Space Family

First things first, Shiro is not a child, oh no, he is Space Dad space dad is the best most chill dad, and his space kids love him very much.

Then, there is Allura, who is Space Mom, space mom is the tough love mom, but knows when proper affection is needed.

Next we have Coran. Who is obviously Crazy Space Uncle. He does mildly dangerous things and doesn’t really understand exactly how children work, but he is very loving albeit confused most of the time.

So, Keith, Keith is the Confused Space Child, he really just does not get what his space siblings are doing half of the time, but does attempt to get along with them and understand their games.

Lance is Clumsy Space Child. As a child I’m figuring Lance would have been a bit clumsy, he falls down a lot and would never admit it but he will cry, he really hates being away from home. He has a problem with Keith, mostly because Keith never falls down, which is so unfair.

Which now leads us to, Sweet Space Child, or Hunk. Hunk is always there for his Space Siblings. He will always try to comfort Lance when he falls or is feeling homesick while at school, which yes, it does happen. He also doesn’t tell anyone about Lance crying when he falls. The Sweet Space Child will always try to break up any fights between Lance and Keith, he hates fighting and sometimes gets upset when he witnesses it, this will almost always immediately stop Lance and Keith from fighting.

Finally we have Curious Space Toddler. This happens to be Pidge, Pidge is the youngest and by far the most troublesome, not in the bad way,  but in the ‘Don’t stick the fork in there!’ Way, she(they? the fandom confuses me) is always getting into things she shouldn’t at that toddler age, that specific toddler age everyone is terrified of. Shiro and Allura know very well that silence when it’s just them and Pidge in the house is a very bad thing. But she almost never gets in trouble, she has this sweet look on her face that they just can’t get angry at.

Now should I do one about the Galra?
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This spiraled so far out of my control its ridiculous. I spent all month writing this, and then editing it right up the last second.

“It’ll be done before the due date easy!” Is what I thought two weeks ago. How wrong I was.

Anyways, enjoy a doomed timeline, by moi. Featuring everyone’s favorite science nerds, April and Donnie.

Phase One

Author: Really-meg

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Mention of alcohol 

Word Count: 280

A/N: So this is really short but it was a really good place to end it and i really liked the idea of Dylan O’Brien spy au so I'm writing one. Info/synopsis 

“Alpha to Sierra target is in visual.” I say watching him talk to the mayor.

“Alright proceed as planned use extreme caution, this is a one time go.”

I grab a glass of champagne off of one of the passing waiters trays before walking over to him.

“Mr.O’Brien yet again a lovely party.” I smile giving him my hand.

He smirked wickedly before taking it. He brought it up to his lips ghosting them over my skin before saying “Please call me Dylan…” His voice deep and commanding. 

“Thea Spade.”

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful women.”

“Alright engage him about about the Mets.” I hear through my earpiece.

“Did you see the mets game last night I myself thought that did a fantastic job.” I say causally.

His eyebrows raise slightly before he looks me up and down.

“You don’t look like the type of women to watch baseball.” He says a slight smirk on his face.

“Oh there’s lots of surprising things about me.”  I say seductively.

He did a quick sweep of the part behind me before looking back to me

“Why don’t you meet me later. Luxury suite Park Hyatt. 12 o'clock.”

“I’ll see you there.” I say smirking.

Your target was set. Dylan O’Brien, handsome, cunning, brilliant billionaire playboy. He was also the suspect to being the mastermind behind the hack that had ruined 2.3 millions lives, Blacklist.

I watched as he strutted away the taut muscles of his back showing through the expensive material of his suit jacket. I turned around putting my untouched glass of champagne back on a tray before striding out of the ballroom not needing to be there any longer. Phase one was complete.


So… i saw Step Up 4, and this musicians AU came in my head.

 - Marinette, Alya, Nino, and the rest of the guys have an band, a different kind of band… They work like in a flashmob, going into places and starting doing shows, places like restaurants, parks, museums. 

 - They don’t have they real identity revealed, they paint their faces and use others names, the band is just known as Akumas, or, AK.

 - Adrien is just an rich boy who plays cello and meets Nino, a DJ. The band is a secret, but Nino sees potential in Adrien for a really good guitarist, and say that he can meet the crew.

 Adrien is not in the band yet, but i will post more drawings… if you all like this musicians AU.


TO BE CONTINUED! I’m sorry again for the delay. But here’s a list of reasons why it took so long. Despite being essentially bullied into making this new page, I still had fun drawing it. And I even livestreamed it. :’) it took 5 HOURS AND 44 MINUTES TO FINISH THIS. I never want to hear anyone complain that it takes me too long to update ever again. I’ll try to update more often but I can’t make any promises when school starts up again. The comic isn’t over yet, btw. There will be a few more parts. Until next time, 


Thanks for all the support, those of you who don’t bully me and steal my art. Have a good night! 

*ALSO- You pronounce her name “Roar-uh” as in “Aurora”.

Part 1: Ready or Not
Part 2: Welcome to Motherhood
Part 3: It’s a Surprise
Part 4: Trial of the Trimesters
Part 5: Safe and Sound
Part 6: Wish you were Here
Part 7: Celebration
Part 8: Preparing the Nest
Part 9: Fears
Part 10: Fears Calmed
Part 11: An Omen
Part 12: No Choice
Part 13: Pulse
Part 14: Vulnerability
Part 15: It’s time
Part 16: Admission
Part 17: Problications
Part 18: A Husband’s Worry
Part 19: Arrival
Part 20: – 
Part 21: Coming Soon!

I still dont have a name for her yet…

but this is the little sister of red fire…she dreams to be as tough and brave as her big sister red and brother blue, only she suffers from panic attacks and is very small compared to her siblings, just like her siblings her semblance revolves around an element giving her an ability to weild it like its second nature…only she doesnt know what that is yet.

she once tried to join the dead guard of the north in the dead zone but was rejected because the officers there knew she would just be getting herself killed since in the deadzone only the toughest of the tough can handle the hords of grimm that are constantly spawning there. 

she still wears their armor colors in hopes of one day proving she can be just as tough and brave as her sister. only at the moment shes a bit of a coward and prefers to stay in complete solitude in her room alone with her stuffed wolf animals. she likes smooth jazz and cheese cake, her favorite soda is orange.

her weapon is a broad sword named brave wolf though she lacks the confidence to properly use it so she struggles to use her own weapon. many of the other teens at Beacon academy pick on her because shes so weak but ironicly her big sister and brother normally put a stop to it, though red being a hot head that she is will often tell her to stick up for herself because she cant do it forever. 

Like her mother she too worships the moon 

her siblings are called the fire siblings so her name should revolve around an element. 

any suggestions for a name?


So, everybody saw that post, right?

And everyone understands that @poi_au created the blacklist by going to AO3 and clicking the Rape/Non-Con warning filter then copy/pasting the names?

Every writer on the blacklist got there because they tagged their fic. That’s what responsible writers do - tell the reader upfront what to expect in the story. It is the reader’s responsibility to use those tags to decide what they will and will not read.

Free Will, one of the main concepts of Person of Interest. And yet, here’s poi_au trying to take that away from both writers and readers.

It is NOT my responsibility as a writer to conform to poi_au’s arbitrary dictates of what is and is not appropriate POI fanfic. 

poi_au is attempting to censor the Person of Interest fic community by shaming creative voices. According to poi_au and their followers, the writers on their blacklist, and everyone who has ever read, kudos, commented, liked, retweeted, reposted, reblogged from those writers “have no place in our fandoms.”

My question is which tag is next? Fanart? Kara Stanton? Martine? Iris? D/s? Harold Finch? 

What’s the next thing poi_au will decide has no place in our fandom?


Hey guys! Sorry if i wasn’t posting that much; i was out on a trip.

But now that I am back I want to share with all of you this thing i wanna do.

I want to create an…AU series? Kinda like @mudkipful ‘s Littletale, but with the Gorillaz.

Even though they have HUGE age gaps, and they were obviously living pretty far away from each other, i think it would be something really fun to draw!

I have already thought of some ideas for the first comic strips; but the thing is that I don’t have a name for this series yet. Can you help me?

Well, in any case, I hope you are a having a nice day!


(BTW, I use A-KAchen’s design for the kiddos in case you are wondering -except for Murdoc- :D )

Another ygo au concept incoming~

As you can see when I make Au’s I tend to just get the designs first so here they are. Still not to sure about the purple color of yugi’s overcoat thing might change that later but these are pretty much the concepts for now.

Now into the meat of the idea for the au woo. (this is straight from my notes so its not entirely fleshed out yet :P )

Some children are born with blessings from dragons that lends the children the power and allegiance of the dragon that chooses them. However in the magical society that they live in it’s believed that this power is a curse so the kids were abandoned early on. The more synced the dragon and the child are the more dragon features the child gains, like patches of scales, fangs, and other things like that. Yami was blessed by Slifer and Yugi might eventually get blessed by Gandora but for now he’s just one of the higher middle class type magical kiddos who almost completely oblivious to the dragon kiddos. And if I decide to include Atem he will be one of the highest class kiddos that gets blessed by Ra but since his family is of the status that they are he’s allowed to stay and is even revered (especially since its Ra). 


  • Rivalry - as the name states :’-)
  • Black Magic - fantasy, kaisoo are dragons!!! how awesome!!!
  • The Domino Effect - ksoo is afraid of dating jong bc of their school’s Intense Rivalry™ 
  • Adagio - rival ballet dancers! kaisoo (just imagine how flexible they’d both be)
  • Battle Star - lmr!au, kaisoo will fall in love eventually ofc, as they always do :^) jingo, did u rly think ur plan would work lol
  • Nostalgia for Innocence - rival CEOs!
  • Sleeping with the Enemy - the name says it all ;-)
  • Blood Feud - vampire kaisoo from rival families! 
  • Come a Bit Closer (Don’t Stop) - kaisoo are on rival quidditch teams!
  • Neon Lights - confession, i haven’t read this yet but the main premise is of rival gangs~
  • Concorso - rival violinists!kaisoo (sort of a healthy rivalry imo)
  • My Idiot Rival - kind of kdrama-y. hasn’t been updated in a while tho ;;
  • From Me to You - kaisoo are friends online but irl they’re competing :~)
  • Won’t You Get on Your Knees - I’M CRYIN THIS IS MY FAVE FIC BUT IT WAS DELETED i’m just putting this here as a psa to say this was deleted :’-((((( this was the fic where kaisoo were in rival rock bands and they have steamy sex in the bathroom iM SO SAD
    • Mr. and Mr. Kim - technically… they belong to two rival corps? mr and mrs smith! au
    • Wanting Perfection - ksoo is the new student threatening jiggle’s position of Over Achiever™
    • Change of Heart - rival playas kaisoo competing for the same girl ;-)
    • Quicksand - my acTUAL FAVE FIC I READ THIS TWICE OML

Look at this cute af comic i found while searching for fics! highschool rivals! kaisoo ♡♡♡ 


admin i(’m so good at disappearing) ♡

I dont think anyone has posted this video yet? The gist: (1)Apparently taylor was googling where to shop and ended up at this store (called “Another Love”) where she shopped after-hours & met one fan. (2) The story also mentions (as we’ve heard) that Tom plans to celebrate his emmy nom this weekend….

Spotlight, Chapter: 1

Soulmate! & Famous! AU

Summary: Fairy tales are just that, tales.

I hope you all can enjoy this new series. It has been my escape for a while now, so I hope it can entertain you all as well. I’ll try to keep this series from interrupting requests for those of you who aren’t interested. Anyways, I hope you like it! <3

For everyone, it’s different. Some like to claim that it was like a magnetic pull, a supernatural force that guided them. Others swear they heard their name over the crowd, a voice they had never heard before, yet yearned for so immensely that ignoring the call was impossible. Some say that they were granted visions in a dream, a mystic landscape with no landmarks besides the undeniable feeling having seen it all before. The feeling of finding your soulmate. The one the universe deemed yours, and you, theirs. A love and a friendship unlike any else, all bundled within one person, chosen especially for you.

It’s a shame that it’s all lies.

Keep reading

A 1980s Chat Noir to go with Ladybug!! Neither of them have a name yet, unfortunately.

If you are looking at the costume and thinking “Leather jacket and parachute pants? that is the most horrendous thing I have ever seen on anyone ever” you would be on the right track

Also enjoy that secondhand jean jacket with the iron-on patches, heck yeah

You Are My World (lrh)

Imagine: Luke and you are married and you have a fight and you hear him talking to your baby on the baby monitor.

Warnings: none really lol maybe the feels

y/d/n is your daughters name lol

“Whatever Luke!!!” You say, yelling. You’re surprised that your daughter, (y/d/n), hasn’t woken up from the screaming yet.

Luke rolls his eyes. “Just stop, (Y/N).”

The two of you usually don’t fight a lot, but you have both been under a lot of stress lately, causing you to fight about the stupidest things.

You huff, and angrily walk to your room. 

You come back and throw a pillow at him, followed by a blanket. Your way of signaling him that he’s ‘sleeping on the couch tonight.’

You close the door behind you once you enter your room. You laid in your but you couldn’t sleep. You often couldn’t when you fought with Luke. You started crying silently, and then the baby monitor sitting next to your bed came to life with the sounds of your daughter crying. You rubbed your eyes, stopping the tears as best as you could. You figured Luke would be asleep, so you knew you had to get the baby to stop crying. Just as you were about to stand up, you hear a voice on the monitor.

“Shhh it’s okay, princess. I’ve got you.” Luke says.

The baby stops crying, but Luke continues.

“Mommy and I love you. I love both you and your mommy. I haven’t been good to her recently, and I can hear her crying herself to sleep when we fight. I don’t ever wanna make mommy cry again, princess. You know why? Because your mommy is a queen, and I love my royal family more than anything.”

You smiled, and soon after you hear Luke leave the baby’s room. You open the door to your bedroom, and invitingly open your arms to your husband. You both go lay in the bed, and he wraps his arms around you in a hug.

“I love you.” You mutter into his chest, falling asleep to the steady sound of his heartbeat.