au of an au again haha


Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^

Really quick lazy doodle of Prompto enjoying the summer! :>


I did it again. Sigh. Can’t stop drawing him. ;u;

I’ve got a pretty cool AU/ Theory for Anti that goes along with this piece! Very proud of both, haha. Basically (and very shortly told); In my AU Jack is hallucinating himself being controlled by something and uses the ‘Anti’ persona as an excuse, to kind of blame someone for what bad stuff his mind is coming up with. Murder and all. At some point, I imagined what his head/ his dreams would look like in that scenario and - tada! This is what happened. :D

Obviously the theory is just a little plot idea I had. I know Jack is not actually a lunatic who goes on murder sprees, oml. I was just like; what if he really doesn’t want to believe that he could potentially become a murderer? Or maybe doesn’t want to believe that he already is one? And THEN blames a non existent character for the bad stuff he does? Craziness, haha! Gotta love them psycho-thrillers, amirite?

The theory isn’t meant to offend Jack or anyone else in any way! I hope you like it, though. I might draw some more stuff about it in the future. C:

Thanks to @therealjacksepticeye and @pixlpit for sTILL MOTIVATING AND INSPIRING ME SO MUCH URGH! I can’t wait for the amazing stuff those two will come up with in the following months! :D

Now I will go and get me a salad. A nice salad and some ice coffee. Nom.

Note; please don’t repost/ reupload my art! C:

Also, I suggest y’all go listen to ‘MISSIO’! Amazing musicians, way too underrated! I listened to them a lot while drawing this and bOI it is good!

Domestic Meme

I was tagged by lovely @sharp-sparks to do a domestic meme for dorxus and I decided to draw some answers. Dorxus overload below.

  • who is afraid of the in laws:
  • who cooks:
  • who swears more: 
  • who steals the covers: 

not really what Vax was hoping for but Dorian can have all the covers

  • who is more cuddly: 
  • who sleeps in more: 
  • nicknames for each other:
  • who is more of a dork:
  • who remembers dates and times of events: 

Both. Tho they both pretend they have forgotten to surprise the other hehe

  • who is more protective:

They are both pretty protective, escpecially on the battlefield, Dorian throwing barriers at Vax every time he can, Vax not giving enemies a chance to even get close to Dorian. Outside the battlefield, I’d say Dorian [x] [x] [x] (<- old art alert ahh)

  • a head canon: 

Vaxus’ mother didn’t like Dorian at first. She changed her mind after Tresspaser events when she realized Dorian left Vax behind in Kirkwall to protect him. Since then he became her favorite son-in-law. Dorian doesn’t quite know what to do with so much affection form her side haha


Katy: Why did Lance’s inner wiring get singed again? KEITH!!

(Keith, you broke him)


Katy is so done with their shit


AU Meme: Dealing with the Dolan Twins

Imagine being their best friend. That’s what you’d have to put up with. (Honestly I’d not complain) 

haha that is a long one, finally something I’m pretty happy with again :) I hope you guys enjoyed that one! Love to read your comments :) 



🎦 Inspired by @bluelioncub about theater/music/singer Lance and an adorable nerd Shiro post 🎭 I love U ! This au is so sweet~

@miraculousfluffmonth day 31: I’m yours, forever



(And they lived happily ever after)

Anyway this month was super fun but I think the most important lesson I learned is that art takes up a lot of time if you let it lol. But again, all in good fun!

Fanart 2nd edition! Dedicated to all the wonderful Undertale fandom artists and AU creators! Make sure to check them out~

Here’s the 1st edition~

Credits under the cut:

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PROMPT: “You think you could do better?” and “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

Sequel to this winged Gavin and Ryan oneshot~

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for all your generosity and support <3 <3 <3

“It’s beautiful,” Gavin breathed, as they reached the top of the canyon.

Ryan nodded, but his eyes weren’t fixed on the rising sun and the colourful dawn sky. They were trained on the side of Gavin’s face and how his hair shimmered in the gold light, how it brought out every fleck of colour in his eyes and the dappled pattern of his wings. When Gavin turned towards him with a wide grin he quickly glanced away, cheeks heating. If Gavin noticed, he didn’t comment.

“Come on,” was all he said, and tapped Ryan’s arm before leaping forward. His wings unfurled and he swooped into the canyon in a gentle glide. Ryan stared after him, transfixed for a moment, as always, by the other Valkyrie’s fluid grace. Then he shook his cloak off and let his own wings free, leaping to join him.

They didn’t usually come out here this early.

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FANDOMS COLLIDE!!!!! xD haha SAY HELLO TO A MALEC JURASSIC WORLD AU! all fault goes to @lecrit and her post on Twitter that i read a day ago and couldn’t forget about :’D here’s how the AU goes:

anyway… i’ve been drawing this for day and a half instead of studying for my exams… AGAIN :’‘‘) hALP- i’ll never learn

drawing raptor have been a lot of fun tho! so from left to right we have Charlie, Echo, Blue and Delta >U<

imkatiecat  asked:

Hi~ me again haha! Thanks for last time :) I had fun reading that AU! This time can I request different occupation AUs? Like the Florist and Wedding planner one. Thank you very very much! <33

Thanks for this request! I absolutely adore this AU! It’s so cute!

Originally posted by thewaifuwhisperer

Florist AU

Florist and Wedding Planner AU series by ingthing, Gen, 26k (WIP)
An Alternate Universe in which Victor Nikiforov is a renown wedding planner, and Yuuri Katsuki is a florist running his family’s little flower shop. THIS IS SO CUTE OMG

Botanical Gardens and Deathbeds by heinoukola, Not Rated, 4.9k
The short story where Yuuri’s family alternatively owns a flower shop with a small botanical garden instead of an onsen, set in a world of soulmates; and oh God, how romantic is it to meet your destined partner by sneezing into the bouquet he ordered and choking over every word that isn’t a prayer begging for help from above?

For I’m Seeking Romance and You by KUROKOSEXUAL, Explicit, 8k
“Do you have a flower that means ‘You’re sexy and beautiful, but you also look pure and cute? You’re absolutely adorable and I love the big gap, so I want to ask you out on a date tonight’?” LOVE!

Can You Hear My Heartbeat? by W84U, Mature, 6.8k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki is a florist in Japan, he’s never heard a voice before. Viktor Nikiforov is a famous skater with a prodigy little brother. Yuri is Viktors adoptive little brother he’s never been in love. Minami Kenjiro is Yuuri’s best friend with a heart of gold. What happens when they all meet?

Tie-Dyed Peonies by c000kiesandcream, Teen, 5.8k
A party in the city, a difficult order to fulfil, and a first time for everything. Lovely fic inspired by @ingthing’s florist/wedding planner AU!

Hard to Say, but Clearly Felt by Elise_the_Writing_Desk, Gen, 30k
A slow-paced growing romance between a lonely florist and a young farmer who are trying to find fulfillment in life. It’s a sweet story that will make you feel good, and despite the slowly growing romance, I hope it will bring a smile to your face! Such a sweet fic with farmer!Yuuri and florist!Victor! Must read!

Inosculation by lazrbrain, Teen, 4.2k (WIP)
Viktor is motionless, life consisting of his shop and his dog. Yuuri is running, trapped by mistakes he cannot change. Both of them are desperate for more. They find it in each other. I NEED MORE THIS IS SO GOOD

pretty in pink by wbtrashking (fan_nerd), Explicit, 901 words
Yuuri enters the bedroom with a dry cough. “What is this, exactly?” Victor props himself on one elbow with a dazzling smile. “I had it custom made. Do you like it?” There is a magenta flower resting on Victor’s backside and honestly, Yuuri is getting a little concerned about the wedding planner’s sanity. OMG HAHAHA I LOVE THIS FIC! Inspired by @ingthing’s florist/wedding planner AU!

@klanceweek Day 2: Sacrifice

(Sir Lancealot) dearly beloved
(Sir Lancealot) we are gathered here today
(Hunka Burninglove) Lance that’s for weddings
(Sir Lancealot) to mourn
(Keith My’ass) Why are you like this
(Sir Lancealot) for keith’s shit dps
(Keith My’ass) jfc
(Zero’to Shiro) *prayer hands emoji*
(Sir Lancealot) it died TOO YOUNG
(Sir Lancealot) like a true drg
(Keith My’ass) Unlike Shiro
(Zero’to Shiro) if you make another joke ab
(Zero’to Shiro) fuck off
(Scion Allura) Keith’s DPS /was/ a bit low this time, but it’s because he was doing the mechanics.
(Shaya Labeouf) There were so many AOEs on you this time Keith! Nice dodging though.
(Keith My’ass) YEAH LANCE
(Sir Lancealot) sorry what was that i can’t hear you over my amazing wildfire parse
(Pidgeon Pidgeoff) which you got bc i healed your immobile ass
(Keith My’ass) and MY BATTLE LITANY
(Hakuna Mattata) critany :^)
(Hakuna Mattata) and my trick attack btw
(Scion Allura) And I gave you an enhanced Balance card.
(Zero’to Shiro) it was a team effort
(Sir Lancealot) UR ALL JUST JEALOUS 

omfg I’m never drawing ffxiv armour again, anyways this is a silly thing from my FFXIV au; if you’ve never played, Lance is just ribbing Keith for doing less damage than usual, since they have a friendly top DPS rivalry. Lance is an elezen machinist and Keith is an au ra dragoon. Both those gearsets are glamours I’ve used in the past haha.  I’m dead.