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jungkook accidentally exposing your relationship (feat. brother!jimin)

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a stolen moment

“Izuku.” Katsuki whispers, resting his free hand against Izuku’s cheeks and stroking gently against them with his thumb. “I think I’m in love with you.”


Izuku refuses to let tears fall, yet one still escapes. Katsuki wipes it away. “I think I’m in love with you too.”


“What should we do about it?” Katsuki asks him, thumb dragging gently over his eyelashes to wipe away the rest of the tears that have gathered.


“I don’t know.”


“Kiss me.” Katsuki whispers against his lips, and Izuku obliges.

BTS Reaction To All Having A Crush On You [but you talk to Jin the most]

Requested: ‘Can i get a reaction to you being best friends with bts and all of them having a crush on you but you talk to jin the most because you trust him the most’ 

Here we are! If you like this, then please anticipate a series I’m beginning to write based on the Skool Luv Affair concept where they all fall for the same girl!

A slight different layout this time: members are in a different order to create a chronological story, and I split it into 2 parts for their reaction to having a crush on you and then a group chat imagine for their reaction to you talking to Jin the most.

BTS Scenario: Reaction To Having A Crush On You

Rap Monster

He is the one that introduced you to his friends after meeting him through school and when you both graduated, he didn’t want you out of his life. You met Seokjin first, followed by the sunshine line, followed by the golden maknae, and finally Min Swag.

You regularly text Namjoon on a daily basis, and there’s nothing abnormal about that. However, once Namjoon realizes he’s starting to love everything about you in more than just a friends way, he starts being a complete dork over texts, using any lame reason to message you. Expect a lot of random ‘philosophical’ questions and ‘shower thoughts’ at random intervals in the day on top of your usual exchanged pleasantries. Oh, and he’s purposely stupid, unafraid to sacrifice his intelligent persona, just to make you smile.

He likes to highlight that you’ve known each other for longer and when his other friends begin to come into the picture, he gets extra friendly towards you, claiming that he’s making sure he keeps his spot as your best friend, but really he just wants to shower you with love and hopes that your new connections with his friends don’t interfere too much with his chase for you. Seokjin in particular he feels to be a ‘threat’ because he’s noticed you speak with him just as comfortably.

So if you have already made plans with one of the other guys that evening he asks if you wanna go catch a movie together, expect him to pull that best friend card.

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The moment Seokjin’s eyes met yours when you walked in the room with Namjoon, he knew there was something special about you. He saw kindness in your eyes and the fact that you were already friends with Namjoon spoke for itself.

It was only supposed to be a brief drop in to the coffee shop but the two of you clicked instantly, chatting for hours already as though you already knew each other in a previous life or something. You felt you could open up to him and he was so flattered that he gave you his number because he wanted to continue being that friend that exchanges and listens to problems.

Seokjin’s crush comes quite soon, finding himself smile at the very first text messages that go between you. He wants to meet you separately, without Namjoon, but he gets worried that he’d be coming on too strong. However, he decides to let time take its course and checks in on you regularly to gain your trust and also an insight on your feelings, whether there is potential for something more than friendship there.

He does at first have his guard up, constantly worried that something he has said comes on too strong or weird, but then becomes less shy of complimenting you and inviting you out just because.

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Love at first sight. But he plays it cool. After some school reunion thing you attend with Namjoon, your old school chums propose you come out for the night with them. As with any typical night out really, the school mates introduce you to their other friends, then some of the school mates who you arrived with disappear, so you end up talking to the new friends and then meeting their friends, and so it goes on…

By the middle of the night, the group now consists of still you and Namjoon, but now with Hoseok, one of your friend’s friends, plus Jimin and Taehyung who are Hoseok’s friends. The drinks are coming in quick and fast and it seems to be having a different effect on everyone, splitting the group slightly. Namjoon and Jimin want to just relax and chill in a booth at the back of the club, but yourself, Hoseok and Taehyung just wanna be out there dancing at the front. So you all agree to return to each other in a while.

Unsure whether he can call it a crush so soon, Hoseok just simply makes sure to do things that are memorable to have him going through your mind, see what happens… “Hey guys, how about we sneak in another round without them, on me?” Though he pays for Taehyung’s drink too, he’s still paid for yours so hopefully that gives you the impression that he’s a nice guy. But also like Jin, he also doesn’t want to seem too forward so he passes on asking for a number.

However, somewhere down the line, when you even become a part of his friendship group, he figures this crush will just eat him up if he doesn’t at least know how you feel, so he decides he’s going to arrange to meet, just the two of you and speak up.

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Taehyung loves making new friends, so that night out at the club was just another opportunity to socialize more, not seeing you as a potential romantic interest at first. Everyone he meets is first and fore-mostly his friend, and only time and talking can tell whether that person becomes a bigger part of his life or not.

It’s thanks to Taehyung that the 5 of you begin to meet more regularly, with you bringing Jin into this little group also. A group of 6 works out great, especially for Taehyung when it comes to paired activities such as gaming at the arcade or getting sets at the movies. Since Jin is still a little new to the group, he tends to pair off with either you or Namjoon, so when it’s Namjoon that Jin pairs up with, Taehyung is ecstatic on the inside because he’s usually your second option with Hoseok keeping it cool and laid back in the background and Jimin being too shy to say he wants to sit next to you on the bus or play 1 v 1 on that racing game while you wait for the movie to begin…

But that’s how Taehyung knows he might like you as more than a friend, because of how happy he gets when you pick him for something or he gets to sit next to you.

Taehyung feels comfortable enough around you to just grab hold of your hand like “Y/n goes with me!” and doesn’t allow his crush on you to hold him back from skinship with you (there was even that one time you dropped round with his favourite smoothie and kissed you on the cheek, holding your face like “mwah! you’re the best y/n!”)

It’s unhealthy to keep feelings concealed, so when he realizes his crush, (and this happens in a similar way to Namjoon’s crush emerging; from his own reactions to your messages,) he has to tell his friend and ask for advice. You make his heart flutter, and he wants to do his best to get it right.

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When Taehyung tells Jimin his feelings for you, Jimin feels his heart sink. As if he wasn’t worried enough already that he isn’t good enough for you, his amazing best friend has to catch feelings for you too… If he were to confess directly, there is a huge fear of rejection, so he wants to keep quiet about it… but Taehyung knows better from the reaction on Jimin’s face when he tells him about his feelings for you.

Taehyung, being the awesome friend that he is though, as a result of his conversation with Jimin, decides to also keep quiet also. Though this should be a relief, there still comes that idea in Jimin’s mind that you could just fall for Taehyung, or even Hoseok or Namjoon… he focuses too much on the good qualities in his friends, rather than focusing upon and appreciating his own good points.

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Jungkook is one of those friends that you can’t quite remember how and when you met, but he’s there sometimes when you meet up with some of the younger guys, and he happens to work at the same place as Namjoon. As his birthday draws closer, he suggests a bunch of you should go out for a meal on his birthday, but it’s just an excuse to definitely see you again because you make his heart flutter.

To him, at first, you were also just someone who happened to be there when he met up with some of his friends, and sure, he couldn’t deny that he thought you were pretty and that did make him shy around you, but he just acknowledges that he’s always been this way around a pretty girl [any girl]. But he knows deep down it’s a little more complicated, hence him making the most out of his birthday and suggesting you all celebrate together.

No one actually suspects Jungkook’s crush for you because his sunshine friends who have known him longer just think it’s typical Jungkook being a little shy around a girl, regardless of who she is. But as the group get tighter and as Jungkook feels more comfortable to make jokes and banter about different things… it becomes a bit more obvious.

“Hey, guys, wouldn’t it be funny to see which one of us y/n would date?”

“Jeongguk… you don’t perhaps like y/n do you?… Like, like like…?…”

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As the last one to meet you, it’s very casual since everyone else is around, with a simple ‘hey’ and a wave as yourself, Namjoon and Seokjin arrive at his house one day. Yoongi needed help with some music he’s working on and Namjoon had double booked, so Yoongi simply left an invite open for yourself and Seokjin too.

You and Seokjin keep occupied with the TV (which you aren’t really watching because the conversation is strong as ever,) as Namjoon and Yoongi get to work at the back of the room, and it gets quite late so Yoongi offers to order food in and you get talking, and that leads to inviting Yoongi to Jungkook’s birthday do.

The day before the celebrations, Yoongi is just chilling at home trying to write, trying to think of source of inspiration, and he just finds himself thinking about you… “Wait, do I… perhaps like this girl?” The crush is somewhat sudden and following this, his actions are subconsciously focused on you so you think he’s a cool mysterious guy.

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BTS Chat Imagine: Reaction To You Talking To Jin The Most


Jimin always suspected your soft spot for Jin, so it was no surprise to him when he read your message that you trust him more. He wonders what it would have been like for him, if only he was less shy around you the first few times you met, could he have been the one you gained the most trust in?

He wishes he had more fight in him about this, but his lack of confidence hinders him from wanting to keep trying, though you didn’t actually answer the dating question… Also, his suspicions that it might be more than he and Tae who have a crush on you are confirmed when Jeongguk and Hoseok act a certain way in both this chat and a conversation from earlier, so by continuing this chase for you, is he being a bad friend to more than one of his friends?

Either way, he becomes more and more certain that it’s Seokjin you would most likely date, despite you not answering Taehyung’s dating question.

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Hoseok didn’t exactly want to continue talking in the group chat after seeing all this talk about your trust in Seokjin and how you seem to even trust him more than Namjoon. He needed some time to mull this over before meeting up with you tomorrow, because he had now only just gathered the courage to start to do something more about his crush on you.

But it’s only a minor setback he figures before he goes to sleep that night; after all, you never actually directly answered that dating question, so it’s not like it’s completely off the cardsPerhaps there is no need to become so jealous about you friendship with Seokjin.

“Well, I’m definitely not gonna get her if I give up; I have to do this still”


In quite a contrast to J-Hope, Suga was still trying to play it cool after all this time, still not intending to be that obvious about having a thing for you. On the surface, it may seem like he’s just out to embarrass Jeongguk, but since hearing about Jeongguk’s crush on you earlier, Yoongi decided he might bring it up in front of you[ish – since you weren’t online at the time], hopefully eliminating the possibility that you might date Jeongguk. 

See, rather than confessing himself, or trying to find out if you like him as more than a friend, he first tries to cast out the idea that you might be into one of the others. Jeongguk, he guesses, was an easy first target because of his shyness. Although he’d never admit it out loud, he does see all the good qualities in his friends and somewhere in the back of his mind, he is making comparisons between them and himself. So not only is Seokjin a threat to his crush on you, but the other boys equally are a threat.

But if he can take out certain possibilities, it makes the lead up to any confession, should it ever take place, much easier on the mind. But he knows that the trickiest elimination of all the possibilities will be the idea that you could have romantic feelings for Seokjin.

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Taehyung can sometimes get much more jealous than he will let on, always maintaining his sunshine kid appearance. This chat is the most openly jealous he gets, and it’s caused by your closeness with Seokjin.

He wishes he could be your closest friend like Seokjin seems to be. Heck, he’d even take Namjoon’s place… But he’s sort of optimistic about the crush because he could just see it this way; yours and Seokjin’s friendship just so happens to be a boy/girl pairing… That doesn’t actually mean you would definitely have romantic feelings about the guy; many friends are the opposite gender and nothing like that ever happens.

Now, if only there wasn’t the possibility that some of the others might also have a crush on you… He’d confess to you in a flash had he not figured out Jimin’s crush on you also. He’s in a real pickle, especially since you never answered his question… He just had to ask because maybe if he knew which of them you’d rather date, it might just give him some sort of clue on what to do about this crush.

If I tell her, I might hurt my friend, but if I don’t tell her, it’s gonna hurt me”

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Rap Monster

It hurts him a little, but he’s just never going to let down that wall he’s built himself. He supposes he will always be that best friend in love that never gets the girl… Even if you don’t have romantic feelings for Seokjin, he thinks it might only be a matter of time, especially since this friend of his has gained so much of your trust and seems to have a great significance in your life.

The one thing he is sure of though is that he will always be there for you, no matter how much something you do might hurt him inside.

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Although he’s getting quite flustered and embarrassed in the group chat, he secretly hopes you will call him out on this supposed crush, too shy to ever say anything himself.

He doesn’t mind as much as the others than you talk to Seokjin the most, but it does briefly make him wonder if age could be a strong factor in this, if you were to answer the dating question; Seokjin-hyung is a sophisticated adult who can be open about his thoughts, whereas Jeongguk, he keeps it all bottled in and barely knows how to act around a girl he has a crush on.

Not entirely dissimilar to a teenager, he imagines this is just going to be some sort of unrequited love that never actually rises to the surface.

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He loves the fact that you find his bad jokes hilarious, proud that sentences he forms in the spur of the moment have such a lasting effect on you.

He never quite realized that you speak to him more in comparison to the others, and he gets quite giddy at the idea once the other boys bring this up in the chat. He ceases to worry that his actions could be seen as coming on too strong, finally realizing the possibility that there could be something more than friendship here.

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I could have cried when the tab shut off in the middle of writing… Fortunately I copied some over but it shut before I could move the newest version of the post ugh.

I would have split this into 2 posts, but I’d have no idea how to put it in my masterlist whilst showing the 2 are linked… plus this is scheduled, so it might not have been apparent that the two posts were linked.

Later: Text Imagine – Jungkook + Sunshine Line

  • Jin: This flower had color and good gloom once. And yet death - blind to the beauty of all living things, even one as vibrant as this - has swept it over it. Wrenching it closer to the ground until it breaks.
  • Yoongi: So was that a "yes", you want a quesadilla or no?


“She′s gone.”

“Ah, sorry, I’m not much of a dancer.” Prompto mumbled to his feet after he once again stepped on the prince of Lucis’ toes. 
“Could have fooled me,” Noctis smiled warmly, pulling Prompto closer, “Do they not have balls in Niflheim?” 
Prompto paused, his face falling slightly as he lowered his gaze to the floor “Well…ah, no. Not really.” 

Insomnia welcomes Niflheim into their kingdom will a ball, and although Noctis usually hates any kind of social event, surprisingly this one has become a little more interesting. Another scene I had in mind for my Niflheim prince Prompto AU. I’m planning on drawing a few more things because I’ve received so much encouragement, I hope y’all like angst, cause thats where this AU is headed. 


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.

Kiss Scenes 101: How To Write The Perfect Kiss

Anonymous said: Hey there. Not sure what kind of questions you accept but…here goes. Do you have any tips for writing kiss scenes? Not fluffy kiss scenes but really passionate ones. Thanks!

I was hoping to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I got a little busy so it got pushed back. Happy (late) Valentine’s Day, and enjoy!

|| 1 || Detail. Remember that describing a kiss means including more detail than just what is happening and when. Be sure to include description of how the protagonist’s five senses are being affected, as well as some other elements such as:

  • What the protagonist smells
  • What the protagonist tastes
  • What the protagonist hears
  • What the protagonist sees
  • The inner monologue of the protagonist, if the point of view in your story allows it.

|| 2 || Make the kiss(es) realistic. Situational details are a key factor in making the scene more satisfying and memorable. Pay attention to details like the character’s physical characteristics, such as glasses, braces, messy hair, etc. and incorporate those tiny details into the scene.

She turned her head to the left, leaning in to brush her lips against her partner’s, but was interrupted when their noses bumped together, making them both giggle, and the awkwardness fade away.

I mean, sure, that’s not the best example, but at least it’s better than:

Their lips collided, and they made out flawlessly, as if they were in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Little details like bumping noses, giggling, grinning like an idiot, stumbling, hesitating, etc. can make the scene so much better.

|| 3 || It doesn’t always have to be a full on make out session every time two characters kiss. A lot of the time, kisses are short and sweet and that can be enough to send a substantial spark to the fingers and toes, and send the reader out smiling. Pecks, if only on the cheek, can be more than enough and are extremely underrated.

|| 4 || Pay attention to what your characters do with the rest of their bodies. Kissing is in no way just about the mouth. Keep in mind that most of the time, people don’t just lean forward and mush their faces together. Grab the face, caress the lower back, hold their hand, hell, sweep them off their feet and carry them into the sunset! Don’t just stand there!

|| 5 || Lastly, but not VOCABULARY. Using the right wordage can improve your kiss scene-no, scratch that- ANY SCENE a million times better. I’ve made an entire post on vocabulary and synonyms to use for your sex/kiss scenes {shameless plug} and you can find it: 


|| 6 || Read kiss scenes as a writer would. Read kiss scenes that you’ve enjoyed and nitpick them to find what you do and don’t like about them, adding the good things to your own scene and being wary of the bad. 

And now, here are some extra tips to get you going:

 I. Practice - If you’re in a relationship or have a really great friend {;)}, practice the act and take notes on how it actually feels! A lot of people who read these kiss scenes take it as the reality because some have never kissed anyone, so teach them how it’s done!

II. Know your characters - Would they actually bite their partner’s lip like that? Would they actually go as far as caressing the majestical inner thigh? Think about it.

III. Add elements of the setting - Are your characters standing in the middle of a crowd? In a high school hallway? Elevator? Include details like sounds and smells and lighting to give the reader a more full-sensory experience.

IV. Dialogue can be fun to play with - Kissing doesn’t always have to be silent. Maybe they break for a second to say “You’re so beautiful” or “Did you pop a mint when I wasn’t looking, oh sneaky one?”. Include those little mutterings or comments because they are some of the best parts.

V. Have someone you trust read it - If you’ve got a good friend who will be honest, have them read and suggest edits. Google docs is fantastic for having your friends read and help you edit your work, because you can change the setting to “suggest edits” and you can see everything they’ve suggested without permanently altering the scene.


Pepperony Week: Day Five – Post Civil War (Homecoming tie-in)
Tony is still learning how to be this father/mentor figure to Peter properly, he has doubt about himself because he didn’t exactly have any role models he can learn from, but luckily he has Pepper, who is here to give him advice and encourages him.

‘My dad never really gave me a lot of support, I’m.. um, just trying to break the cycle chain..’