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Warden!Faeb and my husbands demon hunter. 

Story below written by the AMAZING @warsonghold​   <33

“You…” The noise and chaos around them - Wardens yelling for order, as prisoners ran rampant through the Vault - was a dim, almost inaudible drone, drowned out by the noise in her head. 

 He couldn’t-He couldn’t be alive, not now, not when the world was on the brink of destruction once again. 

 Before her stood a man she loved. Had loved. Her gut twisted in both pain and disgust, as his green eyes regarded her, his expression too soft for such an abomination. 

 Faeb raised her weapon, green armour glinting in the low light. “Don’t take another step." 

 "I don’t know how to explain, or even if we have time.” The demon hunter panted with exertion, clad in the barest of armour and lacking a weapon. Yet she didn’t relax, didn’t drop her guard, knowing what his kind could do with their bare hands. 

 "Please trust me. Trust in the man you knew, I’m still him. But I had to do what was necessary, just as you did, Faeb.“ 

 It was almost laughable that he would compare them. Here she stood, a Warden renowned for her skill and efficiency, a warrior of steel and iron, tempered by her devotion and discipline. Her nose crinkled at the insult.

 The grip on her glaive tightened. "You lost the right to call me that when you threw your lot in with Illidan.” Her voice was a hard edge, lacking the warmth he had cherished and loved. “I thought you were dead, Skorn! I mourned you, your family mourned you! And now it turns out you were in Outland, conspiring with the Betrayer." 

 She turned to look at the crystal prison that had once been his tomb. "You don’t deserve your freedom.”

What if Jesse McCree of Overwatch, was a World of Warcraft mage instead? :D

I play both these games and sometimes think of weird crossovers like this. McCree would have his serape pattern on his mage robe, his hat would have cactii patterns and the same bullets as his cowboy hat, and of course his wand (named Peacekeeper, of course) would also have a spur on it. Instead of an elemental familiar, it’d be the tumbleweed he conjures. xD

Thank you so much, @dies-first for letting me commission this adorable piece of art from you! :) ♥️


A bunch of sketches !!

1. Anduin and Minzee in modern AU o3o for @mary-amani (Minzee is hers !)
2. Just a Peregrïn face x3
3. A young Arthas and Haleth in modern AU too, for @harbinger-khadgar (Haleth is hers~ <3)
4. And just Haleth <3 a cutie.
5. I was sick for a full week so I gathered my strength to draw this masterpiece of Perry and Khadgar watching the Blizzcon on my laptop (conveniently named Varian) 

anonymous asked:

since night elves comes from dark trolls that lived near the Well of Eternity, what would have happened if it had been either frost trolls, sand trolls, forrest trolls or some other troll specie that had decided to live near it instead? would we then have had either snow elves, sand elves or wood elves?

since wood elves would p much just be nelves except green w/ red hair, we’re gonna cover snow elves and sand elves.

snow elves would be much bigger and stronger, with super tough skin that provides them with more than enough protection from the elements. their primary god is probably a well of eternity-altered quetz’lun, who has become a mother god of storms and wind and weather. they’d still have big cat mounts buuuut now they’re leopards or like, the mana saber equivalent of one.

meanwhile sand elves would be smaller and comparatively weaker, buuuut have almost limitless endurance. they can go like stupid amounts of time w/o food or water and still be kicking. they got black teeth which they attribute to their patron god, a water goddess in the form of a hydra, who also has black teeth. they’re probably still people-eaters but it’s more of a soylent green thing where they’re more recycling than actively seeking out to eat people. meat is meat, okay.