IT’S AN RP! Let’s pretend I’ve put something really catchy here that explains this game better than I am right now. Cause basically it’s a senior year redo with a bunch of shit being different and me not sinking hours into figuring out some really intricate plot and instead it’s just a bunch of people who for some reason still fucking like glee.


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Hello Glee RPC! We’re going to begin posting at 10 members, and after receiving four lovely applications on top of our admins we only need four more applicants before we can begin our roleplaying rendezvous!  All new applications will be reviewed and accepted within 24 hours.

Ohio On Tour is an AU/Glee RP where the three “known” show-choirs in Ohio are pulled together by Cassandra July to go on a world tour to raise funding to save the Art Programs at each of the schools (butalso to bring her name back to light in a positive way). The groups are going to finish off their school year but as soon as summer hits them, they’re off to New York to begin rehearsals and from there — the world!

- Admin!Sara

another day of sun | Rachel & Jesse

Rachel was living on cloud 9 after finally signing for a place to open up her bakery.  She was even more excited to fix it up and start looking at things for it.  It was really nice of Jesse to offer to come and she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t happy to get to spend a little time with him.  Them hanging out was long overdue and she knew he would be honest about what he thought.

It was a hot day for May so she wore a skirt and a nice top, putting her long hair into a high pony.  She made her way over to Jesse’s apartment, knocking before adjusting her purse, anxiously waiting.  This was the start of things coming true for her.  It was all falling into place and she couldn’t be happier.  When Jesse opened the door, Rachel’s smile grew.  “Ready St. James?!”


I absolutely ADORE @ellnaturae at @nyadaismagic. Karin’s take on an AU Elliott Gilbert in this fantasy verse is equal parts intriguing, heartbreaking, and hilarious. She plays him with such a complex backstory that brings you to tears, but his general reactions to both people and world around him never fail to make me laugh. Thank you Karin for bring so much to this character and making me adore Ell, the Queen of the LN!!

Building Mixer | Open

Rachel spent the entire morning, baking various treats for the mixer in the yard.  It was a beautiful day to barbeque out in the sun and enjoy chatting with the other tenants, she set her baked goods out on a table where there was open space before getting herself a drink.  With one whiff of the beverage, she could tell there was alcohol.  Shrugging, she took a sip, hoping more people would show up so she could make some more friends.

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@winkrp is a glee alternate universe multiples roleplay set in san francisco, california. we focus on building in character relationships through the use of a fictional dating and friendship mobile app which utilizes tumblr “chat posts,” as well as regular character development prompts and activities.


Rachel has been in her new apartment for about two weeks and had the same problem every, single day.  Her damn mailbox kept getting stuck.  Fighting with again, a few curses escaped her breaths as she set her stuff down and and pulled so hard, it flew open and she fell back against someone.  “I am so sorry!”  She frowned slightly, turning to the other person.

Now Accepting Applications

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like if the Glee was in San Francisco instead of New York? If the group from Looking was all linked to  the glee kids through mutual twin brothers, Patrick and Jesse? What about if Kurt was a crossdresser, Brittany transgender, and Santana and Blaine performed in a drag show on weekends? In a world rich in acceptable norms and LGBTQ history, anything is possible. Come follow us and ‘look for glee’.


Looking For Glee is an AU Glee/Looking Crossover RP.  We’ve revamped and are back.  Currently accepting all canons and OCs by request.

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