I have this one HideKane AU that I have yet decide a name for it,the AU bg set  around Fantasy Ancient Japan + modern times,Kaneki was a human who was given as an “peace offering” to the demon (Yamori) after his mom died since no one wanted to take care of him,he got tortured by Yamori and seek help from a witch (Rize) who then turned him into a ghoul,he then later beat up Yamori and eat him and become the village’s new “demon”,he hate the villagers for giving him to Yamori as an offering but he still have his human nature and just ignore the villagers instead of creating chaos,but there’s another group of ghouls who is creating chaos in the village (Aogiri) and the villagers thought it was all Kaneki doing and so they seek help from the demon hunters (CCG).

Kaneki meet other few more ghouls after that,such as Touka,Hinami,Nishiki and the others,even thought he’s a ghoul now,he still have the heart of a human,he still remembers what Rize told him,he can return back into human since he is not originally a ghoul but the condition is that there’s must be a human out there who would truly love him sincerely,but alas there’s no way a human could fall in love with a beast like him.

Meanwhile,Hide who was living a normal live in the modern time found himself transported into Kaneki’s world after he bring back home a novel that belongs to a mystery student who have been missing for 2 years in his uni,confused and unable to find a way back into his world,he venture around the village only for him to get mistaken for a thief and is then forced to become the villagers “peace offering” to the demon Kaneki.

There is more but then its going to be too long,this AU is going to be full of angst ya feel?? _(:Dj