Eclipse AU, where Keith is the spirit of the sun and Lance is the spirit of the moon, and only ever get to be together when the two celestial bodies eclipse.

@grimfiendfyre had this really awesome AU idea that i just had to draw art for, i’m so in love with this AU 😍😍😍

Keith is crying because… he knows that stars eventually die. and the death of the sun means the destruction of the rest of the solar system, including the moon… including Lance… 

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170424 Jackson’s Ending Speech in Perth

“We are now in the last stop of our Australian tour, and we’ve been to different cities, we’ve met different cities, we met different people. We also ate different food. But the only thing—Everything was different. But the amount of energy and passion you guys have – that Australian people have – was really a memorable moment for us. And I know sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s really tiring while supporting us all the time. Because of all the rumors. Because all the other issues. At the end of the day, I just want you guys to know, we are still us. I’m still Jackson. Still the old Jackson that you guys know. Through the highs and lows, and every day, what kept us going on, and no matter how tiring everything is we all suck it up and shut our mouths and just work our butts off – because of you guys. Because we want to make you guys proud. We will be back soon. I’ll see you guys next time. Until then, be healthy mentally and physically. Thank you very much.”

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Klance Eclipse Au, where Keith is the spirit of the sun and Lance is the spirit of the moon who can only be together when there is an eclipse. However, eventually suns die and go supernova. Thank you to @sniperlance for listening to my ideas and helping me build this au and for the wonderful artwork you drew for it. (click for better quality)

(Part 1) so in the klance eclipse au, imagine the death of the sun/supernova was supposed to happen a couple centuries ago but Keith has been putting it off for as long as he can but it gets more painful to do the longer time goes on and he knows that everything in life has a beginning and end, but he can’t allow himself to let go because his death also means the death of the other planets and Lance, the moon. Lance knows Keith is in pain and tries to comfort him when they get the chance to meet every eclipse, but there isn’t much he can actually do to help, which leads to feeling a bit useless that he can’t help Keith, but to Keith, Lance’s presence is what keeps him going and is the strength he draws upon. (Part 2 under read more link)

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hershelchocolate  asked:

Can you imagine Henry in the later chapters hurriedly looking through drawers for something and he opens one and he sees this little beat up photograph. And it's the whole crew at the studio all happy and having a fun time but like. The corners are covered in ink, ink handprints on the sides like someone was holding it carefully. Several faces are crossed out in ink. What would Henry do oh no