au meme 5 sos


Au meme: Funny Things he post about you on Twitter

So this my masterlist for all the mobile readers


#1: Drunk boyfriend
#2: You have low self esteem
#3: You wear his t-shirt
#4: You catch him cheating on you. Pt (1) (2) (3)
#5: How he tell the fans your his girlfriend
#6: He hurts you (physically). Pt (1) (2)
#7: The song he’d serenade you on stage
#8: Mistletoe Kiss. Pt (1) (2)
#9: Favorite Christmas movie
#10: He leaves and comes back
#11: He talks to your baby bump
#12: He catches you cheating with another band member (1) (2)
#13: You found me - The Fray
#14: Stay - Mayday Parade (His POV)


#1: You’re mine (Calum Hood)
#2: I still love you (Michael Clifford)
#3: Please, don’t leave (Calum Hood)


#1: On Skype with him
#2: Type of girl he would go for
#3: Sex with Michael

Sad One shots

#1: He dies (Luke)
#2: He dies (Ashton). Pt (1) (2)

Au memes

#1: Calum misses you while he’s on tour
#2: Michael wants to marry you
#3: Ashton takes you to the beach
#4: Luke is your teacher’s son (a little dirty)
#5: You and Luke argued
#6: Luke’s girlfriend dumped him
#7: The boys caught Luke sexting you

Love Hurts (Luke fanfic finished) contains smut

Part (1)

Part (2)

Part (3)

Part (4)

Part (5)

Part (6)


Favourite outfits on Michael: Denim Jacket

other boys:  Calum

Calum seeing you for the first time and stopping dead when you looked over in his direction. His heart would literally skip a beat as he saw your eyes light up and you laughed at something your friend was saying, the way you threw your head back and gasped for breath at whatever she had told you. He would be breath taken at the way you held yourself with such poise and the way you shyly caught his eye, a blush creeping over your cheeks as you quickly averted your gaze and he averted his. But before he knew it, you were standing right in front of him, soft smile and all, as you whispered a “hey” leaving him completely struck.


AU: the boys tweet about you

I enjoyed making the last ones so I decided to make a kinda part 2 if you wanna request one of these you can :)

Imagine getting ready to go out with your friends on a long overdue ‘girls night out’ and having Ashton sitting on your bed watching you get ready. Just as you’re about to leave he pulls you into a kiss so full of lust and passion it leaves you slightly stunned. He pulls away and mumbles 'just don’t forget who you’re coming home to’ and gives your bum a slap for good measure.