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Promises Are Meant To Be Broken (Part 1)

Part 2

I noticed that I’ve been doing too much in fluff in this fandom so I made this time, a little bit serious…hope you like it

AU Rev! Kevedd © asphyxion

Ed,Edd N Eddy/Kevin © Danny Antonucci/Cartoon Network

Comic © spogunasya


AU!Reverse Part 10 - Chapter Two: Immerse

Warning: Sexual harassment in the first part, harassment and bullying throughout a possibility. M/M, F/M, F/F.

Summary: a cynical but smart bully with a backstory picks on a fairly smart, robotics loving kid while they both endure the pressures and hardships of school life. Eventually discovering more about the other, they begin to come to terms with, and understand, themselves and their identities through one another. Both learn, grow, and develop along the way.

A/N: HI THERE its finally here ahah ~ enjoy!

thanks for being so supportive! ~~ c2ndy2c1d owns nat haha. also special thanks to my friends who helped me with details of swimming! and a HUGE thank you to those who pushed me through this.

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Due to the financial situation I am currently in (wedding budget, hospital bills, car payment, etc.)… I have to commit to one action I thought I would never take. 

He gone to his first con … Still fantastic condition!


He is the original and only one I made. Soon I would make another Kevin for myself, but now he can be company to another.

I made him with all fleece and felt fabric. Green buttons for his eyes. His hair is … A mess which I apologize in FULL advance since his buzz cut really annoyed me since I have so little of orange in my supply. I tried to keep it clean and groomed. His glasses are made from fleece and felt combined which it can be taken off easily including his cap.

Plushie made by me.
Reverse!Kevin belong to Asphyxion

For pricing information, Kevin is only $50 dollars just for all!!

Shipping and handling is included into the total.

Please, message me for further information or ASK in my inbox.

If you believe Kevin is worth more than he look. Convince me.

He is a once and a life time opportunity!

Additional information if you want to have your own Kevin made IF he is sold to one lucky person

Merman!Au - Reverse!KevEdd

Eddward thrashed around trying to get himself free, but the night held him good. It’s not like he would be going anywhere with his tail anyways. It had been sliced up pretty good by the humans and their sharp objects. He eventually gave up with the thrashing and ran his hand over the net trying to see if he could perhaps free himself with his hands, but then he touched the gash and hissed.