Four Words

“The promo for the premiere ends next week.”


You didn’t bother masking up the disappointment in your tone this time, genuinely frustrated on everything that’s happening, pressing the phone closer to your ear.

“But you told me you were going home tomorrow last week.”

“Sorry ‘bout that.”

Harry sighed through the phone, being frustrated too with the situation, running his hand through his hair as he waited for your reply.

All you did for the past week was to bicker with Harry over calls or over texts, seeming like a contest on who could put the other on seen for the longest time or the one who could type the shortest and coldest replies.

“Well it’s unfair!”

You exasparated, breathing furiously that shocked Harry, being the most action he’s heard for that day.


He couldn’t believe the reaction he got from what he said, the line being silent.

“You came home from filming only to leave again?”

Angry tears made their way down from your eyes, fist clenching that made Harry’s stomach churn.

At this moment, the fights were discarded to the side then didn’t matter anymore. The only thing that was put in consideration is if it was right for Harry to leave without you and that you were angry and in tears because of it.

“It’s gonna be quick. Just another-…”

“Well I don’t want you to be gone for another week!”

You raised your voice, this time being held without any reservations, making it harder that by the time Harry comes home, it was time for you to film and he already knew that weeks prior.

“Love, calm down. I’m gonna-…”

He finished short since he noticed there weren’t any sniffles nor crying heard, not even your breathing could be heard since you decided to be silent, making him immediately worried.

You dropped the call since you didn’t want to talk anymore, Harry hesitating if he should since he knew you were disappointed.

So by the moment you gathered yourself of being alone in a house for months and weeks, you texted him.

This time, he didn’t hesitate to read it nor leave it seen. This time, he didn’t hesitate to say something to the publicist and book the next flight home, bringing nothing else but him and a small duffel bag, reading nothing else but your text over and over again.

Of course, Harry felt sorry. He knew the feeling of being alone and if he was honest, he didn’t always want it the same as you. And nothing hurt him more than seeing you on a state he couldn’t stand seeing you in.

So by the moment you texted him the four words seriously, he immediately called you to say he’s going to and how much he loves you.

The way you said them were urgent and pleading, something that struck Harry the most and hurt you even more, wanting nothing else but him.

“Please come home now.”


AU Where Noctis Survives at the End of the Game

Thank you so so so much for helping me reach the 2,000 follower milestone. I’m going to try not to get sentimental here, because I can tell you… I will 100% confirmed will start crying. I see each and everyone of you as a friend and family member and love the heck out of each of you individually. I can’t wait to keep delivering more content to you guys in the future. I’ve only been on tumblr for a number of months, but I seriously feel like you guys have already changed my life. And I really wanna thank you for that.

So please take this tear inducing, sad, fic as a thank you. LOL. 

I changed the outcome like 2348 times. LOL WHOOPS. I worked real hard on this one so I hope it’s to y’all’s liking. <333

Word Count: 2,266

Though your sacrifice was noble, True King… We cannot accept it, for a deal has been made on your behalf. Now, you must awaken, Noctis Lucis Caelum. Lead thy people through the eternal darkness. Become apart of the world you still have yet to know… forever and always.

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Sheith Summer Week Day 1: Sea / Sky

“and we’ll meet in the inbetween” - anonymous

Shiro is a raven shapeshifter and Keith is a merman.

  • Shiro lost his arm in a fight with some cat shifters, but was saved by the witch Allura, who nursed him back to health. The two became friends and are now roommates living in a small, sea-side town–Allura working for the local apothecary while taking classes at the local magical school and Shiro working at a tattoo parlor.
  • Shiro’s raven form is missing half of his right wing, has a scar across his beak, and a white patch of feathers at the back of his neck, reflecting Shiro’s human side.
  • Shiro also has wings tattooed on his back and arms.
  • Shiro sometimes likes to go to the beach and just relax in his raven form. Since he can’t fly anymore, he’s more vulnerable in that form, but it would be more difficult for any predators to sneak up on him at the beach, where there aren’t any hiding places, so it’s where he’s most comfortable shifting these days, other than in his own home.
  • Keith is a merman who doesn’t have a family to travel with, and so has had to survive on his own, often hugging the shore for safety. He eventually finds a nice stretch of beach that isn’t frequented much by land-folk, and so he feels comfortable sunbathing there and breaching the water’s surface. (Land-folk always ask questions when they realize he’s alone, and he hates having to explain that he doesn’t have a family.)
  • Keith meets the local apothecary, Coran, who asks him for help collecting certain types of shells and sea life that he needs for various potions and spells. In exchange, he offers Keith deep sea fish that can’t be found by merfolk that hug the shoreline. (And they’re very tasty.)
  • Shiro and Keith meet when Shiro, in his raven form, investigates the sea shells, oysters, and other sea life that he finds lined up on a rock one day and Keith comes back and tries to shoo him away. Keith doesn’t realize that Shiro is a shifter, at first, and Shiro doesn’t tell him for a while, just enjoying letting Keith talk at him about his life.
  • Keith finds out Shiro isn’t just a raven when Coran comes to exchange goods with Keith at the old pier and recognizes Shiro as his apprentice’s roommate. Keith is, understandably, angry and hurt, since he shared a lot of very personal things with Shiro under the pretense that he was just a bird, not a person.
  • Shiro ends up going to the pier day after day, in human form, and talking to the water, never knowing if Keith is even listening. He sits at the end of the pier, and he talks about all of his own secrets and fears and embarrassing stories. For a whole week, he gets no indication that Keith is even listening, but he keeps coming, nonetheless. One day, though, as Shiro is leaving, he notices a shell that has been placed on one of the pier’s posts. 
  • Shiro comes back the next day, and while he’s talking Keith shows up and pulls himself out of the water to sit next to Shiro.
  • Shiro thanks him for the shell and apologizes for not being upfront with Keith. Keith accepts his apology, and then promptly pushes Shiro into the water. 
  • The two end up hanging out as much as possible, becoming closer and closer as time goes on. Sometimes, Shiro will join Keith in the ocean. Other times, they’ll just sit on the end of the pier and talk for hours, or Shiro will sit in his raven form and watch over the shells that Keith brings back from the sea floor.
  • When they kiss, it’s something that feels completely inevitable. They’re incredibly different, a creature of the sky and a creature of the sea, but they meet each other where they are, and it’s enough.

Day 2 l Teacher // Student
Oh look it’s my favorite couple arguing nicely.

Also Levi on the left side is a redraw by this artist and was drawn 2016.
Today I flipped through my sketches and found the pic again. Somehow I thought it would be nice to see Eren in front of him… also pissed af, so I drew him.

siennatoth3  asked:

Ello! I just want to say I look up to you when it comes to drawing and I'm still trying to find my style! And I have a request for something for you to draw. Me and my friends did this thing and it is Attack on Titan characters as Heathers characters and we made Levi Veronica and Eren JD because obvious reasons, so I was wondering if you can draw Eren and Levi as Veronica and JD? Thank you for your time!!

AH I’m so flattered ;///c///; thank you!! <3 and I’m so sorry this took so long to get to. But here it is, I hope it’s okay.

Voltron Superhero AU

This is an au I’ve been meaning to make a post about for a while! I’ll list some basic information about the au first, then I’ll explain the plot.

  • Allura is the leader of team Voltron. Her ability is so produce and control large crystals. If someone is trapped inside one of these crystals, their body will be preserved for a very long time. Her hero name is Crystal Princess.
  • PIdge has glitch powers similar to those of Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph. She does a lot of work in gathering information for team Voltron.
  • Keith has the power of metal manipulation. He keeps metal disks on his hero outfit that he can quickly morph into weapons in battle. Shiro is trying to get him to branch out from simply making knives with his power.
  • Shiro was born without a power, but has technological enhancements all over his body (including his metal arm) that help boost his power and stamina. Considered by most to be the co-leader of Voltron.
  • Hunk has the ability to boost the powers of others. Despite the fact that his power doesn’t lend him any extraordinary powers to use in battle, he builds tools that allow him to actively fight along his team. While he went by the name “Sunshine” in his Garrison hero days, when he joined team Voltron he became known as “Hugbear” due to his signature move of using arm enhancers to restrain enemies in a bear hug of sorts.
  • Lance is technically the main character of the au. He has wind/weather control, but it comes with a catch; the strength of his powers is dependent on his confidence level. If he’s feeling very full of himself, he can create a typhoon, but if he’s feeling particularly self-depreciating, he’ll have trouble summoning a weak breeze. He’s the last to join team Voltron.
  • Coran is the adviser/supervisor for team Voltron. He will occasionally help them with missions, although most often he’s simply used for gathering intel. His power is the ability to change his age, although his mental maturity will usually change along with it.

The plot segment will continue under the cut.

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