Emma turned from the mirror, she was certain her white gown gained a crease or a lock of her gleaming hair fell out of place. Her nerves sang in anticipation for that night’s ball, an event she’d been looking forward to for almost a year.

Her eighteenth Name Day ball. The night she’d see him again.

Emma paused as she turned from the mirror for what must have been the dozenth time just as her godsmother, Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, knocked and let herself into the robing chamber. “Oh, Emma, you look beautiful,” Elsa declared.

She flicked her fingers, sending a puff of her ice magic to bolster Emma’s petticoats and cause the design of red flowers and phoenixes on her gown to stand out more. Emma’s shoulders relaxed – Elsa’s magic would prevent any creases from occurring – as Elsa came to stand behind her godsdaughter. “Now, about your hair,” she mused, then snapped her fingers.

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okay i didnt really finish this all the way but im done with it

So, here’s Valerie, Paulina and Star in screamo au. I don’t have a name for their group yet, but I’m thinking about it. They rocketed into fame by winning one of those youth “Idol Finder” type shows at thirteen.

Valerie is their powerhouse vocalist. She almost always sings lead, and also writes most of their songs. She was childhood friends with Danny, but doesn’t really talk to him much anymore. She thinks he’s changed a lot, but so has she.

Paulina and Star are bffs, and don’t actually mind that Valierie is, technically speaking, better than then them. They bring most of the personality to the group, and Star does a lot of their choreography. 

Paulina has a huge thing for Danny. (well actually for his persona) She sees him as some kind of unattainable badboy, (which Valerie finds hilarious) and has started several anonymous internet rumours about her and Phantom being friends/dating, or subtly implied as much in interviews. (which Valerie doesn’t find nearly as hilarious)

More SW modernverse AU thoughts, Luke & Leia related. (I feel like I can’t keep calling it the Single Dad AU, given that Qui-Gon is neither single nor just a dad anymore…)

1. Padme goes into labor while in the company of Obi-Wan and family-friend Bail Organa. They’re the ones to take her to the hospital and call Anakin, who promptly abuses the siren on his police cruiser and then leaps out of the vehicle before putting it in park, leaving Rex to lunge over from the passenger side to yank the e-brake. Once in the delivery room, Padme crushes her husband’s hand and screams a lot. He screams as well, but in solidarity, and definitely not because he is confused and terrified by everything happening around him. Their duet of shrieks can be heard from the waiting room, where Bail stares appalled at the doors to the ward while Obi-Wan calmly peruses Vanity Fair.

2. Giant Grandpa is excellent at braiding Leia’s hair in increasingly elaborate ways. He also lets her practice on him. Sometimes ribbons and flowers are involved. 

3. The fact that the twins have an uncle (Cody) who also has a twin (Rex) has to come into play somehow. Idk how… but somehow. Possibly when they’re very young and don’t quite grasp yet that “twins running the family” involves genetics, and isn’t just a comment on coincidence. 


someone stop me for making feelsy stuff

For the AU prompt I had to make something with the new Dragon TamerAU of me and Tentachicken. And this is indeed part of the AU story.

tentachicken is still writing the heart cleanching story to this but in summary:

Spy managed to posses our Drgaon, making him turn to the evil side, attacking the hero while he plead for Pyro to turn back to normal. Sadly it was to late and Pyro penetraded Scout’s (now with a name: Cedric) chest. He kisses Pyro before collapsing on the floor and who knew, the kiss broke the spell and Pyro turned back to normal. Yet without any memeories to what just happend, only seeing the hero motionless on the floor. You can imagine the anger and hate he has towards spy. Tried to fight back but Spy escaped. in which then leads to the two scenes above

What happends next?…..well you see when Tenta publishes the fic >3

Tried to give a quick little ‘’cutescene’’ like look with the gif

“ footy star, Louis Tomlinson, reportedly moved to New York after his tragic accident on the field (which shattered the bones in his right (maybe left ????? ) knee, sitting him out of footy for a while, was brought into a live television show to ask how he was doing and if he has another girlfriend yet, to which he replied “define girlfriend”, to which he later reveals he has fallen head over heels for a lovely lad name Harry. now the two had been seen out in public a few times, but the media thought nothing of it; as Lou was rumored to be a massive womanizer in the past.. later on we looked up the name and backstory of this lad, Harry, who is a former porn star, gay porn star. the two are in a public relationship now, mother of Louis Tomlinson, Johanna, has been tweeting about them after their engagement announcement as well as her son going back into footy after a year of settling down and recovery. ”

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Oh, what's this? Miss Lapis is having difficulty with a design? Well, allow me to list a few. Sirens, Mermaids, Elementals, Kelpies, Selkies, Sea Serpents, Sea Nymphs, Kappas, Fish People, and last but not least, THE KRAKEN!!! Now, remember this name for all your fantasy needs. *tosses a business card*

//I already decided on Lapis’ alt. version for the Fantasy AU event, I just haven’t really announced it yet because I still need to redesign it :0 She’s going to be a literal water witch with maybe a Peridot/Malachite dragon familiar.

Though I’ll leave up your suggestions for any other Lapis askblogs that may be interested, my idea was already kinda set in stone because I wanted to do more with this really old fanart under the cut that I did awhile back. uvu Thank you!!

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Up In The Air + Chapter 3

The airport is the last place best-selling author Killian Jones wants to be. Yet when a broken heart and a business class ticket lead him to a chance meeting with a fellow passenger named Emma Swan, he discovers that sometimes the flight you never wanted to take might land you exactly where you’re supposed to be. Rated M for future chapters :]   Read it on [] or [AO3]

This was insane. Totally, one hundred percent, straight up crazy.

A steep altitude that stretched into the state of soaring over the ocean - those were the sort of poetic words that were supposed to take her home. She’d prepared for the sight that such a description could bring. When she’d walked into the airport hours earlier, Emma had been prepared for the usual sights and details. The whole trip had been planned down to the last pack of airplane peanuts or whatever the hell they were handing out on flights these days - but this….well, this could definitely be considered as veering off course.

It was strange how alone she felt once he’d gone to change his shirt. Emma didn’t realize just how much she’d been enjoying - err, tolerating his company. She knew once he returned from the lavatory, his attention would be firmly glued on her. Honestly, his gaze had hinged on her every move longer than she was willing to address - even though she’d slowly been learning to deal with it. Emma allowed her head to press back against the seat and she adjusted her position for the hundredth time. It had been getting more and more difficult to deny this unexpected tension building between them, but the detour to the back of plane that she was so impulsively about to decide on would make it damn near impossible. Yeah, it was that kind of choice that would lead her toward a whole new destination - one that came with far too many questions and oh so limited answers. Emma’s feet moved by themselves, the earlier shake of the plane knocking some sense into her and her steps carrying her in that bold direction without another thought.

She wasn’t prepared to be trapped in her footsteps by his stare as he paused at the top of the aisle - that dark, deep, crystal blue one. Oh and that damn plaid shirt - that was the final drop dead handsome straw.


She jumped involuntarily as his voice shook her gently from a distracted daze, the one she’d inevitably found herself sinking in as her eyes met his. It took a moment for the panic to fill her body as she realized she wasn’t imagining this. She wasn’t shifting around in her uncomfortable seat, awaiting his witty and quite likely heated return. She’d actually gone to find him - and here he was. Now what the hell was she going to do?

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