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AU idea: the Jedi Order is a league of elite fashion models. Imperial Sith Co. are their rivals that supposedly disintegrated eras ago. But one day Maul comes onto the galactic fashion scene. And young model Obi-Wan fucking crushes him. Also they discover the kid that will fulfill the prophecy of the chosen one; a model that will bring balance to all glamor in the entire galaxy.

Hosting a drawpile!

Hey! I HIT 3000 followers and I wanted to host a drawpile for a long time.
I THINK, It’s a good tome for that!

Come hang with me there & prepare yourself for a welcome aggresive hug. :3


- the DP is over - o/

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Anyway, I cant thank you enough for taking so much interest in my AU !

Here some news on what is coming and on what I’m working:

→ Soon a new doodle dump with a lot of hugs, always drew with @cursetale
→ Currently storyboarding the next pages of blesstale (where some new characters will be show)
→ Currently storyboarding a tiny comic with Zunde, who happen before the story of “No one’s body but mine”. 
→ Currently drawing a ton of page for the story of “No one’s body but mine”, comic that @cursetale and I are creating with Dre and Zunde in comptonfell. ♥

I’m a slow worker, but those, are project that I really want to do, and I’ll try to at least finish one during the month of April. ♥

Thank yall for your kind and massive support. It means a lot!! I wake up everyday with a simple and only will… Being able to continue to share my drawings and stories with you. I hope you’ll never get bored! xD


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I thought drop bears was a rumor? lol :/

Oh heavens no

The drop bear (or Thylarctos plummetus) is anything but a rumour

We don’t often publicise them because (as has been evident in my ask box the past few days) they can tend to scare tourists away from visiting Australia, so it’s all kind of kept on the DL

Sadly they are very much real and hella scary

If you take the usual precautions though and stay safe, they can be avoided,-study-says/


The show may be great on its own but sometimes you need to mix it up

AU Week will commence on March 20th and run until the 26th.

This blog uses the time GMT+11:00. Because of conflicting time-zones, late entries will be accepted. The deadline is one week after the week officially ends


  • Day 1: Fairytales, Myths and Legends
  • Day 2: Pixar
  • Day 3: Video Games
  • Day 4: Toei Animation
  • Day 5: Broadway / Musicals
  • Day 6: Originals
  • Day 7: Faves

Please use the tag #ml au week in the first five tags of your post. You can also tag this blog in your post. Submissions are allowed

Any creation is welcomed e.g. art, fanfiction, videos, edits, gifs etc

Re-blogging this post would be much appreciated. Even if you do not plan on participating, spreading the word is good enough. The more people see it, the better.

Also, if you want the latest news or updates on the blog or weeks, don’t forget to follow ;)

Below the read more are details on the prompts (just in case some of them are unclear or confusing)

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I should be asleep, I have to work early because of New Years Eve but instead I spent a lot of time on this (I have to go to work in 4 hours yikes!)… Please excuse the errors as always! I’ll see if I can get around fixing stuff later on. This was funnier in my head.

More Baby!Keith and Dad!Thace adventures (plus Mothman plushie), this time Thace faces the reality that “Papa” wasn’t the first word. It’s fun drawing them!

So I saw the twitter post that the “trailer” we all saw wasn’t exactly the trailer for Season 2 of Voltron and some peeps posted on tumblr about the Voltron crew pulling our leg, freaking out too (It’s fun reading the reaction posts). I’m so calling it right now that if its released, it’d be on January 1st.

Please don’t repost or edit. :D


They’re back…

All story pics: (x) (x) (x)

I haven’t posted fic in a bit, even though I’ve been writing a lot. So…. here’s a thing I typed up because Fuck The Cold.

Familiar!AU random fluff. 

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Obi-Wan collects the HoloNet gossip articles that he reads about Anakin; at least the funny ones He has a scrap book of all articles, some examples are:

“Anakin Skywalker: Married to an Entire Planet During a Negotiation Miscommunication?”

“Skywalker Really a Palpatine?”

“The Jedi’s Sexiest Members” (Anakin is #1, Kit Fisto is #2,  Depa Billaba is #3 if anyone was curious)

And finally the Galactic Enquirer: “The-Hero-Without-Fear’s Heartbreak: His Secret Girlfriend is Sleeping With His Master” which is Padme’s favorite.

In thoroughly OMG news, The Music and the Mirror is going to be a real live book next summer.

Don’t worry, it’s still going to be posted chapter by chapter on here. But a book after that it shall be.

So if you’ve been enjoying the story, you may be happy to know you’ll have a physical copy thanks to the lovely people at Ylva Publishing. 

More soon!


Hello dear followers, I Have some news about determination tale.
I changed my au’s name to “The 9th hope” and added some new characters. 
In fact story is completed, but comic is not completed. i don’t have enough time for complete it. but i will upload my au as soon as posibble. 
 please be patient.

“For a man (Donald Trump) to be able to publicly refer to a woman as a fat pig, that makes me teary. And for people to applaud, that is absolutely fucking insanity to me.

My grandmother would have smacked my teeth out of my head if I had referred to a woman as a fat pig. And I cannot understand how people can clap for that. It’s absolutely collective insanity.

If one of my sons – I am getting furious just thinking about it – if one of my sons said that in a public place, they couldn’t even live in my house anymore.”

– Will Smith,