Hannibal & Bedelia Come closer

..the sweetest taste of sin
            …   and I just can’t take my self away…

a bit au a bit canon
A little bit of danger, secret desire, an unexpected relationship turning in something more during their European journey

Your Heart Will Go On (In My Stomach)

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by TheSilverQueen

For Hannibal, the Titanic is the answer to his dreams – new hunting grounds, new places to explore, and perhaps, more exciting prey to taste. For Will, though, the Titanic is the answer to his nightmares, taking him from all he’s ever known back the place of his birth to deal with more monsters, but most especially the Chesapeake Ripper, in whom his handler has a unique interest.

A Hannigram Titanic AU

Words: 1647, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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When he smells Freddie Lounds on Will Graham, Mads’ performance is so struck in that moment because Hannibal was convinced. Will’s plan succeeded; he absolutely seduced Hannibal Lecter. That’s part of it for Hannibal. “You tricked me, and I allowed myself to be tricked.” The other part was just the devastating loss of the friendship.

- Bryan Fuller.


Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up


heathiːt ]
a cycle an omega goes through every three months. omega will be in a constant state of arousal; hormone goes wild. if sexual quota is not met, it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. the alpha can smell the omegas when in heat, and, thus, know their wanton states.