Wellen ll Staff Meeting

Will was sighing in his office, there was a lot of angst going around Second Hope right now and something needed to be done, but wasn’t sure what. Well he had ideas, but had a feeling they wouldn’t go down well with the patients and would probably not go down well with the high ups either. This is why Ellen probably wanted a minor staff meeting, to discuss what they could do to ease the tension.

Going to the middle of the room where there were two couches and a small table, Will put out some water and a few nibbles like nuts and chips incase they got hungry. Now he just had to wait for her to arrive, she could be a formidable woman sometimes, yet she was good for the patients.

Things have gotten harder to handle in the halls of Dalton Asylum. Power corrupts, and the staff have used their power against the patients more and more as time goes by. Experiments are taken out on the patients in order to determine new and better ways to treat their ailments, and more sinister acts are taken out behind closed doors. There are those staff that care, and want to stop this from happening, but they know that they’re outnumbered, and have no choice but to turn their heads away from the issues.

Throughout all the trials and tribulations of asylum life, the patients have one thing to keep them going; their friendship. If no one else will look out for them, they look out for each other. Life is hard when there are voices in your head, when the mirror tells you you’re disgusting, when people think you’re different. But here in Dalton Asylum, there’s safety in the midst of the chaos.