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Shawn Mendes AU: Late night livestreams with the fans while you’re at his place

This has been in my drafts for quite some time and I finally had an idea on how to finish it. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave me feedback, I love to read your comments :)!



Cody Christian AU: He does a Live stream at 2AM while staying over at your place


Imagine being the last mermaid left in the Seven Kingdoms. Some people want to see you dead, some want to marry you because of your beauty and some try to use you for your magic. But in the end your legend still goes on…


AU Meme: You’re dating Ethan Part 2

Part 1

Yayy! You guys wanted more Imagines with Ethan and I finally got to do something. Hope you enjoy! :) Leave me comments and feedback if you did, I love reading you guys responses so much <3


Cody Christian AU: You convince him to answer boyfriend tag questions 

You’re staying at his family’s place for over the weekend and you just come across those questions randomly, thinking that it might be fun to go over them with him. So you end up sitting together in his parents living room, discussing the questions and talking about a lot of things that happened in your relationship. 

Holy shit I didn’t think I’d make another Cody AU even longer than those I already posted, but oh well. Here I am. I hope you enjoy this one still, even if it’s been a while. :) 


Imagine having a secret relationship with Newt, which means breaking one of Alby’s rules. The two of you think you sneak out together in the night and steall kisses now and then. It doesn’t take the others long to figure out something is up between you two.


Dolan Twins AU: Ethan complains about you and Grayson being loud (And Grayson gets all awkward about it)

I feel like he would be so awkward about it in front of Ethan, haha. But at the same time he’d be super proud and happy. Imagine this being a conversation while they were filming a video, which they obviously had to edit out.

requested by a lovely Anon. Hope you enjoy <3 ! :D


Royalty!AU prompts
  • The Guardian - Muse A is a prince/princess and heir to the throne and Muse B is the commander of their guards. Muse A needs to leave for a long trip and Muse B needs to keep them safe during the journey. The problem is, they discover a plot against Muse A’s life. Will they manage to keep them safe? 
  • The Siege - The country is at war and the capitol is under siege. Muse A is the last living royal descent, Muse B is their faithful soldier. Muse B needs to get Muse A out of the city and back to their regrouping troops so they can take the country back. 
  • The Marriage - Muse A and B are both of royal blood and are forced to marry for the good of both of their worlds as it’s a part of peace declaration between the nations. They see each other for the first day on their wedding day. 
  • The Lover - Muse A is of royal blood, unhappily married with muse C. Muse B is a young and dashing knight/noble lady who serves in the court. Muse A takes liking in them, finding long forgotten happiness by their side. How far will they let the things go?
  • The Toy - Muse A is of royal blood, muse B is a low born. Muse A takes Muse B to court as an entertainment. 
  • The Power - Muse A and B are young ambitious married couple who plots to get them power. Will they succeed? How much will they sacrifice in the game of thrones? 

Cody Christian AU: He facetimes you

Imagine; Out of all days, you woke up feeling sick on the day of the VMAs. The first VMAs that Cody was invited to. That morning he immediately realised that you weren’t feeling well so he made sure you stayed in his bed to get some rest, even though you were supposed to be his +1. A few hours of your him being gone and you lazing around in his bedroom, you get a facetime call. He’s in the car on his way to the event, checking up on you. What he doesn’t admit is that you’re the only one who can calm his nerves and now that you’re not there with him, he at least wants to see your face before he walks out on the red carpet.

I dedicate this one to @codlena and @hakunamatatalltheway cause you guys made me smile so much with your comments :D ❤️‍


Imagine being one of the youngest Gladers so the boys made your safety their most important priority. They try to keep you away from everything that could hurt you, but they didn’t know your stubbornness yet. It was never your wish to get a bunch of overprotective brothers.