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In the quiet town of Lima, Ohio there is a rehabilitation facility known all around America for it’s ability to offer the best rehab for people from the ages of 16 to 25. The services on offer vary from physical therapy to dealing with addiction and everything in between. There is no condition ignored or forgotten within the walls of the facility with only the best team on hand to help these young adults get their lives back and offer the ongoing support that they may need.

While it seems unlikely to form friendships or relationships in a rehabilitation facility it is possible and for this group of people anything is possible within the walls of the facility.

As part of the program to unite the youths with one another there are music, art, writing, drama and even sports programs on offer to keep the patients minds sharp and encourage interactions among the patients. Along with these programs there are teachers who come in on a daily basis to work with the patients on graduating from high school.

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                                   “Beauty is terror. Whatever we call beautiful, we quiver before it.”

The Offbeats have definitely earned their name. As an exclusive club bonded by their talent and wealth they’re able to make people both envious and uninterested at the very same time. What really bonds the group, however, is the deadly secret they’ve been carrying the weight of. Will it strengthen the bond built between the members, or prove to be enough to crumble the once unbreakable foundations of their group?

privileged-rp is an au Glee 10x10 set at a fictional college located in Lima, Ohio. The group will follow the lives of the close knit Glee club, The Offbeats, and how they deal with keeping the secret murder of one of their members. Mature themes ahead!

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