au where she lives and goes on her grand canyon road trip

wullgorski  asked:


i am a horrible person who takes forever to answer things!!!! strangely and serendipitously, i landed on a v v ‘road-trippy’ song so i’m piggy-backing your wonderful au :))

So we’re taking the long way home
‘Cause I don’t wanna be wasting my time alone
I wanna get lost and drive forever with you
Talking about nothing, yeah, whatever, baby

- ‘long way home,’ by 5 seconds of summer


When Clarke appears at the door of his apartment, the first sunny day in early July, Bellamy’s more surprised than anything else. They’re friendly, sure - if he doesn’t think about those awful first months, when he took offence at anything and everything Clarke said, and she gave as good as she got - but not friendly enough for her to have come for anything important. She’s firmly ingrained in his mind as ‘little sister’s best friend,’ after all, and Bellamy’s done his best to keep the lines separating them from blurring.

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