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your favorite examples of maximalism in architecture?

Marseille hotel Au Vieux Panier Tilt

According to Patrick Templeton: over the past decade the term maximalism has been tossed around in architectural discourses as little more than a sensational tagline. Many of the authors and scholars do little but use the word as a catchy label, leaving the impression that maximalism connotes nothing more than a superficial visual complexity. It is a pervasive oversight and misuse that has spread widely; used not only among architects and scholars, but by bloggers and journalists to describe apparent complex and eclectic styles.

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Graffiti artist Tilt gives a french hotel room a makeover. “Graffiti artist Tilt has been given complete creative control of a hotel room in the Au Vieux Panier in Marseille, and this is the result. Along with a team of two other artists, Tilt divided the room straight down the middle, bed sheets and all, painting everything on one side in vibrant tags and leaving the other side completely white. The design is part of an ongoing initiative by the hotel to keep every room fresh and exciting all year round by working with a team of architects, artists, and graphic designers.”


The Half Graffiti Hotel Room by Tilt @ The Au Vieux Panier Hotel