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Love Pendant - kidge AU

So meanwhile i’m still working on PrincessTutu AU stuff, i came up with different AU for Kidge and maybe pidgexpaladins in the background, i dunno.

Here is summary :
Pidge was helping Coran with cleaning up the lab. While working, she found an old, silver pendant with green jewel in a shape of two leafs and strange flower in the middle. Coran told her it was just a souvenir and part of his old experiment on Galras but it was useless since pendant did not work on them.

Pidge, obviously curious, took pendant with her. Little did she know, this thing would cause her so much trouble, because she thought she was prepared for everything, but not for her friends falling in love with her.

What Coran did not say was it does bring love, but only if user is wearing it,
it won’t work between different species and will not have any effects on people who are already in love with someone or that person…

So basically imagine Pidge running away from cuddly Hunk, flirty Lance and clingy Shiro, only to realize Keith seems to be the only paladin who weirdly enough seems to be not affected by pendant.
She thinks it’s because he is in love with Allura or being half galra, while he is trying really hard to just find a right moment for him and Pidge to be alone.
And the reason why she can’t just throw it off  is, it’s stuck until she will confess to her soulmate, true love.
“(…)Is this because he is half galra? Or maybe it has to do something with things he wants to talk about with Pidge so badly, but gets interrupted everytime others are trying to flirt with her - he thought, watching with anger as Lance leans closer to Pidges face with wide flirty smirk.”

BTS Secret Agent au

The term “Ravenwood Academy” is coined as a legend amongst many people. Stories of The Elites are passed down from generation to generations. They were known to be assassins and mercenaries that targeted corrupted government officials. Groomed men trained in the most complicated martial arts to defend themselves. They’re skilled with every form of gun, from being a sniper to close range combat. It was said that they had a variety of weapons to choose from, all high-tech, neither used by the government or sold in black markets. And most importantly, they were taught the art of manipulation. These men are able to blend in the crowd and deceive you with just a smile.

As the decades pass, the story gets more fictional in the eyes of the people. They didn’t believe in the possibility of a group of men lurking in the dark and executing specific people. In their heads, the academy was now linked to conspiracies, stories fabricated by the government. As much as they don’t believe in the existence of the Ravenwood Academy, it still stands strong, hidden away on a private island. And amongst the best of The Elites, are seven boys who are highly regarded in the academy.


Kim Namjoon   Min Yoongi     Jung Hoseok

Kim Seokjin     Kim Taehyung    Park Jimin     Jeon Jungkook

Other Bts au:

Bad boys

Private Boarding School

lmao omg i wrote a fanfic of my fanart i am too lame…orz

this is super old like from december omg……anyway here it is

“You know,” he purrs through razor-like teeth, “most people tend to be more appreciative after I save them.”

He’s looking at her with sharp eyes, piercing green watching her every move. It’s like he’s trying to make her laugh. She would—though not for his reasons— but his body being so close to hers is making her skin crawl and, quite frankly, she’d rather smack him.

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I’m seriously considering turning the Stay-at-Home Stan AU into a legit multichap for AO3.

would anyone be interested in it?

Mint Suga

I love the contrast between the red jacket and Suga’s mint green hair. He honestly can pull off any hair colour. He looks like the fairy of the magical forest. Wherever he goes, flowers bloom, greenery springs to life and birds chirp with joy.

Every day he fleets around bare footed and plays with the little animals by the lake. He cares and protects every living creature in the forest with all his heart, nurturing them with love and joy.

Coloured BTS series:

Blonde Jin


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


Keith: You’re making mountains out of molehills, Shiro. The stress from fighting Zarkon is keeping you and Allura apart. You two just need to bone.

Hunk: (flinches and whimpers)

Shiro: .. Whatdidyou say?

Hunk: (to Keith) don’t say it again

Keith: I said you two need to bone.

Hunk: (gulps and tucks chin to chest)

Shiro: (softly, but growing in volume with every word) Hhhow dare you Keith Kogane I am your suPERIOR OFFICER!

(Shiro: (clutching doorframe) BONE!!!!)

Shiro: Whathappensinmybedroomcadetis none of your business 

(Shiro: (clutching and bouncing in doorway) BoOoOoONE?!?!?!?!) 

Shiro: (calmer) Don’t ever, speak to me like that again.

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Young Otabek looks like our ‘normal’ Otabek C: just without undercut?? 


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Well, I finally finish the first panel, here have the TH!POTH moment =w=. I feel relief now I finished the first panel. I can’t finish the 2nd one yet, It will take me forever.

TH Characters belong to me

Goth belong to @nekophy

Palette belong to @angexci

Kiss Scenes 101: How To Write The Perfect Kiss

Anonymous said: Hey there. Not sure what kind of questions you accept but…here goes. Do you have any tips for writing kiss scenes? Not fluffy kiss scenes but really passionate ones. Thanks!

I was hoping to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I got a little busy so it got pushed back. Happy (late) Valentine’s Day, and enjoy!

|| 1 || Detail. Remember that describing a kiss means including more detail than just what is happening and when. Be sure to include description of how the protagonist’s five senses are being affected, as well as some other elements such as:

  • What the protagonist smells
  • What the protagonist tastes
  • What the protagonist hears
  • What the protagonist sees
  • The inner monologue of the protagonist, if the point of view in your story allows it.

|| 2 || Make the kiss(es) realistic. Situational details are a key factor in making the scene more satisfying and memorable. Pay attention to details like the character’s physical characteristics, such as glasses, braces, messy hair, etc. and incorporate those tiny details into the scene.

She turned her head to the left, leaning in to brush her lips against her partner’s, but was interrupted when their noses bumped together, making them both giggle, and the awkwardness fade away.

I mean, sure, that’s not the best example, but at least it’s better than:

Their lips collided, and they made out flawlessly, as if they were in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Little details like bumping noses, giggling, grinning like an idiot, stumbling, hesitating, etc. can make the scene so much better.

|| 3 || It doesn’t always have to be a full on make out session every time two characters kiss. A lot of the time, kisses are short and sweet and that can be enough to send a substantial spark to the fingers and toes, and send the reader out smiling. Pecks, if only on the cheek, can be more than enough and are extremely underrated.

|| 4 || Pay attention to what your characters do with the rest of their bodies. Kissing is in no way just about the mouth. Keep in mind that most of the time, people don’t just lean forward and mush their faces together. Grab the face, caress the lower back, hold their hand, hell, sweep them off their feet and carry them into the sunset! Don’t just stand there!

|| 5 || Lastly, but not VOCABULARY. Using the right wordage can improve your kiss scene-no, scratch that- ANY SCENE a million times better. I’ve made an entire post on vocabulary and synonyms to use for your sex/kiss scenes {shameless plug} and you can find it: 


|| 6 || Read kiss scenes as a writer would. Read kiss scenes that you’ve enjoyed and nitpick them to find what you do and don’t like about them, adding the good things to your own scene and being wary of the bad. 

And now, here are some extra tips to get you going:

 I. Practice - If you’re in a relationship or have a really great friend {;)}, practice the act and take notes on how it actually feels! A lot of people who read these kiss scenes take it as the reality because some have never kissed anyone, so teach them how it’s done!

II. Know your characters - Would they actually bite their partner’s lip like that? Would they actually go as far as caressing the majestical inner thigh? Think about it.

III. Add elements of the setting - Are your characters standing in the middle of a crowd? In a high school hallway? Elevator? Include details like sounds and smells and lighting to give the reader a more full-sensory experience.

IV. Dialogue can be fun to play with - Kissing doesn’t always have to be silent. Maybe they break for a second to say “You’re so beautiful” or “Did you pop a mint when I wasn’t looking, oh sneaky one?”. Include those little mutterings or comments because they are some of the best parts.

V. Have someone you trust read it - If you’ve got a good friend who will be honest, have them read and suggest edits. Google docs is fantastic for having your friends read and help you edit your work, because you can change the setting to “suggest edits” and you can see everything they’ve suggested without permanently altering the scene.