Jikook Social Media Subway AU
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Imagine living the story of Beauty and the Beast with Ardyn.

You voluneteer as a prisoner of Niflheim to save your village and are then placed under the chancellor’s mercy unaware that he is the Immortal Accursed damned to live eternity until he can find someone who will love him for all he is: darkness at its most horrifying form. A form he takes under the cover of night.

He treats you politely and courteously, of course, uninterested in spoils of war and carries on his usual days. For the most part, he leaves you alone in his domain. Eventually, curiosity got the better of you and you spy on him when the sun falls. You discover his daemonic form and he lashes out at you verbally as it was a secret well-kept, terrifying you. In your fear, you flee from him.

Ashamed of how he reacted, Ardyn tries to make amends with you, showing you that he is a not the monster painted to be. You two bond overtime and he eventually falls in love with you but cannot admit that while you are chained to him. With a heavy heart, he lets you go and you return to your home and family who have missed you dearly.

Warriors of Lucis, fighters selected by the Astrals with the task to hunt down and destroy the Immortal Accursed once and for all, wage war against Ardyn. Hearing the news, you rush back to him. The leader of the Lucians engages in epic battle with Ardyn and nearly destroys him, something that surprises the man who believed himself incapable of dying. Watching the battle, you throw yourself between the men and Ardyn by instinct protects you, taking the killing blow. Although fatally wounded, he is shocked and happy to see you, black tears pooling from his eyes. As your eyes meet, you sorrowfully confess to him that you love him. Before the light dims from his eyes, he smiles and the ashen miasmic form he once took fades. You see a mortal Ardyn now calm and content lying in your arms and with his last breath…

Ardyn: “You gave me peace… Thank you.”


Suicide Squad AU 

where Dipper is Harley Quinn

this was a lovely AU, sadly theres only few fanfic about this AU ☹

btw this costume is inspired by this lovely cosplayer here!

Program I used to draw: Krita

Art by Me


Another fandom, another au.

The Greatest Showman!AU

Newt Scamander as P.T. Barnum & Persival Graves as Phillip Carlyle & Tina Goldstein as Jenny Lind 

«This is The Greatest Show!»
Baker and her Star - {16}


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You went to class the next morning, but kept your head down low. You couldn’t miss another day, even with Hoshi’s immaculate notes, but you weren’t comfortable yet either. Talking to Hoshi had opened you up a little, not you still weren’t comfortable with Minghao quite yet.  You were hoping maybe you’d get a chance to talk to him a little at work tonight. You’d boldly thought of asking him for his phone number.  Taking to Hoshi had been easy. Talking to Minghao should be just as easy, if not more so.

When Minghao and the guys came in to class, you kept your head low. You watched out of the corner of your eye as Minghao still sat one chair over from you. Other than one small lingering glance, he didn’t acknowledge you.

You weren’t offended, but actually grateful. The more you really looked at your friendship with Minghao, here was very considerate. He always took your feelings into account and was cautious when he felt he needed to be.

You were suddenly hyper aware of your conversation with Hoshi as you saw him sit down next to Minghao, closer to you than he normally sat.

While it was easier to talk to him over text, it made you oddly awkward after. You weren’t sure if would take that as an invitation to talk more to you in person, which you just weren’t ready for.  But you thought back to what Hoshi said outside your dorm yesterday, and you knew he wouldn’t put you in a spot that made you feel uncomfortable.  You weren’t sure why, but you trusted that.

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Yo what if like…..Hanzo just suddenly turned into a poodle size dragon. Like..poof he’s a tint drago now. He has a face like a python but a body like an actual dragon,, like wings and everything. And he perches on Jesse’s shoulder and follows him around until they turn him into a human again. Please send me asks about this I have a lot to say

Our savior has come| Jungkook

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Promt: 14. “I’m going to my bed.” “That’s the bathroom.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Humorous; Fluff.


You answered the phone while continuing to eat the pizza that was sitting on your legs.

-Y/N? It’s Namjoon.-

The voice from the phone spoke up.

-Oh hey, what’s up?-

You asked wondering why he was calling you.

-You need to come here and rescue your boyfriend.-

You could hear screams in the background and you already knew what was happening.

-I’m on my way.-

You sighed stopping the movie that you were watching before putting on your shoes and heading out of the door.

Jungkook and the boys were having a fun night between themselves to celebrate the end of their recordings for the new album and you knew that in this types of occasions, your boyfriend liked to drink. A lot.

You weren’t surprised when you saw how wasted Jimin, Jin and Jungkook were.

They were the only three in the group that loved alcohol.

You arrived at the dorm and you were greeted by Yoongi who had an unamused expression.

-Just get him out of here.-

He said letting you in.

You went inside and you instantly saw Jungkook, who was having an animated discussion with Taehyung.

-When you’re playing, you should use characters like roadhog!-

He screamed at Taehyung, who was just acting like he was listening to Jungkook rant about Overwatch.

-Our savior has come.-

Yoongi announced and everyone turned around you.

Jungkook blushes and he turned around without facing you.

-Jungkook what the hell are you doing.-

Hoseok asked confused.

-Why did you invite Y/N? You guys know that I have a crush on her.-

He whispered-yelled at them, making you laugh.

-Jungkook, baby we’re already together.-

You said getting closer to him before taking his hand in yours. The scent of alcohol was pretty strong.

-What?! Really?-

He smiled widely looking at the other boys.

-Guys! I’m with Y/N!-

The other boys laughed and replied to him acting like they were surprised.

-C’mon let’s go home.-

You told him and he nodded keeping the big smile on his face.

-Bye everyone! I’m about to get some.-

He told speaking loudly at everyone making all of them laugh.

You slapped his arm and you pulled him out driving back home, listening to his rants about videogames that lasted until you parked the car.


He called you while you were opening the front door.


-You’re pretty.-

He said chuckling like a little kid.

You laughed.

-Thanks Kookie.-

You went inside and you waited for him to do the same but he didn’t move.

-What are you waiting for?-

-I can’t go inside your home. It’s too late, people are going to think that we’re hooking up.-

He said looking corcened and causing you to sigh.

-Jungkook, sweat heart we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. This is not my house, this is our house. We’ve already hooked up a lot of times so you don’t have to worry about anything.-

He looked at you before smiling again and going inside.

-I’m going to take a quick shower, you can go to bed and wait for me in the bedroom okay?-

You told him and he nodded.

You walked towards the bathroom but Jungkook got inside before you.

-Where are you going?-

You asked him holding his body that was now seeming a lot more uncoordinated in the movements.

-I’m going to my bed.-

He told you as if it was obvious.

-Babe, That’s the bathroom.-

He looked at you confused and you decided that escort him towards the bed was the best thing to do.

You helped him to change clothes and you put him in bed before getting out of the room.

You tried to go to the bathroom but Jungkook grabbed your wrist.

-What are you doing.-

You asked.

-Stay with me.-

He said already half-asleep.

-I’ll come in a second ok?-

He nodded letting your hand go and you smiled at how cute he was.

Big World - {10}

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“Ji, I’m officially going nuts!” you said the following week when you were visiting Ji in his studio.

“What now?” he asked.

“It’s been a month of only working 40 hours a week. I’m going nuts Ji. I really am.” You whined.

“But you know it’s for the best.  You need to get yourself a hobby. And coming here to bitch to me everyday is not a hobby.”

“Wow, that’s kinda harsh.” you said, feeling bad that it seemed to Jihoon that is all you were doing.

“Hey, you know I don’t mean it like that. I’m just busy, so I can’t get you the attention you want right now. And you need to find a hobby that’s fulfilling to you.  CEO said no baby stores, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan things out.” Ji reminded you.

“I know I could. But Wonwoo is so busy all the time gearing up for you guys’ comeback…Which means that you’re a thousand times busier than he is and I’m a bitch. I’m sorry Ji.” You said honestly.  

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Don’t be such a pussy| Jimin

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Promts: 15. “I would have stayed if you asked” 26. “I don’t understand why you’d think that.” 30. “It’s 2 a.m. why are you next to me?”

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst; Fluff

You’ve been in love with Jimin for a really long time, but you believed that he thought of you as just a friend.

Your friends knew that you liked him a lot but you were sure that he thought of you only as a friend, the type of friend that gave good advices and that knows how to cheer him up.

You met in your first year of college.

When you first moved to your new dorm, your roommate asked you if you wanted to hang out with her and her friends and you accepted because you didn’t know anyone and you wanted to make new acquaintances.

You got to meet Jimin, who was in a dance major, Taehyung who was an acting major and Namjoon, who was an Informatics major.

You had a lot of fun together but you developed a crush on Jimin in less then a year.

Your roommate, who became your best friend, tried to encourage you and told you constantly that you two were made for each other.

Jimin was loved by everyone because of his nice personality and he had a lot of girls around.

He was extremely hot and you weren’t the only girl that noticed.

Jimin always had a soft spot or you ever since he met you. He found you extremely cute and innocent, he treated you as a baby sister and you thought that it was horrible.

You two were there for each other, but you knew that it was only a relationship between two friends, or worst, a brother and a sister.

He cared for you, but he cared for other girls as well and that broke you heart.


You and your bestfriend were just arrived at the party that was held in one of the confraternities’s houses in your college.

The boys were already there and a lot of people was already on the dance floor and in the kitchen, drinking and chatting.

-Let’s go to the boys, they’re there.-

Your friend said.

-Are you going to flirt a bit with Jimin tonight?- She asked while we were walking towards them.

-Why should I.-

You said and you hear her cuss at you.

-Don’t be such a pussy.-

She yelled at you attracting the attention of some people around you.

You felt bad for her because she listened to your whining 24/7 and she was probably tired of seeing you like that.

-Y/N it’s not difficult. Just do what your heart tells you to do!-

She hissed and you looked at her.

-If only you were a little bit more confident, you two would already be together.-

-He doesn’t like me.-

-Who doesn’t like you?- Jimin said walking in front of the two of you with the others.

He gave you a cup of beer and a warm smile that made you blush.

-No one.-

You responded sipping the beer that he offered you.

You talked with everyone for a while and you grew tired of the party in over the course of an hour and a half.

-Guys do you want to do something fun?-

Taehyung asked.

-For example?-

Your roommate asked.

-I don’t know, what about 7 seconds in heaven?-

Everyone seemed excited, everyone but you.

You grew ansious at the idea of watching Jimin making out with some random girl and little did you know, that Jimin was feeling the same way about you.

Everyone sat down in a circle and Namjoon put an empty bottle in the middle, spinning it to decide who was going inside of the closed. Your best friend went with some guy you never met before, Taehyung went with a shy girl that you never expected to come, and Namjoon made out with one of his friend’s sister.

The next round the bottle chose Jimin and, when you saw that he had to get inside of the closet with a girl that was ten times prettier than you, you heartbroken.

The girl was really excited and she ran towards him waiting in front of the closet, but you turned around without looking at was Jimin was doing. You didn’t want to watch the scene and you thought that the better thing to do was to leave and go back to your apartment while no one was paying attention to you.

You turned around while everyone was cheering and you walked back to your dorm holding back the tears.

You swore at yourself and at your shyness before locking the door of your room and growing yourself in your bed.

Jimin got really flustered; his friends knew that he had a huge crush on you and they hoped that you would get jealous and do something about what was going to happened, but they didn’t expect you to run away from the party.

Jimin got up and he excused himself.

-Turn the bottle another time, I’ll pass.-

He said giving a small smile to that girl before going around the house and searching for you.

You were no were to be found and he asked your roommate if she could lend him the keys to your apartment.

He drove quickly to your apartment and he opened the door with the spare key of your roommate.

He called for you and he forrowed his eyebrows when he hear sniffles from your room.

He saw that you were lying down on your bed and he got closer slowly.


You didn’t move.

He said before touching your arm.

-Babe what’s wrong?-

Babe, You tried not to blush at the nickname that he used for you.

You stayed silent and he lied down next to you.

-It’s 2 a.m. why are you next to me?-

You asked with an hoarse voice.

-Why are you crying? Everyone was wondering why you went home.-

-I would have stayed if you asked.-

You muttered high enough for him to hear.


He asked confused.

You turned around and he saw your puffy eyes.

-Jimin I’m tired of being next to you everyday as your close friend. I know that for you I’m just like a fucking child but I’m in love with you and it hurts to see you with other girls.-

You confessed without looking at him in the eyes.

-I don’t understand why you’d think that.-

He replied with his usual sweet tone.


Now it was your time to be confused.

He got up and he hold you face.

-Y/n I love you so fucking much you have no idea.-

You widened your eyes.

-Your so cute, so precious and innocent. When I touch you I’m scared of hurting you and I can’t stand the idea of being away from you. I was too scared to say anything but even tonight, when we started to play that stupid game, I thought about another guy touching you and I thought that I was going mad.-

His cheeks were colored and he looked at you with dreamy eyes.

He passed a hair through his hair and you smiled at him.

-I’m glad I finally told you what I felt.-

You said getting yourself closer to him.

He hold you tight while touching your hips.

-Me too.-

He said before connecting his lips with yours.


I’m writing a Harringrove Tinder AU, here is a teaser!

“This is just fucking pointless Nance, I wouldn’t go near any of these guys,” he groaned, swiping left yet again, waiting for the next guy that he didn’t have any interest in to appear.

The next photograph was of two guys and both were actually attractive which was a welcome change in the sea of mediocrity he appeared to be drowning in. The guy on the right was pulling a goofy expression but the one on the left was pouting and fuck if he wasn’t one of the most attractive guys Steve had ever seen. In Hawkins hot guys were a minority and the only ones that Steve knew of were straight, very fucking straight.

“Oh my god, Steve.” Nancy grabbed the phone out of his hand, flashing it at Jonathan. She flicked through the guys photos and was nodding her head furiously.

“This guy is perfect for you Steve!” she yelled slightly too loud. She eyed him cautiously as he reached out for his phone, “I’ll give it back to you if you promise to swipe right?”

Steve sighed, he hadn’t even seen any of the other photographs, and he didn’t even know which one was ‘Billy, 18, California’. “Sure, I promise. Can I have my fucking phone back now?”

Nancy reluctantly gave him back the phone, her and Jonathan both watching to see what he would do. The next photo confirmed that Billy was indeed the pouting guy on the left. He appeared to be in a bar somewhere, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and smoking a cigar and damn he looked really good. There were quite a few photographs of Billy, he always seemed to be smoking or drinking or a combination of both. He dressed flamboyantly, always with his shirt halfway open exposing his tanned skin. There was no way Steve was swiping left, so with Nancy and Jonathan watching him intently, he swiped right.

“Fucking happy now?”

He looked back down at the phone and saw that the screen had just changed to grey. Oh shit, we matched? He bit lip nervously; Nancy and Jonathan were both staring at him expectantly.

“What’s wrong?” Jonathan asked, noticing Steve’s furrowed brow.

Nancy is going to have a fucking field day with this.