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Opening Night

Set a little ways off from the main streets, just two blocks away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, there’s a little building, set away from the rest of the street. Bowed almost in politeness, receding from the other buildings, there’s almost an energy in the air, far different from the mania from the highway. If not for the nondescript outside, it might not even be possible to recognize what this place was. Only the blinking sign gave any kind of hint to where you were.

The Starlight Club, the newest club in town.

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And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
God damn right,                  you             should               be
                                                      scared                                                                    of
Who is in control?

natalya alyanovna romanova
natasha romanoff, the perfect murder weapon; 
nothing but a teenager.

Academy Of Tomorrow is a Marvel based brand new Academy AU roleplay, set in 2017, accepting canon characters and requests at the moment.
The plot? SHIELD under the premises of training and sharpening the bright young minds and skillful bodies of exceptional children brings them all into their High School and University programs, keeping close watch of those super beings that are still too young to have a decided path. Now, who’s to say that’s a good thing?


Super Dangan Corpse Party!

A brand new AU roleplay group, now open and accepting!
This is a crossover group in which our Hope’s Peak students have managed to find themselves hurled into a whole new level of despair as they end up trapped in the deadly hallways of Heavenly Host Elementary School–the ultimate pit of darkness where nobody is safe from true evil. Will they find you? Will you be consumed by the own darkness lurking within you? In a world where even your closest friend can turn on you without even realizing it, do you have what it takes to survive and get home? If there even is a way home?
They’re waiting for you to come play with them. Will you join your classmates in the ultimate struggle for survival? After all, how do you defend yourself against someone that’s already dead? Upupupu. It’s sure to be a fieldtrip that you’ll never forget.

  • All characters from DR/SDR2 are welcome
  • Also looking for members interested in becoming moderators.
  • Be sure to read through everything before submitting your application if you are serious about joining.
  • This is going to be a mature, literate group. Please keep that in mind.
  • If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to ask.

                             ❝Home is where the heart is.❞

That’s what they say, right? But where are you now? In fact, who are you? Are you one of the lucky ones who still remember? Or have you already forgotten it all?

An AU & multifandom roleplay group opened 23/07. Both mod and muse applications are being accepted; OC! and Canon! characters are accepted.

CURRENTLY SEARCHING FOR: roleplayers, affiliates and mods!

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D.Gray-High : A closed high school AU roleplay group for D.Gray-Man.

For the first time in years, two of the most exclusive high schools on the East Coast, the Black Order and Noah’s Ark Academy, are open for applications.

The Black Order is a Christian boarding school located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Due to the school’s relatively small size, there is a sense of camaraderie between the students.

Noah’s Ark Academy is a competing private school, recruiting students of equal talent to those of the Black Order, but with a very different set of morals. Although the Academy is smaller than the Order, the size lends to a high level of competition rather than friendship.

The two schools interact quite often, often competitively. Although the rivalry may seem like friendly competition between schools, there seems to be more to it…

Currently accepting applications!

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What is The Open Musain?

The Open Musain is a Les Mis reincarnation AU roleplay group. We are now open and awaiting applicants to participate.  Within this message links to the characters page (available and taken), rules, and the application are included.  Take a look and join in, if you feel like this is the group for you.


The year is 2014, and Les Amis de l’ABC have found each other once more.  Each member has been haunted by memories of their past lives since the age of ten.  With the reunion of their group everyone feels much more at ease, and under the leadership of Enjolras, they have once again dedicated themselves to reformation.

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You are invited to join the wizarding world of Harry Potter where the characters of Shingeki no Kyojin are currently residing! 

Currently focussing on the students in the fifth year at the famous school, this is a Shingeki no Kyojin AU roleplay group based in Hogwarts of the Harry Potter world, with the above starting premise. We welcome canon characters as well as OCs and hope to provide a friendly, active and exciting place to be creative and have fun. 

There will be events and mini-events to take part in and an action based plot to enjoy. If you think you’re interested in joining us on the journey then take a look through the rules and the characters to see if it ticks your boxes, fill in an application and submit it to us. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

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