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You know what there isn't any of on AO3? Alpha Nigel/Alpha Adam. Nigel who thinks his soft-spoken, awkward Omega neighbor is in heat without and Alpha; he goes to put some water and snacks outside his door (he knows how much his rut sucks) only to be greeted by a very desperate, lonely Alpha. He decides to help out, anyway (as mentioned, he knows how awful a rut spent alone is, and he can't stand to see Adam in distress). Turns out that Nigel really, *really* likes being a bottom...

OMG Ship. SHIP!!!! I loved this prompt almost as much as I loved writing it! I am a massive fan of Alpha/Alpha pairings and it’s so lovely to explore this within the Spacedogs dynamic! Thanks for the great prompt @shiphitsthefan

It got a little long… link to continuation on AO3 below.

When Nigel first met his new neighbour it was instantly clear he was not a beta, despite the scent. There was something slightly off and artificial about it that Nigel recognised from his days dealing various prohibited ‘hygiene’ products. But really, Nigel couldn’t blame the guy. It was hard being an omega in some professions - especially a pretty little one like that. Best people think he was an beta and hopefully leave him alone.

They passed in the hallway a few times, but only really talked and exchanged names when they ran into each other in the laundry one day. From there they went to saying hi in passing, sometimes chatting for a minute - polite conversation during which Nigel usually reflected on how fucking beautiful he was up close. His name was Adam and he was sweet and shy and seemed to be crazy smart. Nigel liked the days when he came home to find the little guy sitting outside on the step, people watching or scrolling through satellite images on his laptop - happy to explain them to Nigel. As weeks passed Nigel found himself a little smitten.

He’d had plenty of crushes and almost never acted on them, it was just nice to admire pretty things from afar - they weren’t for fooling around with or for one night stands and he didn’t consider himself much good for anything else. But being in such close proximity to Adam his mind cooking up different ways in which he might be able to find favour with the omega without having to just upfront tell the guy he knew he wasn’t a beta. The more his brain rolled their idea around the more he considered ways in which he really might ask for a date. Maybe Adam was just the kind of lover he needed - someone who would make him a better person.

When he heard the whining from Adam’s apartment Nigel thought maybe the opportunity had arisen - if Adam was in heat then he could use that as an in without embarrassing the guy.. The idea of going to the omega and offering himself in his time of need had him slightly hard. But… he liked Adam. There was something about him. He was unique, and somewhat of a challenge. He didn’t want to run the risk of Adam considering him nothing more than a fuck toy. He didn’t want to just help the omega through his heat - he wanted to get to know him better, become friends and maybe more. So as hard as it was to resist, Nigel decided not to offer himself as a relief from the omega’s heat. But, he knew how much it sucked when he was in rut alone and thought the least he could do was try and make things a little better - be considerate. Something that, when the omega was over his heat, he might come up and say thanks for and maybe Nigel could ask him out on a date. A lot of what-ifs and maybes but he had to start somewhere.

He went to the store and bought a gift basket. One of those ones specifically for omegas in heat - comfort food, high energy snacks, bottled water, some hygiene products, even a small tube of lube in case slick production became an issue. Seriously, these baskets were made by omegas who had thought of everything.

Nigel hesitated as he neared Adam’s door. Would he think it was too forward? It could easily be seen as a courting gift. Perhaps he should just leave the snacks and water, that might seem less of a gesture. He was still mulling over what would be most appropriate when he got to the door. The scent hit him then and he stopped dead, dropping the basket onto the welcome mat. The scent of an omega in heat he had been prepared for. The clear, sharp, tang of an alpha in rut was as unexpected as the immediate prickle of sweat at the back of his neck.


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you know, slips, for all that i don’t go here, it’s real unsettling to me the frequency with which your murder baby headcanons line up *alarmingly precisely* with my actual real life goals

So, the thing here is that, I know it’s hard to believe if you don’t go here, but Hannibal Lecter is almost a really good caretaker-provider-type boyfriend if that’s your jam.  He’s just, you know, a psychopathic asshole also.  

If one lets oneself dwell in the nicer AUs where Hannibal is not murdery, or in a post-finale world where Will’s gonna keep him on a real short leash (metaphorical or literal, take your pick) and LBR he’s not even going to mind, it’s surprisingly easy to enter the realms of warm fuzzy romantic-domestic fluff sans murder/gaslighting and not even be too far out-of-character.  Because Hannibal is almost that guy.  Just two steps to the left of that guy. Two really big steps.

(Although, personally, I do better with a Will-style boyfriend - give me the antisocial hermit in a house in the woods surrounded by dogs, around whom I can be snarky and inappropriate and messy and put my feet up on the furniture and eat ice cream for dinner and avoid the rest of the human race together. Which, as you know, is not that far off from my life if you swap dogs for cats and give up woods for “access to public transit.”  A Nicer Hannibal would be a great boyfriend for someone, but not actually for me.)


Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up