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Below is a list of AU plots focused around the music industry

  • Muse A is a personal manager who is so invested in the band that they are managing on tour, this is their chance to prove themselves. Muse B is the groupie who is there to attach themselves to the hard, drunk, and pretty douchebag-y lead singer who ignores her half the time. Muse B spends early morning and late nights sharing their dreams and thoughts with Muse A, and Muse B can’t understand what they see in the lead singer.
  • Muse A is a music journalist known for their no attachment approach to their gigs. Muse B is a musician known for shock and scandal. Muse B has a challenge for Muse A. They will give them all the info they need for a hard hitting story, only if Muse B comes along for the ride.
  • Muse A is a photographer for a popular venue. Muse B rarely ever misses a show. Muse A never misses a chance to photograph the beauty of Muse B in their element. When they meet, Muse B challenges Muse A to stop viewing lift threw a shutter and just….live.
  • Muse A has a gift, a voice sent from the gods. But they also have a haunted past and a troubling present. Muse B is hired as the new body guard, hired to protect Muse A from themselves as much as other people. But maybe Muse B can not only protect Muse A, but save them from themselves
  • Muse A is an intern at a music production company. But their dreams have been pushed down as they have spent the last four months doing little more than running boring errands. Finally after pushing they get charged with making one of their high maintenance clients happy while they record an album. Muse B is a well known musical artist that may or may have not been called a primadonna before. But maybe Muse A can break those walls
  • Muse A is a well known choreographer who is preparing a group of back up dancers for a high profile world tour. Muse B has this secret dream of becoming a dancer but is crippled by anxiety and shyness. Muse A sees muse B dance as a club while fueled by alcohol and offers them a spot on the tour. But can Muse A break Muse B out of their shell and get them to embrace their raw talent?
  • Muse A is a hard living musician. Somewhere down the line the drugs, the sex, the partying became what they were about. Muse B has been their assistant for years, trying to navigate Muse A through ever mess they have gotten themselves in. Everyone said Muse B should have quit a long time ago, but how can you quit on someone you are pretty sure you are in love with?
  • Muse A is a backup session singer for bands and singers recording albums. Muse B is a producer’s new assistant. When Muse A is hired for backing vocals on the same project that Muse B has started with their producer, things get interesting. Muse B insists that Muse A has something that they have rarely seen before, but their producer disagrees. Muse B is determined to get Muse A into the spotlight
  • Muse A is a lyricist who ends up writing all the songs that Muse B preforms. Muse B is known for singing these haunting and intense songs, and when you sing these songs over and over you can’t help but wonder what spurs the emotion behind them. Muse B always wondered what pain caused these lyrics. Muse A and Muse B meet at a random concert for another band. Muse A knows Muse B obviously for their fame, but Muse B has no idea Muse A has been writing the words they belt out on the regular.

i tried very hard not to add this but Angelblade Riven finds herself dealing with a pesky, high ranked demon who matches her strength with his speed and mastery over the wind :^)

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your guys' beauty and the beast AU is SO GOOD it's making my month!! are you planning on writing any fic for it because that would be The Best

well, Sorc and I are currently doing an rp in it. And I am recording the rp but I’m not sure if or how I’ll release it once we’re done. So really, I’m not sure what we’re gonna do haha

Bendy flew up to the other cartoon using his tail.

“Hi!” He said, trying to seem innocent, even though he was still insane as always.

@ask-ink-batim-oc ((<– did that link work??? oh well .-. At least I get to RP in the Insane Bendy AU again mwahaha >:) And I remember what your oc looks like from the submission :3 More cartoons :P - mun (@bad-to-the-b0ne) ))

Okay but.. McCree. The fandom always draws him as a fun joking guy that’s a sly mother fucker, but in game he’s hardly joking around and he’s always wearing a scowl. He’s almost always serious and has the look of “back the fuck off before I put six bullets in your ass”

I mean we all know McCree for the goof he really is.. But imagine if McCree wasn’t how we portray/draw/see him as. Imagine what the Mchanzo ship would be like then. Two grumps that look like they will fucking tear you to shreds for even slightly brushing them. Two grumps that if you threaten the other someone’s gonna die or get really messed the fuck up. Two grumps that are fucking grumps all day and will give you a death stare just for asking what they were giggling about. Two serious husbands that’s hard to get to laugh. The most you’ll get is a chuckle if you’re even THAT lucky. 


「day 3」- i still sing


A Steggy Story

“Ma’am, can you say that again?”

“It’s very simple, Steve.” Peggy said smiling across the war table at Captain Rogers. “You and I will go in first, in disguise if you will. Mister and Missus Frederick Müller and…”

“You’ll be my wife?” Steve asked, his voice unreadable. He jumped as Bucky clapped him on the shoulder.

“You’re welcome.” Bucky said grinning broadly at his best friend.

“It was Bucky’s idea and I happen to think a good one. Bucky and the rest of the Howling Commandos will come in under the cover of darkness once our cover is in place, and be put up in our house.”

“I…” Steve tried to reply but he faltered.

“As I said. You’re welcome.” Bucky grinned and no one pointed out the fact that Steve was blushing, and that Peggy’s cheeks were beginning to get rosy.

Two weeks later and Steve and Peggy were pulling the rickety truck loaded with furniture up to the house that they were “moving to” on account of their house being bombed by the British.






HALPY @bluedew12

HIGHWAY @sushinfood

Basically I plan on doing a comic featuring all of  them but it’s going to take some more planning and all that. I’m still sketching and trying to figure things out.


The best way for a dwarf to travel? By elf, of course!


{ Con’t }

    The small children looked to Blasi and the small brunette girl, namely Haru, was a bit hesitant to explain but she had to be honest.

    She looked down for a bit before she looked up and explained to their caketaker. “It was weird but we were playing with our soccerball and..”

    Another small blunette boy, a fellow friend if not annoyance, came in and interrupted. “’s like it moved on it’s own! It rolled out of the yard and into the alleyway.”

    The girl glared as she didn’t like being interrupted but she continued,”We, well more like Akihiro, went to see but..when we did..”

    “There was this strange kid with white hair. It’s super weird, though, it’s almost like the soccerball was following him! Creepy stuff!

    Again, a glare from the girl but she sighed, “..I’d rather be inside.

    “I don’t! I want to get that ball back! Even if what happened was freaky!”

    The girl looked back to the other in concern. “..but he’s alone like us. I don’t want him to be hurt.”

    Even as the girl was against it, the other boy ran off to encounter the kid that ‘stole’ their soccerball. Well, there starts something, even if it’ll lead to a conflict later down the road. Of course, the boy’s choice was reckless which annoyed the girl even more however, it was still his choice.

    “Akihiro! Get back here! You’ll scare him!”



sometimes Jensen and Misha can be found in the green room at conventions, or at family gatherings, or on the couches of friends, their bodies nestled against each other, not a space between them. it’s possible they cuddle up like that because they can and nobody stops them. they’re bold men; maybe they’re daring someone to notice their secret. but perhaps they do it simply because their physical closeness makes them both deeply, deeply happy, and they can’t imagine being any further apart. they share clothes and endless affection – some would say intimate affection – but they genuinely have no idea how obvious they’re being. anyone who spends thirty seconds with them knows. they just don’t talk about it. (well, except Jared, who teases them constantly.)


                                                             want to make a monster? take the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable — your weaknesses, bad thoughts, vanities, and hungers — and pretend they’re across the room. it’s too ugly to be human. it’s too ugly to be you. children are afraid of the dark because they have nothing real to work with. ADULTS ARE AFRAID OF THEMSELVES.

                                                                                          ( selective / novel - based / penned by kyra. )

Freddy Krueger carried the little girl into his lair in the dreamworld. Something in his stomach - or what his mind kept insisting was a stomach, even though that was stupid (why would a dream demon have a stomach?) - felt cold at the thought that this was what he’d done with so many other brats, for entirely different reasons. He hated the idea of linking Kathy with them, in any way, no matter how indirect.

He deposited her onto a couch near the furnace - closing its door quickly, before she could get too close - and looked around. His lair was completely unprepared - his tools and spare blades were just lying around where she could get her hands on them, and the place was filthy. He growled a little to himself at the thought of all the straightening up he was going to have to do for this, but part of him felt sort of glad to have such practical things to think about. He started picking up his tools and knives first, thinking where to stash them so she wouldn’t be able to reach.